4 Ways Hexagon Tiles Can Spruce Up Your Home

How can hexagon tiles spruce up your home?

  1. Sensational and fresh designs
  2. Rustic, retro or modern options
  3. Durable and rugged qualities
  4. A wide variety of materials to choose from


Tile designs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Picking the right one that can fit each room of your home can be a real challenge because these factors can make or break your interior design. With an abundant number of tiles for sale, you might be hard-pressed to find some good colors and designs.

When it comes to the shape, most would usually opt for the tried and tested square and rectangle tiles, as they are convenient and highly accessible. While they are common shapes, it is also worth trying out something new and fresh that could significantly enhance your home’s interior design. This makes hexagon tiles another attractive design option worth considering for your home. Here are some reasons why you should consider trying them out on your home.


Sensational and fresh design

Sensational And Fresh Design

One of the best reasons to use hexagon tiles for your home is that it helps add a new dynamic to your home’s interior design. Hexagon tiles stand out from the usual square and rectangle designs, taking your design to another level by adding an entirely new dimension. This can also help you become more creative with your design by mixing and matching different colors to craft a unique and fresh look.

Hexagon tiles just add another degree of design options that would surely make your home look much better. With this unique shape and dynamic geometric features, the design possibilities are just endless.


Go for Rustic, Retro or Modern

Go For Rustic, Retro Or Modern

Speaking of design choices, another advantage of using hexagon tiles in your home is that you can go for either a rustic, retro or modern design. The homey and earthy charm of rustic designs really works with hexagon tile designs, as their shape and designs allow for a diverse set of patterns that will surely give off that down-to-earth vibe.

When it comes to retro designs, you can use striking and bright colors that emulate the charm of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. You can even create some pop art and disco-themed interior design ideas that will surely make your home stand out. The same can be said for the modern and clean look. You can create modern and artsy patterns using simple black and white combinations, or even add some muted and matte colors that give off that clean look. By using a combination of hexagon tile colors and patterns, you will be able to recreate these wonderful design ideas for your home. The 20×30 Line Wood collection is the most ideal option for capturing these rustic tones.


Durable and rugged

Durable And Rugged

Another good reason to use hexagon tiles in your home is its incredible durability. This makes it a good set of tiles to use in your living room, kitchen and bathrooms because these are parts of your home that have the most activity. Kitchens are especially common places where hexagon tiles are used, as going around and cooking requires some durable surfaces. Placing them outdoors is also a great choice because they can withstand various weather conditions like rain and extreme heat. This makes them a good set of tiles to place in your garden, porch, and your walkways.

Their rugged qualities allow them to withstand a good amount of wear and tear, making tile maintenance a much easier job to do. Durability is a major factor when picking the right tiles for your home, which is why choosing hexagonal tiles is one of the best options you can take. The 20×32 Country Brick Matte collection is a great choice for maximizing the distinct properties of these impeccable tiles.


Wide variety of materials to choose from

Wide Variety Of Materials To Choose From

Along with standard porcelain hexagon tiles for sale at tile depots, you can also choose from a wide variety of materials. From natural and earthy stone tiles that can fit your garden and outdoor areas, glass tiles that add extra accents for your shower area, to wooden tiles that offer that add some rustic charm for your home. This wide variety of materials make hexagon tiles the most versatile around, as you would be able to choose which material works best for each design.


Key Takeaway

Hexagon tiles add another layer of style to your home design, as you can create a wide variety of color combinations and patterns that you can mix and match. With these wonderful reasons, it is about time you consider choosing hexagon tile designs for your interior design. Check out an FC Tile Depot near you for more fantastic hexagon tile designs.