How to Choose the Best Tile Sizes in the Philippines Suitable for Your Commercial Space

For years, tiles have been the premiere solution to use for flooring because of its various benefits and designs. Tiles will always be on-trend and you can combine it with interior design principles to get the looks you desire. There is no doubt that tiles can easily transform the look and feel of any commercial space because of the overall beauty of the combination of its color, style, and texture. Once you find the tile sizes in the Philippines that you like, how do you know they’re going to fit your space?

Tiles are made for both hardworking homes and high traffic commercial areas. You can add color and patterns without spending a fortune. You have an abundant choice of patterns as well as textures. The smooth appearance and precisely cut edges allow each room to achieve a seamless look on both floors and walls. Incorporating the right tile size can put everything together and present cohesive designs. It’s a suitable solution for individuals who desire to create harmonious interiors. The journey to bring your vision to life requires a bit of the basic and a sense of style.

Tile sizes in the Philippines have increased dramatically over the years and have provided many businesses with more options in transforming their space in any way they want. So if you’re wondering how to find the best size to install in your area, keep on reading to discover the perfect fit for your commercial space.


Different Tile Sizes in the Philippines to Choose from

Different Tile Sizes in the Philippines To Choose From

Tiles are undoubtedly the most popular flooring for many commercial applications because they are low maintenance and effortless to clean. This will also play a major role in controlling upkeep costs due to their long-lasting nature as well as durability. And lastly, they are obtainable in an extensive variety of colors, textures, styles, and sizes. When it comes to commercial tiles, you definitely get what you pay for. Here are some of the common sizes you can incorporate for commercial use:


60 x 60 cm

Because commercial areas are high-traffic areas, the size of this tile for commercial spaces balances out and reduces the “busy” factor that the surroundings have. Not to mention collections such as have so many styles and finishes to offer for this size.


80 x 80 cm

This kind of tile size in the Philippines is increasingly standard for commercial areas and businesses. It assists them in unifying and enlarging their space.


60 x 120 cm

Tile collections that are in this size often provide a rustic feel and semi-polished texture that would be perfect to add into your commercial space. Its rectangular shape makes it fresh and presents a contemporary look that can allure people to walk into commercial spaces.



Factors to Consider When Shopping for Tile Sizes of a Commercial Space

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Tile Sizes in the Philippines of a Commercial Space

Choosing the correct tile sizes in the Philippines for a commercial space is a task that requires many factors to consider. There may be an extensive variety of tiles available, but you wouldn’t want to make a decision solely based on your first impression. Carefully selecting sizes is essential for a commercial space. It is essential to consider this common complementation to be able to furnish your commercial space with only the best look and feel.



The space that you’re going to be installing your tile can support you in narrowing down your options. When you’re thinking of the location to have your tiles installed, you may want to think about the surroundings and the community. Commercial spaces are frequent high-traffic areas that occupy a massive volume of people. Floors for this environment require more durable materials since they require to withstand walking pressure.

How do you want to define your commercial space? Every so often, some recommend using larger scaled tiles in smaller areas to expand the area and make it seem bigger than it is. But you wouldn’t want to overwhelm the enclosed space with your big tiles.

If space is a longer, more rectangular area, you can install certain sizes of tiles on gallery-like rooms to help create more depth, wider, and spacious.

You will discover that the suitable size of tile depends on many factors, one of them being mainly dependent on the location you are placing it in and how you seek to achieve the area. After you’ve thought about these factors, you can go to the right area and think about the styles and patterns you want to match the aesthetic of your space.


Style and Color

The color will highly influence the overall atmosphere of your commercial space, which is why selecting the color of your tiles is just as important. Choosing the color of your tiles will also encourage you to narrow down what size of the tile is applicable to it. Here are some quick tips for choosing the color of the tiles for your commercial space:

Dark and deeper colored tiles will instantly add warmth to the look of your space. This kind of pallet is mainly ideal for open areas.

To upscale the size of your room, you can opt to choose tiles with lighter hues and tines. Pastels, beiges, and cream floorings will help make narrow walkways seem larger than it seems.

Areas with heavy traffic, like commercial areas, can opt for a mixture and variation of shades. A slight contrast and pattern on your floor tiles can help disguise and mask the dirt. Colors and patterns such as different shades of browns, gray, and white are conventional options for lively areas with a high volume of people.

If you already have decorations set for your space, looking at the color wheel can be a brilliant idea to help balance it out. You can try selecting a tile in a color that is on the opposite side of the color wheel of your existing decorations.

Keep in mind that you can have fun with your tiles. They don’t have to be a solid color for it to look classy and neat. Selecting a surface pattern can also be ideal for a youthful look in commercial spaces.



As mentioned, tile sizes in the Philippines have increased dramatically over the years. Tiles are widely available in different and affordable patterns to complement and cater to your taste, ideal for your commercial space. Commercial owners that want a subtler and toned down look for their space use marble-patterned tiles. This pattern is extremely versatile because it mostly matches all decoration types and instantly gives your look a classy atmosphere without having to break the bank for it.

There are several fun-designed tiles out in the market. If you want your commercial space to possess a unique and lively look, you can opt for patterned tile flooring. Consider having patterned flooring when you bear solid color for your walls. With this method, you can have your floors stand out in an instant!


Measurement of Your Space

Now that you’ve thought of factors such as location and style, it all boils down to selecting the proper size. With tile flooring, size matters. From large to small tiles, it thoroughly carries out a significant factor as to how your space will present to people.

Large tiles expand compact areas, which are ideal and the best bet for small rooms such as stores and bathrooms. While small tiles can help make a room look and feel more intimate.


Measure the Area Which Needs to Be Tiled

Because you are looking for the right tile size for your commercial space, measuring is crucial. You have to perform a precise and accurate measurement. Different tile sizes in the Philippines require their own time and effort to install. One point to highly consider for this is hiring a professional to install your tiles for a fuss-free experience, especially for areas like commercial spaces, you would want everything done correctly.


Select the Kind of Tiled Required

Once you’ve considered all the factors before selecting the exact kind of tile size, you likely have a number of tiles you have in mind to choose from. Knowing how to choose a floor for your commercial space may seem overwhelming because of the extensive variety. Functional and beautiful, there will always be a tile that suits your commercial spaces’ style.


Calculate the Number of Tiles Required

When you’ve narrowed down your options, the only thing that’s left to do is lay them out. But of course, there will be a specific number of tiles needed for the layout of your commercial space.


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