Celebrating World Interiors Day with FC Tile Depot

What differentiates professional interior renovators from the rest?

  1. Professionalism
  2. Experience
  3. Knowledge


The theme for this year’s World Interiors Day is “Design without Borders” which promotes the act of enabling designers and architects to avoid traditional limits, boundaries of concepts and design philosophies in order to give birth to new ones. The same goes for restrictions on materials, costs, and synergy.

Many designers have continually incorporated unique floor tiles in the Philippines with smooth room layouts and distinct furniture—all to create one cohesive design. This year’s WID encourages these designers to do away with the traditional and just let their creativity flow.

Home renovations, for example, will be more diverse and creative—especially with the help of professional designers. Home improvements, in general, are art projects of either the homeowner or the designer. Although you can do it on your own, there are many reasons why you should have professionals do it for you. Take a look at the list below:




The biggest difference between a DIY renovation and a paid one is the professionalism involved. A lot of homeowners are inclined to treat their DIY renovations as their own works of art—especially if the change is due to aesthetic concerns instead of practical ones. Often, this would lead to the project getting extended until more projects pop-up and all of them end up barely finished.

Professional renovations are done with finesse and efficiency—not because they’re paid to do so, but because they respect their work and the wishes of their clients. Think of how important professional installers of floor tiles in the Philippines treat installations just so they will look nice and evenly.

Professionals in home improvements understand what they need to do. They can easily identify the limits of your home and the extent of the project that is possible. Lastly, professional teams can plan out ways to pull off the renovation while being within the limits of a set budget.




Although it’s highly possible that some homeowners have their own experiences with home improvements, those would usually pale on the scale of what most designers and home improvement contractors know.

These people do these kinds of things almost daily, like choosing from a wide-array of tiles for sale. It’s their job to plan out and execute renovations. They make sure that their clients will be satisfied with their services and be proud of their jobs as well.

Contractors that have at least a decade of experience will surely give you a bang for your buck. By availing their services, you’ll be sure that your investment won’t go to waste. The most experienced of these contractors would usually be the ones that can provide the highest quality of work.




Even the most novice of people can rely on YouTube videos for their small renovation projects. However, this is what happens when they want to save as much as possible. To some, this is the ideal option, especially if the project they’ll be doing isn’t something that is too large.

On the other hand, professional designers for home renovations will take up some money, however, they will provide you with enough industry knowledge and wisdom that they will willingly provide onto your renovations.

Not only will these professionals understand what kind of renovations your home can handle, but they’ll also advise you on how you can reinforce and beautify your home.

Bear in mind that DIY home renovations only include the simplest of tasks such as wall repairs, room makeovers, paintings, and wallpapers. However, if you plan on renovating your floors with new tile designs in the Philippines, installing new bathtubs, and opening up new doorways—you will need the help of professionals.


Key Takeaway

When it comes to home renovations, there’s so much that you can get when you ask for the help of professionals. You might even be provided with interesting and unique design concepts that will suit your fancy. In accordance with the World Interiors Day, designers will be busy creating innovative and eye-catching designs—some of which might find their way into your homes! Are you planning on re-designing your home’s interior? Then click here to choose from our wide variety of tiles for sale!