The Best Designs for Floor Tiles in the Philippines

When it comes to home interior design, one of the most important elements is floor tiles from the Philippines. Floor tiles help improve the overall look of your home and give it a complete look. Choosing the right floor tile design adds more color to your home, makes it more spacious, and gives it a style to make it stand out. Overall, floor tiles make your home look better!


With an abundance of designs to choose from, there would be times that you might end up confused as to what to buy. With that in mind, it is best to look through the different kinds of designs and color combinations that are available in the market. In addition, you also have to consider the materials of the tiles, as well as the different materials that would work well in different areas of your home – most especially if you are following a specific theme. If you are still confused and still deliberating on which designs to choose from, here are some of the best floor tile designs that would make your home look better than ever.


Clean and Shiny

Clean and Shiny


Sometimes, the best designs are the most minimal. Clean, plain, and shiny tiles are the safest route to take, as they would not bring too much noise or make your home look cluttered. This would give your home a cleaner and sleeker look that can also give the illusion of more space. These kinds of designs work best in places where cleanliness would be best emphasized like the kitchen and the bathroom. Shiny tiles also help bring in more light to the room as it has reflective properties that would definitely bring more life to your home. If you want a dim room to get more light, look no further since you can add some gloss to let it shine brighter.


Vintage Look

If you want a give a throwback look to your home, you can always achieve it with some vintage floor tile designs. There are many different kinds of vintage designs available, all of which call back to the time that has passed. You can go for a 19th century Victorian look, which would add a regal vibe to any part of your home or even go medieval in which also offers the same royal touch.


You can also delve into some wonderful and interesting 20th-century designs, as each decade has some design trends that you would surely love. You can choose from the wonderful and innovative art-deco designs or even some avant-garde designs that would bring about a unique style. Vintage tile designs bring about a sense of style and elegance from a simpler time, which would be a perfect fit for your home.


Vintage floor tiles in the Philippines are quite abundant as well, which means you would be able to find that right design that would match your home interior. Another great design alternative is aged tiles, which have similar designs but have a more faded look that makes them look they’ve had some years into them. These offer a unique and earthy look that warms up your home.


Penny Tiles

Another unique and interesting design, penny tiles add more texture and grip on the floor which is the best for bathrooms and kitchens. They are also best for smaller rooms in your home as they help create that compact feel. You can also gloss them up, which helps bring more light in the room. Penny tiles come in different kinds of colors, but the best colors include blue, green, gray, and light pink as it adds some subtlety. Penny tiles make for good throwback looks as well, as they can fit well with different kinds of vintage interior designs.


Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are one of the most popular floor tile designs in the Philippines since it adds more depth and color to your room or home. Mosaics are known for being a mix of colors and patterns that help create one final design. There are many design options that you can use as well and they are customizable as well, which means you can mix and match any color you would want.


You can also experiment with the different mosaic patterns and shapes as these can help make your home look more spacious. For the more natural and elegant look, you can go for imbalanced shades, which make it look more vintage and earthy. Mosaic tiles are some of the most creative design choices around and you would not be caught out of place anytime soon.


Wooden Tiles

Wooden Tiles


If you want to bring in a more rustic and down-to-earth design to your home, you can rarely go wrong with wooden tiles. Wooden tiles come in different sizes, all of which can help define your home spaces much better. When it comes to floor tiles in the Philippines, this is one of the more preferred designs, as most Filipino homes look best with a set of wooden tiles.


There are so many designs to choose from – from the naturally cut look that make it look more authentic to petrified wood designs that work on brightly colored rooms. Rustic designs have become more popular during the past year and will continue to do so this year. Wooden tiles are some of the best deals around and the design variety would leave you searching for the best fit.


Floor and Wall

Matching up your floor with the wall is one of the most common design ideas that work really well for most homes. These designs especially work best in kitchens and bathrooms, as they would give more flow and consistency to the overall look. This can also mean that you should be using the same type of floor tiles on your walls, which can really work. Find a design that would look great on both like mosaic tiles and even vintage looking tiles. Matching floor and wall tile designs have become a common design trend nowadays, and it is one design idea that would surely make your home look great.


Floral Motif

Floral Motif


If you are looking for an elegant and colorful design that would make your home stand out, then it is best to go with floral motifs for your floor tiles. Floral motifs are some of the most diverse, as there are so many designs to choose from – all of which would be able to mix and match with all of the colors that you would want in your home. This can also help you get a consistent theme that would fit all of the wonderful colors in your home. There are a lot of floral floor tiles from the Philippines available in the market, which makes it easy to be able to look for the best ones. Interesting patterns that you can choose from include rose petals, orchids, and even sunflowers – that definitely adds that extra color that you have been looking for.


Cultural Designs

If you want to add some cultural flair into your interior design, you can go for different kinds of cultural and regional designs that would add more color and flair to your home. Some of the most popular cultural designs are of the Mediterranean variety, which definitely fit the summer and seaside vibes really well. Some Asian and African designs are also interesting and have a diverse color pallet. You can even go with some traditional floor tiles from the Philippines, which add some local flair to your home. Some of these designs would even add some splash of color that would make your home and room pop out.


Brick and Stone Tiles

If you want an earthier and natural design that would look great for your outdoor fixtures, you can opt to go for brick and stone tiles. These design work best for places in your home such as your living room and porch, which help give the illusion of a larger space. They are also very durable as well, as they can handle the weight of different kinds of items and equipment, which make them great for your outdoor cooking areas. Being made really solid, they are also weather resistant, which means they can handle some rain with ease.


Miniature Tiles

Another unique design that you can add to your floor is miniature tiles, which helps give your home design more variety and diversity. These work well when placed near open spaces, or middle sections of a room, which makes them stand out. Some of these small tile designs come in mosaic form, which means that you can mix and match the design as you please. If you want to think out of the box and go for unique, then miniature tiles are the best for your home.


Marble Tiles

Marble Tiles


Another classy and elegant design that would fit a lot of home designs would be marble tiles. These tiles offer a variety of diverse designs that make your floor look like they got cut from marble slabs from Europe. These tiles are also glossy, which would definitely add more light to a room. Marble tiles are great for any part of your home, as they fit with a lot of designs. These are quite popular with a lot of homes, which shows that marble is indeed timeless and always stylish.


With all of these tile designs, you would now have a shorter list of choices to pick for your home. There are many places where you could buy tiles, and it is best to get them from a reliable source that has high quality and a wide variety. This is why it is the best decision to choose FC Tile Depot as your provider of quality tiles.


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