Things to Consider in Vintage Tile Styles and Patterns

When it comes to home design in the Philippines, tiles are a primary choice to enhance the overall style and quality of the structure. It has been said that choosing tiles is like choosing art and with vintage patterns that never go out of style, tile installations are bound to look like a masterpiece in your home.

In the Philippines, ceramic tiles are the most common type of tiles that homeowners choose since it has a distinct character from the rest. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, they also have great functionality that will be a good addition to your lovely home.

If you are planning on remodeling some of your rooms and you want something timeless and beautiful, then vintage might be the style you are looking for. For whatever reason, vintage has remained popular and always makes comebacks not only in interior design, but in fashion and other trends as well. This means that if you choose to have a vintage-themed room; it surely won’t become outdated.

One sure way you can achieve such a look is by installing tiles with vintage styles and patterns. Here are the things you need to consider for this:



Location is one of the most important factors when choosing vintage tile styles and patterns. This is because you have to accommodate the type of application that you are aiming for.

Vintage tiles are versatile enough to be a suitable installation in any area of your home. However, the fact is, you still need to match it with the rest of the elements in the room.

Foot traffic is also another thing to think about. As much as possible, you want to ensure that the tile you are selecting is not only for aesthetic purposes, but practical as well. High foot traffic calls for strong and easy to maintain tiles. If you’re thinking of installing ceramic tiles from the Philippines, then you are on the right track because they are known for being durable.



In interior design, discussing colors is never trivial. Your choice of colors can either make or break a room. The same could be said for tile colors with a vintage vibe. If you choose carefully, the tile color can bring significant impact and character to your home.

If you’re aiming for a room with warm tones, then pastel colors are your best bet. Look for pastel colored tiles that will make your space brighter and larger. For this, consider FC Tile Center’s [30×30] 306:

FC Tile Center’s [30x30] 306



Size is another factor to consider. Smaller tiles can give off a more clean cut vibe while larger tiles can contribute to making a room feel more elegant and expansive. In addition, if you are opting for tiles with vintage patterns and if you want to highlight them, then you might want to select larger tiles.



The great thing about tiles is that its design capabilities are flexible enough to improve the tone and mood of any room. Every element of the tile installation can be used as a contributing factor to the beauty of the area.

For instance, grout is an important part of the tile installation; you can’t ignore it because it could enhance or negate the vintage look of your tiles. But apart from choosing the color of the grout, think about the spacing which will indicate how thick your grout lines would be. Ultimately, this will complete the whole vintage vibe you are aiming for!


Key Takeaway

Vintage designs and patterns have been the trend for some time now. Even people who shop for tiles from the Philippines are opting for ones with a vintage vibe. If you are one of them and if you need some assistance when it comes to your tile installation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our entire FC Tile Depot team will gladly help you. Visit us at these locations to meet us and view our product selection.