FC Tile Depot: How an SEO Agency in the Philippines Improved Our Online Presence

FC Tile Depot has been a mainstay in the Philippine tile industry. With our years of passionate and dedicated service to bring the perfect tiles to every customer, we were able to grow and be a part of thousands of homes in the country. Through our pursuit of extraordinary surfaces and high-quality floor products.


We knew our traditional, physical marketing efforts were working, but we knew that we still had an untapped market that could help us grow exponentially. That’s when we delved into the digital market and we started to create online assets in order to have a presence that we can use in the digital sphere. Our commitment to achieving an excellent and extensive list of products that all of our clients can enjoy drove us to look for better and more effective ways of being successful in the digital market and that’s when we found out about a certain SEO agency in the Philippines by Filipino motivational and leadership speaker, Sean Si.


FC Tile Depot’s Journey to Success in the Digital Market

FC Tile Depot is one of the top players in the tile industry and its expansion is all thanks to its rapid and passionate pursuit of extraordinary products that help people possess the perfect home. We make it a point to bring beauty and sophistication to all of our client’s homes.


We started out in 1997 and have been in the tile industry for more than 2 decades now – quickly expanding our reach and distributing our products to more people around the country. Even though we’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings, delivering satisfaction and happiness to our customers is still our main goal.


All our clients can rest assured that all of our products go through a strict process of certification and we give all our clients that guarantee that all our products have passed the rigorous standards set by the Bureau of Product Standards. Lastly, our products also possess the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) scheme, so our clients know that whatever product they choose, it is of top quality, safety, and reliability.


How an SEO Agency in the Philippines Made Us Digitally Successful

We’ve always strived for a wider market and we knew that the digital sphere is an important aspect of our expansion success. That’s why we proceeded to create online channels that enabled us to reach and interact with a newer, wider market. However, we slowly realized that our efforts were not enough since our knowledge of the digital industry is insufficient – that’s when we looked for possible solutions to our problem with a better digital presence. That’s when we found SEO Hacker – arguably, one of the top SEO agencies in the Philippines. We set up meetings with their accounts/sales person and slowly got in touch with their founder, Sean Si. We talked about how SEO Hacker can help FC Tile Depot in the digital industry and the SEO Hacker team was able to clearly communicate our digital pain points and how they can help us eliminate them. Right then and there, we decided to partner with SEO Hacker and see if they could really help us with our online presence.


We quickly decided on primary keywords that we want to be known for, or at the very least, we wanted to show up on the first page of the keywords’ search results. The keywords are:



Keywords Starting Rank Rank Now
Tiles for Sale Not in Top 100 11
Floor Tiles Philippines Not in Top 100 9
Tiles Philippines Not in Top 100 10
ceramic tiles philippines Not in Top 100 12
Vinyl Tiles Philippines Not in Top 100 10


It also shows our current rankings and that’s after our decision to change domain names – which negatively affected our rankings since we used to be in the upper part of the first page when we used our old domain name.


We couldn’t be any happier to have partnered with SEO Hacker. We’ve had so much success with our online presence and we believe that we can still do more. The keywords they provided to us enables us to target users that are really looking for something that we can give them and that’s why we have leads and conversions coming from our website – all from organic search. We partnered with SEO Hacker way back in 2017, and our partnership is slowly reaching 2 years now, and we don’t see any reason why we should stop our partnership with them.


We highly recommend that you avail of their services and experience how they could help your business grow to heights you never imagined it could reach!