3 White and Cement-Look Interior Design Ideas

What are some white and cement-look interior design ideas?

  1. Modern white and cement-look kitchen
  2. Varying textured bathroom
  3. Cozy cement-look office space


The use of white and cement-look interior design ideas creates a color combination fit for matching with a myriad of decor themes. During the past years, the cement look was traditionally seen in sidewalks, basements, garages, and pavements. Recently, however, it made its way into residential space with any style — whether contemporary, farmhouse, industrial, or Bohemian, to name a few.

Gone are the days when cement looked cold or flat. It has endless potential for adding a sophisticated look to any room that is predominantly designed with white finishing. For example, you can simply buy cement-look flooring from a tile supplier in the Philippines and pair it with white furniture or a white wall to upscale the room’s aesthetic to a whole new level. The result is a focal point of color that anchors a fresh and unquestionably sleek ambiance.

Find out how to best take advantage of these two hues to upgrade your home design by reading on!


Modern White and Cement-Look Kitchen

Modern White And Cement Look Kitchen

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The best thing about white and cement-look interior design ideas is that they can be spread in different areas across the room to come up with a style that feels minimalist and relaxing. Cement looks are commonly used in accent walls, accessories such as paintings, and bold pieces of furniture. But, you can also use them to unify a room filled with a white design. If not done right, white rooms can otherwise look too bland.

Instead of having a complete whitewashed dining area, you can take inspiration from the photo above with cement-look flooring, gray-toned backsplash, and matching cooking utensils. In the kitchen, you can never go wrong with the white and cement-look duo for the furniture, appliances, flooring, backsplash, down to the kitchen counters. Afterward, you can add furniture with wood finishes to help catch the eye and sharpen the modern decorating scheme.


Varying Textured Bathroom

Varying Textured Bathroom [30x60] Milan13 + [60x60] P147 4

[30×60] Milan13 + [60×60] P147 4

Whether you’re renovating or starting from scratch in interior design for the bathroom, tiles are commonly used for flooring and walls. While you can always stick to tiles with plain colors and textures for your bathrooms, you shouldn’t have to limit yourself to those.

Tile suppliers in the Philippines sell a range of tiles with varying designs, including cement-look tiles like FC Tile Depot’s Grayscale collection.


You might be surprised at how your choice of white and cement-look tiles with interesting textures can add more depth to your bathroom.

To create a visually stimulating bathroom that is worthy of posting on Instagram feeds, try to mix and match marble and cement-look together. Take note that the walls don’t have to be completely enamored by the traditional cement look as well. It can come in the form of a glossy white lacquered tile with cement colors and textures. Complement the walls and floors with a white tub and matte black fixtures for a sleek look.


Cozy Cement-Look Office Space

Cozy Cement Look Office Space

[30×60] P-3610 + [40×40] 432

Nowadays, the traditional office spaces have shifted into home offices. With many people working from home, there has been a need to have a dedicated home office that is conducive to productivity. This is the place where you work on documents and have Zoom meetings at the same time. It’s only right that you design it well!

When you’re faced with tons of paperwork, the last thing you’ll want is a cluttered and poorly-designed office space. The white and cement-look interior design is perfect for home offices because the combination creates a sense of calm and minimalism.

Take inspiration from the photo above. The 40×40 format cement-look tiles help to create a professional look ideal for working, yet the home office space doesn’t look unappealing. This is because while the cement-look flooring gives off an executive look, the white table, chair, shelf, accessories, and brick-textured tile wall create a complementing effect that creates a cozy modern room.


Key Takeaway

In this article are just some white and cement-look interior design ideas to serve as inspiration. As you can see, the combination of these two styles offers endless possibilities for sprucing up any part of your home.

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