Top Interior Design Styles You Should Check Out

What are the top interior design styles?

  1. Bohemian
  2. Scandinavian
  3. Mid-Century Modern
  4. French Country


Looking to update your home’s interior look? We’ve got a list of the top interior design styles for you. You can simply look for tiles for sale in order to help you fulfill these design styles. In the Philippines, wall tiles and floor tiles are best acquired at the best tile depot in the country.

Here’s a short list of the most popular styles today which will surely be a classic.




The bright, heavily patterned, multi-cultural mélange of intricate elements of Bohemian interior design can never be missed. Its flamboyant layers of design offer a uniqueness of care-free freedom. The intoxicating fuss-free look stems from a comfortable mix of exotic ornaments and vintage furnishings.

The beauty behind the Bohemian interior design style is its play with juxtaposition. The beautifully rendered contrasts between color and amplification of vibrancy expound on the eclectic style. Bohemian-inspired homes may include globally inspired rugs, textiles, ornaments, and 40×40 Bohemia tiles. Displays of items or collections found are sources such as flea markets, antique stores, and any intricate objects found during one’s travels.

To complete the look, you can add a bunch of floor pillows and relaxed low-lying seating spaces. Whenever you come across Bohemian style, you’ll notice that it seems to be the polar opposite of minimalism. It’s loud, quirky, and stylish; the key to executing the Bohemian style is to keep in mind that anything goes as long as you prefer it.




Clean, bright, and highly organized; the Scandinavian interior design style is a tribute to the simplicity and efficiency of the lifestyles in Nordic countries. This style is vastly increasing in popularity due to its emphasis on tranquility and plainness. The Scandinavian appeal has taken on the world by storm.

The Scandinavian design is highly regarded for its clean look, tonal textural plays, and relaxed appeal. Dominated by white spaces and grey undertones, the organic shapes that come into play with this specific design are pleasing to the eye and induce a relaxing atmosphere in your home. The calming appeal of the Scandinavian design makes you appreciate the concept of “less is more”, as hints of color comes in subtle pieces such as rugs or throw pillows.

Implying the Scandinavian design in your own home is one of the easiest interior design styles to utilize and master. The secret is to find balance and careful use of elements to install pieces such as the 60×60 Goddess collection. This is vital as to not contradict the minimalist nature of Scandinavian design.


Mid-Century Modern

Mid-Century Modern

A reversion of the 1950s and 1960s classic design, the mid-century modern design makes use of retro nostalgia, classic furniture pieces and a dash of minimalism as you can see from the 60×60 Classic tile collection. The mid-century modern design keeps areas in your home open and spacious. Its major appeal lies in its functionality and efficiency. That means that everything you need in your home is easily accessible.

Undeniably one of the most fruitful interior design styles of all time, the mid-century modern interior design is a combination of everything great design aspect from the mid-90s. It is one of the first designs to dawn on a clean retro feel. The highlight of this style is its use of organic shapes, seamless transitions from the interior to the exterior, simple fabrications, and its mid-century furniture styling.

Mid-century modern design is a great way to update your home if you are after a traditional approach to design. This design mix of retro and modern furnishings creates a great interior atmosphere and will look good for almost every room. With elements of diverse styles, rich colors, and simple yet organic furnishings, it’s certainly a design trend to stand the test of time.


French Country

French Country

The French Country interior design style is classy, sophisticated, and elegant. Its hybrid mix of antique French and farmhouse design elements makes for a chic looking home. Comfortable and fashionable is the name of the game. Filled with warm elements and neutral colors, the timeless look of the French Country design projects a sort of luxury that appeals to every individual.

The earthy guise of the French Country design draws its charm from its ornamental wooden pieces and beautifully worn wooden accents. Filled with warm tones of red, gold, or yellow and natural materials, the design is soft on the eye and gives of a relaxing feel. The integration of luxury and rustic ambiance is the highlight of the French Country Interior Design.


Key Takeaway

The top interior design styles will help you achieve perfection in your home. Use this guide the next time you want to have a renovation or if you are a new homeowner. Tiles will be your best bet to complete these ideas so be sure to find the best collection for your home.

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