7 Samples of Traditional Tile Patterns for Modern Homes

What are the 7 samples of traditional tile patterns for modern homes?

  1. Chic Hexagon and Octagon Designs
  2. Natural Tones
  3. Moroccan Inspired
  4. Basketweave Pattern
  5. Contemporary Blue
  6. Warm Hopscotch
  7. Mosaics and Historical Design


Whether it is ceramic or vinyl tiles in the Philippines, traditional patterns hold one of the biggest demands in the market of floor tiles for sale. If you would want to combine the modern elements of your home with these traditional styles, then take a little inspiration from these examples.

This guide can help you determine which pattern would be best for your space and ultimately enhance its appearance and character. Here they are:

Chic Hexagon and Octagon Designs

[20×23] YH03 Hex

Chic Hexagon and Octagon Designs

This traditional tile pattern has seen its fair share of homes that are completely revamped by its presence. Pleasing to the eyes with ease-of-maintenance to boot, modern homes are recognizing its potential in interior design. You can see it in tile types like ceramic and stone tiles.

Regardless of its shape and size, chic hexagon and octagon designs will provide a simple elegance to your home. You can try this tile pattern in neutral shades of gray with white so you can be rewarded with a sleek and bold design space.


Natural Tones

One of the traditionally-inspired tile patterns that will be great for a modern home is tiles with natural tones. Once you decide to install them, you will see that they have the potential to set the mood for a warmer space for your home.

The FC Tile Depot has many selections of tiles with natural tones. Look at the [60×60] G0AM-21PEA for some example.

[60x60] G0AM-21PEA

You can install this color in any room in your house or workplace because it would hardly clash with the rest of the room.


Moroccan Inspired

Moroccan tiles are quite known for having beautiful designs will give your space a European feel—almost like you are on an exotic holiday at your own home.

These tiles are a combination of stylish colors and patterned prints. If you prefer something a little funkier for your floor or even your wall, then you should definitely consider installing a tile with Moroccan design. This choice is also ideal for anyone looking for tiles that cannot be easily overshadowed by other items in their interior design.

Basketweave Pattern

[60×60] M64

Basketweave Pattern

The Basketweave pattern became popular during the Art Deco period in the early 1900s and since then, it has become a fixture in tile selections from all around the world.

Its design is an intricate aesthetic masterpiece since the tiles are made to look like they are weaving in and out of each other. This perfect illusion is what makes it stand out among the other designs.

You can consider installing this design to your kitchen or living room which instantly brings about a homey feel to your space.


Contemporary Blue

Simple but extra sleek, you cannot go wrong with the color blue especially in tile design. It is versatile enough to make a space look bigger than it is because its design functionality has the capability to provide more length to the room.

Tip: Inject other design styles to this color pattern by adding a bit of wood to create a comforting and warm vision in your home.


Warm Hopscotch

Warm Hopscotch is a fun way to mix up your rustic décor choices. Not only is it a smooth and cozy addition to your interior design, but it is also a great way to enhance lighting in your space. Its details can cause the light to bounce off it beautifully which makes for a pleasant atmosphere in homes.


Mosaics and Historical Design

Mosaic is associated with classic periods in history during the Greek and Roman periods. You may think that it is only a tile installation but in fact, this design style is a resilient work of art that is guaranteed to make your space more elegant. The best thing about this tile pattern is that you are offered the chance to choose from global flavors in terms of design and you will still be able to receive the same effect from this vintage and exquisite tile pattern.

For instance, take a look at our [30×30-Mosaic] AB024 for a unique take on the traditional mosaic tiles. This design is best installed in the exterior of your home like your porch or your pool area.

 [30x30-Mosaic] AB024

Key Takeaway

These are the examples of traditional tile patterns that you can look into whether you are redesigning your home or you recently bought one.

From ceramic, mosaic, to vinyl tiles in the Philippines, FC Tile Depot is committed to bring you the best in terms of home improvement and design with our floor tiles for sale. As the leading tile provider in the country, expect nothing but the best in products and customer service from our team. Talk to us and let us bring you the best tile solutions for your home or business needs!