Definitive Guide to Tiles Philippines

You probably don’t see it now, but your home is probably due for a much-needed home renovation. Have your wallpapers been peeling off? Are your furnishings too outdated to create a stylish environment for your living room? Whatever the reason, it’s always a good choice to also consider getting new tiles in the Philippines. Tiles are your best bet to a beautiful home renovation that may have eluded you for many years now. Don’t know where to look? FC Tile Depot has got you covered. With a wide array of tile styles, designs, and types, you’ll certainly find the right one to use for any home remodeling project you’re planning.

As part of your flooring, tiles provide you with desirable benefits that can offer your home with a level of functionality and design that you’ve always been longing for. If you think that tiles in the Philippines only come in basic and bland designs that aren’t versatile to work around with, then you’re simply mistaken. In fact, you’ll find different designs that you never even thought were possible.

Let’s say you want to achieve a contemporary, mason-look for your living room. Instead of opting for actual bricklayers that can be difficult to maintain, why not go for brick-look tiles that have a rustic finish? They’re affordable and far easier to clean and maintain. Let’s move on to another part of your home, say the kitchen. Ever wanted to install granite slabs for your countertop but found them too expensive? Maybe you should go for more sophisticated and elegant designs offered by natural stone tiles. They’re not only more cost-effective, but they’re also much simpler to apply. The best part is, you could add a touch of your creativity by installing minimalist, yet beautiful subway tiles that can add a lovely finish for your backsplash.

Whatever design you’re planning, it’s important that you find the right tiles to get the job done for you. Tiles create beautiful interiors and exteriors for your home without breaking the bank. Want to find out more? Check out these different tiles in the Philippines to help you out along the way.



Ceramic Tiles Philippines

Ceramic tiles are possibly the most common tiles found in homes, offices, and other buildings, largely because they’re economical, durable, and versatile.

They can act as floor tiles or as countertops. Additionally, these tiles can also be used outdoors and in bathrooms because they’re waterproof. Plus, they’re fairly easy to clean!

Ceramic tiles are fashioned from heated clays and come in many finishes, such as glazed, unglazed, matte, embossed, and textured.

A film of liquefied glass is often added to glazed ceramic tiles, which renders them highly resistant to moisture and stains, which is why they are so suitable to kitchen and bath areas.

Unglazed tiles (or quarry tiles), however, are not as slippery. Their coarse texture lands them a spot on kitchens and bathrooms. Their charm mostly stems from their natural, earthy appearance, which makes them a stunning choice for splashbacks in the kitchen or in the baths.  

Aside from that, they’re cheap and tough. Because of its serrated surface, it’s less vulnerable to scratches. Unlike other tiles, its color range is a bit limited, from red to orange to brown to gray.

Where you can use them: kitchen, bathroom, splashback in sinks or basins, and hallways



Porcelain tiles are another household name when it comes to tiles. They are, needless to say, one of the staple tiles in the Philippines. You might not know, however, that a porcelain tile is actually a type of ceramic tile. Here are two primary distinctions between the two:

  1. Porcelain is made from finer clay.
  2. Porcelain is burned at a much higher temperature.

The results? Porcelain tiles are denser, less grainy, and more impervious to water and stains (which explains why they’re ideal for your patios, bathrooms, and kitchens!).

These tiles are truly remarkable, however, other people still opt for ceramic tiles. Why? Because these tiles are a lot denser, which make them more challenging to cut. Consequently, the cost and labor of these tiles are pricier than ceramic tiles.

Like ceramic tiles, they also come in a variety of finishes, such as matte, unglazed, and high-polished.

Where you can use them: flooring, areas with high traffic




Who hasn’t heard of tile mosaics before? They’re immensely popular, especially in bathrooms. Mosaics attract a lot of homeowners and designers because they’re an avenue for showcasing creativity and imagination.

Technically, they are not a “kind” of tiles. They’re really just tiny tiles used together.

Mosaic tiles are rather small (less than six inches). They come in various shapes, such as square, octagon, and hexagon, among others. Lastly, they’re made of porcelain, clay, or glass.

Where you can use them: kitchen backsplash, small counters, accents for bathrooms or kitchens



A lot of people find themselves gravitating towards glass tiles, especially because of the classy and sophisticated feel they have.

Furthermore, they come in myriad of colors and designs, which makes them a lovely choice for backdrops, focal points, and as mentioned earlier, mosaics.

They are normally found on walls and areas that do not have a lot of wear and tear.

Where you can use them: flooring, walls, kitchen backsplash, swimming pools


Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles dominate a lot of homes, even though they are characterized by jaggedness and imperfection. However, some rooms require exactly that kind of ambiance, such as those aiming for a rustic, coastal, or natural vibe. But they are not limited to that; natural stone tiles in the Philippines can also find a place in contemporary and modern homes.

Unfortunately, they’re not resistant to water, and may require a waterproof layer or coating when used in the bathroom.

Listed below are some of the types of natural stone tiles.



