World Architecture’s Day: Architects Who Make an Impact

Every day, the product of architecture can be seen from everywhere. That is why it is just right to give them a day of appreciation for their ability to create a huge impact in our society and culture. Today, as we celebrate World Architecture’s Day, we highlight architects who continuously make an impact and shape lives.


Arch. Katherine Clemente, uap | Partner, Headroom CDV Architecture

Arch. Katherine Clemente

Built around the idea of freedom, Headroom CDV Architecture, is all about helping people create the spaces they need for the experiences they envision. Founded in 2014 by Arch. Clemente, together with her partners, Arch. Trinidad and Arch. Nieves – their strong dedication to the craft of architecture as they work on turning dream spaces into reality.

Arch. Katherine Clemente of Headroom CDV Architecture believes that when skills and experiences combine, differences become an advantage that enables people to engage possibilities.

Katherine Clemente Of Headroom Cdv Architecture

“As an architect, I always imagine the space based on the client’s personality and that space should always belong to a purpose. Since being an architect gives me a power to create a lifestyle through the built environment, it is also a good practice to provide a design that encourages sustainability.”

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Arch. Stephanie N. Gilles, fuap, ASEAN/APEC Ar., SFRIA| Principal Architect, SNG Design Enterprise

Arch. Stephanie N. Gilles

SNG Design Enterprise, with more than 2 decades as a dynamic and service-oriented design firm, has undeniably contributed in creating sacred spaces and developing sustainable designs. SNG Design Enterprise envisions a venue where art and science merge as it commits to uplifting the quality of living.

Architect Marie Stephanie Gilles of SNG Design Enterprise is known for her expertise in designing sacred spaces and an advocate of emergency architecture and disaster management. She is an architect who is fully aware of the transcendence of her work involving Liturgical Design and of her purpose in creating disaster resilient design in buildings and infrastructure

Architect Marie Stephanie Gilles

“As an architect, I consider service as a way to give back to others in the community. Using my time and talent, I help vulnerable communities such as those that are disaster- stricken or the poor and marginalized ones, which provides a certain sense of joy and fulfillment.”

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Arch. Louwie A. Gan, LEED AP BD+C ID+C ND HOMES O+M, WELL AP, SITES AP, LOTUS AP, PQP, ECODISTRICT AP, GREEN ADP+AA, CBP, UAP, PIEP, MAURP | Principal Architect & Urban Planner, L.A. Gan Associates

Arch. Louwie A. Gan

It is no secret that Arch. Gan’s deep connection with nature has been one of his greatest design inspirations. Making nature elements as a foundation of his works, it allows the community to experience designed spaces better. As an architect and urban planner, he gives importance to nurturing nature’s space – ensuring that the space will be able to serve its purpose without compromising the natural beauty of its land. His masterpiece is a collection of memories that reveals a beautiful untold story of a well-designed space.

Louwie A. Gan

“As an architect, I humble myself by asking Nature on how to promote life in every detail in space-time. More than aesthetics, architecture is about creating experiences, culture, tradition, and spirit, thus, connecting memories of past and present worthy of story-telling in the future. Imagine what dream space would look like if stories are connected.”

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Arch. Gilbert Peter G. Fortich, uap; pgbi-da | Founder, Fortich Architectural Design Services

Arch. Gilbert Peter G. Fortich

Passionate about creating better personal and commercial spaces, Fortrich Architectural Design evidently inspires people with their works that showcase the beauty and art in architecture.  Fulfilling the visions of the people, they are in constant aim to deliver spaces that give value to the people and their goal.

Gilbert Peter Fortich

Arch. Gilbert Peter Fortich, the man behind Fortich Architectural Designs, fully understands his clients preferences in which their vision for their homes is achieved functionally and aesthetically. He also added that, “Architects are flexible in many ways in suiting the clients’ preferences especially on their desired design that they need; functionality that they want and budgetary limit for the project. A client’s dream is put into the architect’s reality. An architect designs to create a lasting legacy.”

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Arch. Jiffer Minguillo, uap | Founder, JM Builders

Arch. Jiffer Minguillo

With a strong desire and vision to create an industry-leading organization, JM Builder was founded to push the boundaries of the local design consultancy and construction scene. Headed by Arch. Jiffer Minguillo, JM Builders provides structural, architectural & interior constructions and project management & construction.

Arch. Jiffer Minguillo of JM Builders believes that architectural design is not just an art, aesthetics or proportion. For him, it is a solution for every client’s & consumer’s needs. Through the years, he stands by how an architect’s impact in turning a client’s dream and vision into reality.

Jiffer Minguillo

“We can create and build something that will last from generation to the next generation. We have the power to turn a client’s dream and vision into reality.

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Arch. Raymond Andrew Sih, uap, LEED AP BD + C | Sustainable Design Consultant, ARCHITECT RAYMOND ANDREW SIH, UAP, LEED AP BD+C

Arch. Raymond Andrew

Arch. Sih is an Urban Design and Sustainable Design Consultant and LEED Accredited Professional for government, nonprofit organizations and private sector projects. He is best known for his contributions in today’s sustainable and green building. With his passion for his craft, he empowers businesses, professionals and individuals through the design of intricate, innovative and sustainable designed spaces.

He is committed to provide integrated and progressive design and development services across various scales from the shape of communities down to interior details.

Raymond Andrew Sih

Founded in 2009, he started his own firm (ARCHITECT RAYMOND ANDREW SIH, UAP, LEED AP BD+C) to provide service and strengthen advocacy in green and sustainability building. It was also his way to increase awareness of not only the value, but also the importance of adopting green building initiatives in the new built designed spaces. His masterpiece is an integration of sustainable resources that are long lasting to ensure that structure is fully sustainable. For him, “Architecture is the relationship between form and context.”

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