6 Ways to Use the Color of the Year for Your Home

What are the ways to use the color of the year for your home?

  1. Go for wood touches in the living room
  2. Keep the bathroom vivid
  3. Style with an accent gray bathroom
  4. Incorporate a gray backsplash
  5. Create a serene living room
  6. Get creative with different textures


After a tough past year, things are looking brighter with Pantone’s announcement for the color of the year. You can work with two hues: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Exude the perfect balance of neutral and cheeriness in your spaces because we have rounded up the best ways to use the color of the year for your home.

The union of an enduring gray with vibrant yellow conveys a message of positivity along with fortitude. One might find styling with these two contrasting colors challenging. However, it is quite versatile and offers to spark the creativity of home designers.

From incorporating gray backsplashes to keeping bathrooms vivid with yellow, here are the design ideas for experimenting with 2021’s Colors of the Year. Read on!

Go for Wood Touches in the Living Room

Go For Wood Touches In The Living Room

[60×60] M120-4

Using gray tiles is a great choice for creating a soft and serene ambiance. It is a contemporary color that offers a soothing effect to the eyes and complements almost all elements in spaces.

The color gray is versatile enough to work with any style — be it modern, classic, or industrial. But, you can try using coffee tables, cabinets, and even ambient lighting with touches of wood for the living room. This has become the main facet of rustic interior design. If you want to add more accessories, the best options would be muted vases and minimalist clocks.

Don’t limit yourself from trying textured gray tiles like the M120-4 which has a speckled surface. With a resemblance of splattered paint, this is a style trend that creates an illusion of quartz or terrazzo. It’s an elegant addition that can elevate the look of any space.


Style with an Accent Gray Bathroom

Style With An Accent Gray Bathroom

[30×30] 3432 Alive Grey [29.2×59.2] H-3B59912 [30×60] P-3615

Similar to a piece of art, an accent wall makes a standout impression. You can instantly add interest to your bathroom by sectioning parts.

For example, you can break up a space’s design pattern by using an accent wall for the toilet area. It can also be done vice versa. The shower area can have an accent wall for a distinctive look.


Incorporate A Gray Backsplash

Incorporate A Gray Backsplash

[30X30] W-04

Gray is arguably a multi-faceted interior design color. While it does have a reputation for being dull and too formal, it has made strides in stimulating relaxing moods, especially when paired with minimalist accessories.

For this year, come up with a lavish backsplash to protect the kitchen walls. Effortlessly harmonize the contemporary style with the use of basic neutral colors like white, black, or light wood.

Think sleek appliances, white fixtures, countertops with clean lines, stainless steel cabinet handles, and wooden cooking tools to create a warm and cozy kitchen area. Make the kitchen livelier by adding plants.


Create A Calm Living Room

Create A Calm Living Room

[60X120] 612F12G-1

When it comes to the living room, you don’t want things to be too busy. Sticking to the shade Ultimate Gray will make it possible to come home to a serene environment, crafting the perfect time to relax and recharge.

For this interior look, you can go all out with matching gray furniture and accessories. If you want to infuse the other Color of the Year which is Illuminating. why not use it as an accent piece like a painting, rugs, or throw pillows? It will do wonders for making a focal point that catches the eyes of guests instantly.


Keep The Bathroom Vivid

Keep The Bathroom Vivid

[10×20] 12GCL3

Welcome the year with high spirits by exuding a vivid shade of Illuminating for your bathroom. For this style, don’t hesitate to lay bright tiles creatively. Take a look at how this shower area was adorned with the 12GCL3 in a herringbone pattern, perfect for giving off a unique look.

Since this color quickly becomes the centerpiece of the bathroom, you might want to be mindful of how you match it with accessories and furniture. Neutral hues can help avoid color clashing.


Get Creative with Different Textures

Get Creative With Different Textures

[30×30] I-3461-6 [29.2×59.2] H-3B59913

If you’re planning to decorate outdoors that strays away from dullness, then these fun hexagonal tiles are your go-to. You might find this look a bit excessive, however, you can pull it off by adopting the right color palette.

Take a look at how the image above harmonized the design with modern colors. Despite the textured wall, it still matches the hexagonal floors because of adding soft and natural furniture. It is a contrasting move that avoids overwhelming eyes.


Key Takeaway

This article rounded up the best ways to use the Color of the Year for your home. We hope this sparked your inspiration when designing with the two hues of Pantone: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.

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