When you hear the word “granite,” you immediately associate it with kitchens. After all, they are the usual choice for kitchen countertops. More than that, they’re also found in floors, as well as bathroom walls and counters.

The best thing about them is that they’re antibacterial and they’re not prone to damage when exposed to water. You guessed it—that makes them an excellent choice for kitchen and baths.

Where you can use them: shower walls, bathroom counters, your personal gym, areas with high traffic



Marble is produced from limestone that endured squashing and heating of the earth for millions and millions of years.

Marble is often equated with elegance and sophistication. When you hear about it, you might conjure images of vast, stately traditional homes replete with posh furniture.

Aside from their luxurious appearance, marble tiles have a wide range. They come in different sizes and patterns. They’re magnificent for making a statement and adding character to a room. This is why these tiles can be seen in many Philippine stores.

Furthermore, they’re durable, fuss-free to maintain, and come in many sizes.

Where you can use them: hallway columns, foyer, flooring, walls



These tiles are made from red and brown clays. The clay is set ablaze at a low temperature. They’re low in density, which means that they’re not so good at absorbing moisture.

Where you can use them: dry areas



Travertine is another kind of limestone. Its notable feature is its pitted surface, and one thing you should do to ensure that travertine tiles last longer is to fill up these holes beforehand. You don’t want them to be clogged up with dirt and gunk (such as soap residue)!

They perform an excellent job in prettifying your rooms, especially with its natural and textured finish.

Because they’re relatively soft and sparse, it’s not recommended to place them in shower floors, or in other areas that are heavily exposed to water. It’s not really forbidden per se, but doing so requires extra effort. They’re more demanding to maintain, and you’ll need several layers of sealant to keep them protected against moisture.

But travertine doesn’t have to be costly! In fact, a lot of people like it for its cheaper price, especially when compared to other natural stone tiles.

Where you can use them: kitchen backsplashes, mosaics, interior walls, foyers


Slate tiles

Slate tiles are beginning to swell in popularity because of how versatile they can be. They can be utilized indoors and outdoors. Plus, they come in a wide array of colors, from gray to violet to black.

Slate has very fine grains. It’s the by-product of shale and clay that have been subjected to heat and pressure.

Despite being composed of fine grains, it has a naturally textured surface, which makes it resistant to slips.

Where you can use them: floors, walls, countertops



Metal tiles, as the name suggests, are made of metal. They come in several finishes, such as bronze, copper, and stainless steel.

If you’re aiming for a modern and industrial feel, then you can opt for metal tiles.

Where you can use them: bathroom accents




Cement tiles can usually be seen in Mediterranean—and Latin—inspired homes. Its name might lead you to summon images of grayness and bleakness, but you’ll be surprised that cement tiles are anything but those.

These tiles actually have elaborate designs and patterns. These tiles are made by putting cement into decorative molds. After that, the molding shape is removed and the tile is pressurized.

The result? Tiles that can literally pass as pieces of art.

Furthermore, these tiles in the Philippines are non-slippery and handcrafted (which means that they can be customized according to your needs).

Where you can use them: kitchen backsplashes, accents


Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are a very versatile tiling option that several homeowners find endearing. In fact, more and more people are switching to this synthetic alternative.

Why? Here are a few reasons to love them:

  • They’re extremely resilient.
  • They’re waterproof.
  • They’re easy to maintain. All you have to do is clean it with a wet mop and a vinyl floor cleaner.
  • They feel comfortable against your feet.
  • They’re super cheap!
  • They’re impervious to stains.
  • They’re effortless to install.

Where you can put them: in any indoor flooring


Spruce up Your Home with the Tiles in the Philippines

You’re very close to achieving the home of your dreams.

However, as mentioned above, you should remember that you shouldn’t just dedicate your time and effort to selecting paints and furniture. There’s something else that has a lot of weight—tiles.

Tiles are very pivotal to your homes. They offer immense home improvements. In fact, when you enter a room, the first thing that might attract your attention is tiles. They’re not just limited to the floor, after all. They can also be used in walls, accents, and countertops.

You’ve probably stumbled upon houses with tiles in the Philippines that make your jaw drop in amazement. Maybe there’s a particular section that stands out, with its bright colors and intricate designs. Or maybe you’re just impressed with how everything blends well together—the flooring, the furniture, the paint, and the decorations.

On the contrary, you might have encountered houses and establishments that make you cringe. The colors are off-putting and they’re jarring with the rest of the room. Everything just don’t mesh well together.

And so, before you begin installing tiles in your homes, you want to make sure that they fall under the first scenario, and definitely not in the second one.

Every homeowner yearns to have the perfect tiles for their homes—and we can provide you with exactly that.

FC Tile Depot is a tile supplier in the Philippines with the best tiles available in the country.

FC Tile Depot has been in the market for more than 20 years, and we are committed to providing our customers with beautiful and high quality floor tiles in the Philippines that can spruce up their homes. We have always been focused on the satisfaction and safety of our customers. We guarantee that all our products passed the necessary standards.

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