Trend Alert: Tiling Ideas for 2018

What are the top trending tiling styles and ideas for the year 2018?

  1. Indoor/Outdoor tiles
  2. Textured tiles
  3. Neutral colors
  4. Creative layouts
  5. Colored grouts



Prepping for your next renovation project but don’t really know how to approach floor and wall tiling? We understand the dilemma! There’s an overwhelmingly large number of tiles for sale and choosing the perfect one is like picking a needle out of a haystack.

The worst part is that, when it comes to tiling, there is very little room for error. They’re more permanent than any other interior décor choice that you are going to make. Unlike paint or wallpaper, tiles aren’t easy to lay down and they are even more difficult to remove. So you have to make sure that the tile type and pattern you choose will fit your desired theme and that it will have staying power.

Luckily for you, we have quite a bit of expertise in this department. We have enumerated the top trending tiling ideas for 2018 and even though trends often come and go, the ones we’ve listed are those that have longevity and are guaranteed to look fabulous for many years to come!



Indoor/Outdoor Tiles

2018 is all about seamless surfaces and continuity of size and finish and indoor/outdoor tiles are the best material for the job. They can be used to blend indoor and outdoor spaces and make rooms look larger and more coherent.

It’s some kind of optical illusion that can only be achieved using a single set of tiles for both the interior and exterior. A certain visual depth and length is created and the ‘full stop’ or disjointed look obtained from constant flooring changes is removed.

There are many tiles that can be used this way but one in particular that stands out are porcelain tiles, specifically full-body porcelain. They are slip-resistant, hard-wearing, and can withstand extreme weathers—properties that are important for any outdoor tile. The fact that they are low-maintenance is also a nice little bonus.



Textured Tiles

Textured Tiles

Textured or rustic tiles, whether they have subtle surface textures or are heavily embossed, are slowly but surely defining the tiling trends of 2018. If you find plain, smooth-surfaced tiles too boring and wild patterns way too eccentric, then you might find the perfect balance in textured tiles.

These tiles add a tactile element to any hard surface and can be used to delicately create marvelous decorative impressions. They also create a softness and add a slight feeling of individuality and nostalgia.

Textured tiles are best showcased when used for prominent walls and floors, but are equally eye-catching when used for bathroom tiling or kitchen backsplashes, so try to incorporate them to your décor for that extra hint of character.



Neutral Colors

Choosing plain tiles in bolder, brighter, and more saturated colors are a pretty good way to add more life to your interiors, but the color trends have shifted. Loud and monochromatic colors have been set aside in exchange for a warmer and more refreshing palette.

The colors that are currently in style include sage green, powdery peach, taupe and sultry blue, greige (gray and beige), and other similar hues. These shades offer a modern and simplistic style with a slight touch of warmth.

Using tiles in these neutral colors are the perfect way to add color to your rooms without overwhelming the eyes.



Creative Layouts (Source - Avaz International)

Creative Layouts

Forget about the most basic tile layouts like brick patterns, straight lay patterns, and diagonal lay patterns and start experimenting! Try out retro stack bond patterns or basket weave pattern types for your floor and wall tile layouts.

You can also try mixing and matching different materials like matte and gloss tiles, carpet and wood, and many more. If you want something a little bit more out of the box, then try mismatched tiles. Just make sure not to go too far with it by leaving a single consistent feature.

In 2018, there is little concern about absolute consistency and the design world is starting to embrace natural variations and unique imperfections. Take advantage of this and be a little more creative with your tile layouts and designs.



Colored Grouts

If your options are limited and you can only stick to the most affordable tile options, then don’t fret because there is a cure for these classic, plain, and boring tiles—colored grouts.

Pairing the most standard tile with an unusually colored grout will give you that perfect look while still staying on budget. A few of the perfect combinations that will make your room look just right and not completely junky is a white tile with a bright and primary-colored grout.

You can also match the grout and tile color so that the eyes can focus on the tile pattern and not the distracting grout line. This method works perfectly with neutral-colored tiles where you want the tiling to look smooth and clean.

And even if you aren’t on a tight budget and can splurge on colored tiles, you can still make them pop even more by pairing them with an equally bold grout color. There are many ways to approach this, you just have to find the perfect color contrast to get the look you are going for.



Key Takeaway

Figuring out the tiling of your interior space is one of the most difficult decisions you are going to make when you are decorating, but it is also the most exciting. With all the tiles for sale, the possibilities are endless and you can go mellow and sophisticated or bold eccentric.

If you want, you can follow the top tiling trends of 2018. Don’t worry, these trends are sure to stand the test of time and won’t grow out of style in the blink of an eye. The creativity, character, and aesthetic appeal that they offer will last for decades!