Best Ways To Use Ceramic Tiles in the Philippines

One of the most versatile home improvement materials would have to be ceramic tiles in the Philippines. Many do-it-yourself homeowners, as well as interior designers, have constantly relied on this ubiquitous flooring choice for many of their architectural decisions. The typical use of ceramic tiles in the Philippines has been for flooring needs for the kitchen or the bathroom. However, its versatility can also allow it to be used for a variety of many other designs. This includes shower walls and countertops, just to name a few.

There are also many other qualities offered by ceramic tiles that allow homeowners the creative freedom to install them in seemingly-unusual places in their homes. They can even be used as exterior home installations due to their different designs that range from simple to complex. It may also depend on the types of elements that serve to complement the designs of the ceramic tiles.

Are you a constant home-improver or looking to make the most out of your home’s design? It would do you well to discover the many ways of using ceramic tiles in the Philippines. Continue reading to find out how you can better take advantage of ceramic tiles for your home interior and exterior projects.


Entryway Flooring

Entryway Flooring Made Out Of Ceramic Tiles in the Philippines

One of the most typical ways home designers use ceramic tiles in the Philippines is as a flooring installation. Depending on the type of room, there are limitless options for people to choose from. Anyone like you who is looking to take advantage of ceramic tiles as part of your home flooring can choose from a variety of designs. They may come in multi-patterned, vibrant, marbled, pastel, or simply neutral colors. You only need to choose the best type of design that will beautifully complement the portion of your home you wish to improve.

If you’re looking to use ceramic tiles to adorn the front porch of your home, then a perfect fit would be a neutral-colored tile⁠—preferably in light brown with some marbling. You could also choose to install stone-look ceramic tiles which would perfectly go along with your outdoor plants. These types of designs would be able to give your front porch a more natural, calm, and awe-inspiring look. Pair your designs with a matching welcome mat and your guests will surely feel invited to your humble abode.


Shower Wall

Shower Wall Made Out Of Ceramic Tiles in the Philippines

Designing your shower mall may require you to make difficult choices. With a variety of architectural options available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when thinking about the type of design you wish to apply. Some people may make the mistake of overcompensating too much on the design. So much so that they end up with a tile selection that may seem off-putting considering the other elements of the shower room.

With the endless number of ways you can choose to use ceramic tiling for your home, it won’t be difficult for you to choose the best shower wall tile design. As such, some of the best colors you can use for a shower wall would be light blue, teal, or off-white. While simply painting your wall is another option, there is nothing quite like adorning it with a beautiful mosaic pattern.

Putting in mind that you’re designing your shower wall, you should also consider giving it a cool and refreshing look. Choosing a mosaic pattern for your ceramic shower wall tiling can be a hit or miss. This is because the density of elements when the tiles are put together can give off a confusing look. Light blue tile coloring is one of the best ways to water down the mosaic tile design.

On the other hand, you could also go for a light brown marbling color tile installation if you want to give your bathroom a more pleasant feel.


Bathroom Wall

Bathroom Wall Made Out Of Ceramic Tiles in the Philippines

The bathroom is perhaps one of the most easily-soiled parts of your home. This is because the bathroom is a frequently-used area. Maintaining the bathroom might be a task which you might end up devoting too much of your time to. Especially if there are many people living in one home. While ceramic tiles in the Philippines are easy to clean, you won’t want to go overboard with your bathroom wall design. Instead of tiling the entire bathroom wall, you can simply choose to add ceramic tiles as accents for it.

The best type for your wall would be a hexagonal tile, coming in a light-blue, navy blue, and light-green cubical pattern. You can position them in the center of your bathroom wall, in a small portion behind your bathroom sink, and just above your bathroom countertop. Installing hexagonal tiles in this way will make for a neat and attractive look for your bathroom walls. Complement the pattern with full-on white ceramic tiling, and you’ll end up with a look that will complete the design of your bathroom wall.


Stove Splash

Stove Splash Made Out Of Ceramic Tiles in the Philippines

Like the bathroom, your kitchen is one of the busiest parts of your home. It’s also the part of your home where you can employ many of your creative interior design decisions. Your creative freedom can be exercised in many different ways such as choosing the type of kitchen flooring, wall painting, cupboard color, and countertop design.

Choosing to use ceramic tiles for your kitchen is no longer just as simple as applying them to your walls and floor. You can use it as a backsplash for your stove. If you’re on the fence about what kind of design is best suited for such installations, its best to use something that can enhance the rustic appearance of your kitchen.

You’d want your kitchen to be reminiscent of your childhood home, bringing back memories of you enjoying your mother’s homemade dishes. Recreating this memory is as simple as installing an intricate and artistically-designed backsplash for your stove. Simply choose a blank, white ceramic tile that you can paint on. A picnic scene or a bountiful dining table scene would make for a fitting stove backsplash.



Tabletop Ceramic Tiles in the Philippines

As you may have already gathered from the information above, installing ceramic tiles in your home can be a standalone endeavor – whether for your flooring or wall needs. They can cover an entire portion of your home and give it a vibrant or calm appearance, depending on your stylistic choice. They could also serve as minor additions to add a bit of flair. But, did you know you could also repurpose ceramic tiles in the Philippines as part of your table’s furnishing?

