6 Tips for a Summer-Inspired Home

What are tips for a summer-inspired home?

  1. Incorporate natural light
  2. Refresh your tiles
  3. Opt for bright colors
  4. Go for wood elements
  5. Add plants
  6. Have a summer-ready backyard


With the scorching heat being experienced all day long, it’s safe to say that summer is already here. If you ask any tile supplier in the Philippines, you’ll already know that some homebuyers are already asking for summer-inspired home tips.

Summer is the perfect time to give your home a refreshing transformation. From using bright colors, tropical prints, to letting natural light and the beauty of nature in, a few easy interior design updates can make your home feel like the vacation beach house you’ve always dreamed of. Plus, if there’s a perfect time to renovate your home, it is right now — when you are spending more time indoors.

Tailor your home to have a summer getaway vibe and unwind with your family or lounge lazily around your soothing rooms while cooling off with a drink. Here’s a guide on the best tips for a summer-inspired home. Read on!


Incorporate Natural Light

Incorporate Natural Light [40x40] 4040q

[40×40] 4040Q

For any room in a home, lighting will always play an important role in setting the vibe. It can also enhance the decor. What better way to introduce a summer vibe into your spaces than to let natural lighting in? Dimly lit rooms hamper brightness and relaxing summer-inspired ambiances. Nothing really embodies the summer aesthetic more than a room basking in the sunlight.

During the day, large sprawling windows can let in more natural light. If the heat gets too unbearable, you can also make use of sheer, flowy curtains to create a diffused light source that maintains privacy. Once the sunsets, you can opt for ambient lighting like those coming from warm-toned lampshades.

As for the decor, matching naturally lit spaces with natural hues is the way to go. The interior above perfectly matched the 4040Q tiles with sleek furniture. Subtle accessories such as potted greeneries unified the summer-inspired vibe without disrupting the tranquility of the space.


Refresh Your Tiles

Refresh Your Tiles

[30×30] L31

If you truly want a summer-inspired home, you can go as far as refreshing your tiles into something more becoming of the warm season. For this summer, you might want to try something different like bright colored tiles and even some patterned tiles.

If you want a beachy feel, tiles like the L31 will do the trick. Its crème color and rustic finish closely resemble the sand on the beach.


Opt for Bright Colors

Opt For Bright Colors

[7.5×30] 730WEP3 + [20×100] AI212

Bright colors make a home feel more energetic and cheerful. From vivid yellows, greens, aquamarines, to shades of pink — making use of bright colors can instantly remind you of tropical scenes and the feeling of living along the coast.

When using bright colors for interior design, make sure to be thoughtful to avoid overdoing it and having clashing colors. Finding the right balance of colors is key.

Consult the color wheel for color combinations. If you’re a fan of high contrasting colors, see hues in the color wheel that are on the opposite sides of each other. For example, you can match a bright orange tile with another that has a blue shade and this will invigorate the summer vibe of the space. If you want a serene atmosphere, it would be better to pick colors that are next to each other in the wheel. This will blend easily and look more unified.


Go for Wood Elements

Go For Wood Elements

[30×90] G2C-12NPEA + G2C-13NPEA + G2C-14MEA

Another excellent tip to achieving a summer-inspired home is to make use of wood elements. You can make use of decor items such as woven baskets, rattan furniture, and even wood-like tiles. Pair these with plant decor on the floor and even on walls. Sure enough, you’ll slowly be sprucing up your home into a summer paradise.


Add Plants

Add Plants [40x40] 4040a + [15x15] 15aw1

[40×40] 4040A + [15×15] 15AW1

One of the easiest things to do to exude a summer vibe in a home is to bring some plants in as decor pieces.

You can go further and bring big potted plants—like the ones seen in tropical settings while you’re at it. You can never go wrong with plants because these are live accessories that instantly add a pop of color to spaces. Adding plants not only brings a summer feel but also does wonders for indoor air quality.

Top off the decor with vibrant furniture such as mustard couches, colorful flowers, mismatched shelves to complement the summer look.


Have A Summer-Ready Backyard

Have A Summer Ready Backyard

[15×80] 1580P3 FA

Most people love summer because of the exciting festivities it brings along, especially when the gatherings move outside. Now that you have paid much attention to your indoor decor, make sure your backyard is summer-ready as well.

If you’re creating a summer-inspired backyard that ties your indoor decor, choose accessories that fit into the color palette you already have in your home. For designing, think quirky pillows on lounge chairs, tropical color schemes, wooden furniture, vibrant dishware, and the like.


Key Takeaway

For this year, remember that you don’t have to go to the beach just to feel the summer vibe. We’ve rounded up 6 no-fail tips for a summer-inspired home. Just by changing a few things in your home, you can easily spruce up your spaces into something reminiscent of tropical beach bliss.

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