4 Trending Textured Tile Ideas for 2021

What are some trending textured tiles ideas for 2021?

  1. Hexagonal
  2. Stone-Look
  3. Brick-Look
  4. Wood-Look


Prepping for a much-needed renovation project but don’t know how to style your floor and wall tiling? You’re not alone! There’s an overwhelmingly large number of tile suppliers and every year new tiles design in the Philippines comes out. It can be hard to choose the perfect one that matches your home! Why don’t you follow the top textured tile ideas for 2021?

Back then, tiles were chosen according to their functional benefits (resistance to liquid, resistance to stains, durability, and low maintenance). Today, tiles come in different shapes, sizes, colors, finishes, and patterns. Textured tiles do an excellent job of adding interest to an otherwise dull and unappealing space. It is the key to adding a flair to your home décor.

Ready to transform your spaces? Below we have listed the trending textured tile ideas for 2021 to spark your inspiration.




[29.2×58] NHC63014 + [60×60] P127-7

Hexagonal is a textured tile trend that is rising to popularity this 2021 because it creates an artistic ambiance.

If your living room looks dull, it might just need an accent wall to make it look more inviting and warm. Hexagonal textured tiles are the perfect accent wall materials to bring a whole new dimension to your living space, creating a focal point in the interior.

Take a look at how the hexagonal tiles act as a standout decor element in the living room photo above. Matched with cement-colored walls and floors as well as wood furnishings, hexagonal tiles help create a relaxing vibe that you would love coming home to every day.



Stone Look [60x60] M1554

[60×60] M1554

Make your space feel sleek and full of boldness with stone-look tiles. For the longest time, stone-look tiling has been a popular material for the stunning luxurious vibe it gives. It comes with its own subtle color shading that resembles the luster of precious stones.

Despite being commonly seen only in the most luxurious palaces and mansions, stone-look tiles have gradually made their way into homes that want to achieve an elegant look.



Brick Look

[30X60] Q362 Ibiza Brick + [15X80] 1580P3

Everyone knows that a room with plain-colored walls and floors can give off a minimalist vibe. However, the lack of texture and vibrancy can easily turn the very same room into one that feels quite sterile and cold. When your eyes feel like it doesn’t gravitate toward a room, a textured tile can provide the perfect opportunity to add in a visually dynamic element.

If you’re looking for a way to make space feel cozy, then using brick-look tiles is the way to go. While commonly seen as part of a traditional home’s exteriors, brick-look tiles can easily catch eyes and make any space beam with a rustic vibe. To add more interest to your design, lay your brick tiles in a subway tile pattern. Do this by laying rectangular tiles horizontally with a 50% offset.




[60×60] P133

For a down-to-earth feel, you can design your space with a wood-look textured tiles. Using wood-look tiles is a great way to infuse a comfy and inviting vibe to the overall decor of a space. Of course, wood is also a material that can be effortlessly matched with a variety of finishes.

Take your design inspiration from the photo above. Look at how the array of wood-look tiles imparts a modern yet relaxing look to the room that brings more depth to the space.


Key Takeaway

Figuring out the perfect tiling option for your home can be a difficult task, but it can also be an exciting experience given the numerous design options you have. In this article, we have rounded up some of the trending textured tile ideas for 2021. Whether you want to go for a serene look or a bolder vibe, the possibility to add interest and aesthetic appeal to your space is endless.

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