Designing Home and Commercial Spaces With the Best Tile Supplier in the Philippines

Replacing old tiles with stylish and quality tiles from a reputable tile supplier in the Philippines can change the entire feel and look of a commercial space. Whether you are revamping your commercial office and turning traditional areas into contemporary spaces or looking to renovate your home, installing the right kind of tiles should deliver a wealth of benefits. Read on to learn a couple of tips on matching tiles for commercial spaces and the factors to consider when choosing tiles.


Tips for Matching Floor and Wall Tiles in a Commercial Space

Tips For Matching Floor And Wall Tiles In A Commercial Space

Some believe that matching the floor with the wall tile can make a space look enclosed and smaller. Others say running floor tiles up the wall adds dramatic interest to the room, especially for bathrooms and pantries. Matching floor and wall tiles is a design choice based entirely on your personal preferences. If you wish to match your floor and wall tiles, make sure to obtain tile products from a reliable tile supplier in the Philippines for durability and design versatility.


Look at the overall ‘feel’ and purpose of the room

Determining the purpose of an area should enable you to identify the rightful feel of the entire space. Each section of the commercial serves a different purpose and applying interior design allows you to establish the right atmosphere. For instance, using the right texture and color of floor tiles can make a huge difference in the ambiance of a lobby.

In addition, the proper mixing and matching of floor and wall tiles can make lunch breaks at the pantry or meetings in the conference room more enjoyable and worthwhile. If you are revamping your washroom tiles, glossy finish tiles feature a dramatic effect and create an elegantly polished look. Take note, the room’s function should be the basis of the tile selection process to establish the right mood and feel.


Install large-format tiles

To make a space look visually bigger than it is, use large bathroom tiles. Since there are fewer grout lines due to the size of the tiles, your visual field is not broken. Large tiles reduce the ‘busy’ factor that the eyes experience when looking at mosaics. Commonly, large tiles are used for pantries, but they are also applicable for bathrooms. For meeting rooms or work areas in the commercial space, matching large tiles with smaller tiles should give the space an aesthetically pleasing look.

To add interest to the combination of sizes, take an accented neutral color scheme for inspiration. As the term suggests, the accented neutral color scheme is basically using the 60-30-10 shade distribution. Use 60 percent beige for a neutral color and 30 percent black to balance 10 percent accent color. For accent colors, you can use bright tones like orange, yellow, and blue.


Incorporate both differentiation and similarity

The best way to incorporate both differentiation and similarity of wall and floor tiles is to use the same style but with varying sizes. Install large-sized tiles on the floor and work your way up by decreasing the size of the tiles. Despite the uneven sizes, this method creates a unified and monochromatic look for enhanced visual interest. This applies to office spaces, lobbies, and washrooms.


Create a seamless transition between the wall and floor

Creating a feature on a section of a wall with tiles that match your floor will surely capture the attention of guests.

There are two ways to go about this interior design method. Either use the same vibrant shades for the wall and floor or use the same design in contrasting colors. Again, you can switch up the size of the tiles while maintaining the same design. The notion of “same but different” always creates a huge impact on aesthetics.

Apply this seamless transition tiling method to conference rooms. The featured section can run from the wall where the board is installed that should run down under the conference table.


Reasons Why Tiles Are the Perfect Home Improvement Solutions

Reasons Why Tiles Are The Perfect Home Improvement Solutions

If you are looking for ways to improve your home, changing old tiles can do just the trick. A tile supplier in the Philippines should be able to provide you with tiles that best suit your preferences and the requirements of your space at home. Take a look at some of the reasons why the perfect tile design, size, and finish present an excellent home improvement idea.


A way to achieve a luxurious home

Tiling your house is the easiest way to achieve a lush space. For instance, an empty entryway to a home can instantly get character with the right set of tiles.

The 59.5 x 595.5 cm Atlantis Marble in brown or white should provide a suitable statement for a contemporary hallway. Use a different design to prevent turning your living room into a hotel lobby due to the uniformity of the tiles.


Tiles are easy to clean

Installing tiles should help make your floor look pristine for years to come.

To clean your tiles and keep them clean and residue-free, a regular cleaning schedule of both dry and wet cleaning should do just the trick. For dry cleaning, use a vacuum or sweep at least once a week or whenever there is an unusual buildup of debris on the tiling.

On the other hand, wet cleaning requires you to mop once every two weeks. For areas in the house that usually experience plenty of foot traffic in a day, it is important to mop your tiles at least once a week.

To clean the tile grout, you simply make a paste of baking soda and water. Rub the paste on the stain and let it sit overnight. Scrub the paste the morning after with a nylon brush and repeat the process as necessary.


Make a statement with stunning patterns

Turn every room into a relaxing sanctuary that exudes character and style. One of the most intimate parts of the house is the bathroom, followed by the bedroom.

To achieve a fully-functional and aesthetic-looking bathroom, use different tile sizes in the Philippines. Make sure to use only porcelain or ceramic. Porcelain tiles are waterproof to ensure lasting use and stylish as well as cost-effective. On the other hand, go for porcelain tiles if you wish to incorporate Greek-style in modern design.


Creates a sense of space

To enhance the sense of space in a room, use larger tiles. Take note: the grout can break the visuals of a wide space. With this, larger tiles work best in small and big spaces alike. Incorporate the rule of 60-30-10 in interior design. Make use of 60 percent neutral color, 30 percent dark shade, and 10 percent bright shade for a pop of color. To add interest, breakdown the 60 percent into small and large-sized tiles.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tile

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Tile

A reliable tile supplier in the Philippines should provide you with the best and most durable tile designs that perfectly fit the style of your space. Whether contemporary or traditional, you will definitely find a design to replace your old tiles. Take a look at the following factors to consider before buying.


The durability of the material

Tiles that you obtain reliable suppliers should allow you long-lasting use. With this, the durability of the material is out of the question. You should assess the purpose of the room as well as the amount of foot traffic and activities it experiences in a day. Ceramic and vinyl are highly resistant to wear and tear while granite and marble are prone to cracking and staining. With that, choosing tiles should heavily depend on the use of the space to determine the best, durable tile to install.


Resistance to water

Marble, granite, mosaic, and ceramic tiles are perfect for kitchen areas and bathrooms. These tiles are perfect for areas that experience plenty of moisture. However, you must take note of the tiles with smooth finishes like marble and granite. Since you always use water in either area of the house, using tiles with smooth finishes may increase the chances of slipping.


Indoor and outdoor compatibility

Ask your local tile supplier to know whether a tile is compatible to be installed indoors only or both indoors and outdoors. This way, you avoid the chance of installing a tile and removing them again due to external elements that affect the surface of the tiles. Some tiles that can be used indoors and outdoors are terracotta, clay, and brick. They are perfect for a front walkway as well as a kitchen area for a country farmhouse style.


Size and shape

While square and rectangular tiles are commonly used for commercial spaces, other kinds of tile shapes are also available for you to choose from. From hexagonal, square, or rectangular, take two geometrical figures and combine them to create interest and character in a space.


Enhance the Feel and Look of Your Space With FC Tile Depot, the Best Tile Supplier in the Philippines!

Whether you are revamping your office and commercial space or your home, go to a reliable tile supplier in the Philippines to obtain durable and stylish tiles. From polished, matte to glossy, you will definitely find tiles that will fit and match your existing pieces of furniture.

Take note of the factors to consider when buying tiles, make sure to ask your local tile supplier on how to care for the tiles as well as the appropriate size and shape for a particular area in your house. Incorporate statements across your walls and floors as well as enhance the overall look of your home by installing stylish tiles!

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