An old coffee table or dining table would be the perfect canvas for your ceramic tile tabletop design. You wouldn’t want your table to just lie in the corner of your room to gather dust while pieces of its wood chip away. Instead of buying new furniture, installing ceramic tiles would be a cheaper alternative. Simply choose a design that would fit the table. Then you may begin to smooth out the edges of your table using sandpaper. Once again, you may choose small, white, blank square-shaped tiles that you can design on your own. Repeating floral patterns would make for a simple yet lovely tabletop addition.


Advantages Of Using Ceramic Tiles in the Philippines

Advantages Of Using Ceramic Tiles in the Philippines

Aside from the aesthetic appeal they provide, there are various reasons why these floor tiles in the Philippines are an attractive choice for home furnishing projects involving walls or floors. Ceramic tiles in the Philippines offer a high level of durability, are eco-friendly, and are also water-resistant.



Ceramic tiles are typically used in areas where there is a high level of traffic. Simply put, this means the area is being passed through by people, pets, and is also frequently exposed to the elements. For this reason, their toughness makes them one of the most practical tiling solutions for homeowners.



If you’re a homeowner looking to lessen your environmental impact on the environment, using ceramic tiles can be a step forward. These tiles are generally made from clay, sand, glass, or other recyclable materials. Another way you can do your share is by recycling your ceramic tiles and repurposing them for various do-it-yourself home projects.



Ceramic tiles, especially the glazed or the glossier ones, are layered with a protective film that makes them water-resistant. Not only will this contribute to minimal maintenance, but it will also help keep your flooring foundation healthy and resistant to different kinds of corrosion. Whether you’re thinking of having ceramic tiles for indoor or outdoor purposes, you will no longer have to worry about exposing them to the elements.


Easy To Maintain

As already mentioned, ceramic tiles in the Philippines are very easy to clean and maintain. All you have to do is sweep, mop, and occasionally vacuum them. These methods will not only keep your entire household clean, but it will also make sure your tiles remain as spotless as they can be.



Affordability is another advantage to consider when using ceramic tiles in the Philippines. With ceramic tiles being a product that is manufactured and distributed worldwide, people are able to find a good price on them. Especially when they are sold in bundles. In fact, many distributors are able to offer a good price on ceramic tiles.

Another thing about the affordability of ceramic tiles is that the price also depends on the variant of ceramic tiles to be used, which in turn proves great for the various projects that may take place. Whether you want the standardized design or the more colorful designs is up to you—and speaking of that.


Comes In Diverse Designs

Of course, there is the concept of artistic advantages one can have with ceramic tiles as many of them can come in various designs and colors. Whatever you may have in mind, each and every variant of ceramic tiles can suit your fancy, especially when it comes to DIY projects and home improvement projects of the aesthetic kind. Tile sizes in the Philippines also vary, making it easier for most engineers and builders to choose what they need, how much they need, and why they need it.


Tips To Regularly Maintain Ceramic Tile Flooring

Tips To Regularly Maintain Ceramic Tiles in the Philippines

Ceramic tiles require very minimal maintenance, and cleaning them is as easy as vacuuming loose debris, or using a floor mop. Here are some tips you should take note of to maintain your ceramic tile flooring:


Vacuum Loose Debris

Vacuuming ceramic-tiled floors is one of the most effective ways to clean them. You wouldn’t want to leave small debris just lying inside the small and unreachable edges of your flooring. A good schedule to adopt is to have your tiles vacuumed every three days.


Use A Floor Mop

After using a vacuum, you may proceed to mop the tiles with a mixture of soft soap and water. In some cases, you may choose to do away with the soap entirely and just use water to clean it. However, for larger and harder-to-clean stains, you may use more advanced cleaning implements. You won’t have to worry about destroying your ceramic tiles because of their durability.


Sweep Up Any Dirt

With the way they were made, quality ceramic tiles in the Philippines were made to be resistant to any kinds of dirt and filth that pervade it. In fact, most ceramic tiles are even made to be waterproof to ensure that no water seeps in through the cracks that could potentially damage it inside.

With that said, the best way to start cleaning ceramic tiles is to sweep up any dirt found on it. That way, any further risk of dirt accumulating is put to a halt.


Why Choose Ceramic Tiles Above Others?

Why Choose Ceramic Tiles Above Others

Ceramic tiles have made their mark in the world of modern engineering since the concept of engineering itself was introduced to the world. Ceramics in general have proven themselves useful in a lot of aspects—and with ceramic tiles, there is no doubt that any project you’ll undertake will be a guaranteed success.


What are Ceramic Tiles?

For starters, ceramic tiles are some of the best materials to use for a variety of projects, as mentioned before. In structure, they are thin with flat tiles that are edged in the shape of bevels. In various home improvement projects, ceramic tiles in the Philippines are used for various purposes.


Difference Between Ceramics and Porcelain

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are often confused with one another due to their similar texture, appearance, and durability. Nonetheless, porcelain and ceramics are two different things. For instance, ceramic tiles are made to cover any surface to protect them from the elements. Meanwhile, porcelain is used for more decorative and miniature purposes.


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