4 Tips for Using Warm Colors in Interior Design

What are the tips for using warm colors in interior design?

  1. Use warm colors as accents
  2. Have a bohemian-inspired brown room
  3. Wrap up the walls in a light warm color
  4. Have a terracotta kitchen


Your home is your haven after a busy day. Of course, you’d want to come home to a place that is relaxing and welcoming. Now that we are forced to spend more time indoors, everyone is also looking to create more peaceful spaces where they can unwind. The good news is, recreating warm color interior design tips can instantly create homes that are equally comfortable and attractive.

The hues that fall in the families of red, orange, and yellow are considered warm colors. Think rich browns, terracotta, mustard colors. While there are plenty of hues to choose from in the color wheel for interior design, warm colors are the ones that can bring out the elegance and beauty of rooms. It comes as no surprise when architects and interior designers look for warm-colored wall tiles in the Philippines when designing homes because they have an instantly refreshing and cozy-like effect.

Are you looking to redesign your home with warm colors? Below are some of the best tips for using warm colors in interior design to inspire you.


Use Warm Colors as Accents

Use Warm Colors As Accents

[60×60] M71 + M1524

More and more people are embracing warm tones to create not only inviting spaces, but also stand-out ones. Picking from swatches of rust orange, rich brown, and yellow, one of the easiest ways to design with warm colors is to use them as room accents.

To incorporate interest into your interior design, opt for statement pieces with warm colors that will instantly catch the eyes of guests. Take inspiration from the interior above. The midcentury sofa in a lively lemon color infuses instant personality to the otherwise neutral space. It also adds a contemporary touch to the living room characterized by cement-look wall and floor tiles.

Escape your comfort zone and decorate with furniture and accessory pieces that have warm colors. You can toss pillows that come in shades of terracotta. Go ahead and hang up wall accessories that include colors of bright orange, yellow, red, or all three. The key is to layer on warm touches throughout the room.


Have A Bohemian-Inspired Brown Room

Have A Bohemian Inspired Brown Room

[40×40] F46

Shades of browns such as espresso, mahogany, beige, and light caramels are now taking over modern homes. For good reason, brown is an incredibly versatile warm color that creates a sense of calm in any home. One look at brown-colored rooms will also make you reminiscent of the outdoors. In many cases, the color brown can feel rustic and earthy, especially when incorporated with the color white and wood accents.

To create a Bohemian-inspired room, feature different shades of brown. You can go for a beige wall and add a lot of natural wood shades to the furniture. Think rattan chairs, wood picture frames, and wood-look study tables. For accessories, using combinations of white and brown colors can create a romantic look. Whether you decide to use macramé wall hanging patterns or neutral lampshades, you will always end up with a relaxing color scheme.


Wrap Up the Walls in A Light Warm Color

Wrap Up The Walls In A Light Warm Color

[60×60] M1534

The idea of wrapping up your walls in a warm color might seem too much. But, keep in mind that this just might be what your home needs to make the furniture pieces and accessories pop. But the best thing about warm colors is that they can blend well with other neutral colors to create an inviting look. Don’t take our word for it! Take a look at the interior above.


Have A Terracotta Kitchen

Have A Terracotta Kitchen

[60X60] P129-7 + [10×30] 13UDH1

For the longest time, terracotta has been used for sculptures, earthware, and tiles. Nowadays, however, people have explored ways to use terracotta as a color for designing spaces.

Terracotta is rising to popularity among just about every interior design theme, whether it’s modern, boho, or rustic. With its rich and warm orange tones, terracotta adds a calming effect to rooms. By choosing the right pieces of furniture and accents to have a terracotta color, you too can have a relaxing space. The key is to make sure it looks unified with the rest of the room. For example, you can pair terracotta-colored kitchen counters and chairs with dark backsplashes and speckled floor tiles to balance out the design.


Key Takeaway

Warm colors are a great addition to any interior design plan because they exude just what homes should be: relaxing, cozy, and inviting. Take inspiration from the warm color interior design tips we’ve stated above! Looking for more interior design tips? Check out FC Tile Depot’s style blog by clicking here.

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