5 Ways to Buy Tiles on a Budget

What are the 5 ways to buy tiles on a budget?

  1. Pick your must-have tile first
  2. Try to keep it to no more than 3 different tiles
  3. Stick to one focal point
  4. Consider maintenance cost
  5. Perform a scale assessment



Designing your home can be a costly project and without proper budgeting, this may break your bank more than it should. Here in the Philippines, vinyl tiles are one of the most inexpensive flooring options so you would not have to worry about overriding your budget but if you would like to explore the other various selections in the tile shops in the country then you should know how to buy smart.

Suppliers of ceramic, porcelain and vinyl tiles in the Philippines usually offer flexibility when it comes to the estimated cost of the tiles that you want to buy. Take advantage of this and add it up to these other tips on how to shop for tiles when you are on a budget!



Pick Your Must-Have Tile First

When starting a home design project, you should definitely zero in on a primary tile type that you want to be a part of your floors or walls. It usually stands out during your tile shopping because it looks promising or has a unique accent. Either way, you should choose the best options you can find so that you won’t go wrong with the tile choices that you would pick and this way, you can stick to your budget while customizing the flooring installation according to your preference.



Try to Keep It to No More Than 3 Different Tiles

Try to Keep It to No More Than 3 Different Tiles

Starting with taking your must-have choice in the tile selection, you can then use it to help in deciding for the other tiles that you would like to include in your design. Also, this would help you realize your limit when it comes to your budget and you can adjust accordingly to cater to this requirement. Know the styles that would complement your focal point and build your design around this consideration.

If you were to pick a focus point with a really unique color or pattern, then you should choose subtler colors for your accent tiles. On the other hand, if you picked something that is plain like white subway tiles as a primary choice, then you may want to add an element that will pique the interest in that combination. Adding elements of interest with a colorful accent tile or matching a small scale tile to change it up will definitely add quality to its appearance.



Stick to One Tile Focal Point

As previously mentioned, you should build your whole design around a focal point. You won’t run out of beautiful tiles to choose from and the tile depot that you go to will be happy to assist you in finding the best choice for this purpose. Show off some of your personality in your tile selection by customizing it according to your preferred color or pattern on your tiles. However, you have to be sure that the focal point will stand out because otherwise, it will lessen the aesthetic capabilities of the tile. Work it around the elements of the room but not so much that it competes with the space that they take up.

It is up to you if you want to make your focal point large or small. The good majority of the room will have an added “wow” factor depending on your style and the affordability of the tile choices that you may want.



Consider Maintenance Choice (Source -


Consider Maintenance Costs

Considering maintenance costs early on will save you the trouble of depleting your resources every time it needs to be clean or functional. Ask yourself: “Is the tile durable enough to withstand the foot traffic in my establishment?” or “How long and how difficult is it to clean the flooring installation?”. These questions will help you determine if you found yourself the suitable floor tiles for your home.



Perform a Scale Assessment

Having the time to see the scale of the room helps in choosing the perfect tiles even when you are on a budget. This way, you can see if the size of your prospect tiles is a perfect fit for your space. Opt for large scale tiles if you want to make your room appear larger and this would be an added benefit to its overall home design.



Key Takeaway

These ways to buy a tile will serve as your guideline the next time that you want to start tile shopping. Take note that these are just guidelines but at the end of the day, you are free to make exceptions to the rules in design and aesthetic choices—just be sure that you do not break your bank searching for the perfect tiles in the Philippines. Enjoy shopping!