4 Tips for A Relaxing Minimalist Bedroom

What are some tips for a relaxing minimalist bedroom?

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Declutter the space
  3. Use neutral bedding
  4. Curate your decorations


Eager to start your own minimalist bedroom project? Finding the perfect pieces, arrangement, and fixtures can be a challenge. Sure, you have some basic understanding of what minimalism is all about — it’s about trimming down, down-sizing, keeping things as simple as they can be. But at the heart of this design convention is an unyielding tranquility. With a few key tricks, you can now transform your bedroom into a cozy haven with relaxing minimalist bedroom tips. Put the most extravagant celebrity homes to shame by making simple, yet aesthetically-pleasing changes. Check them out!


Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple

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One misconception that people have about the minimalist design, is that it encourages boring, bland, and threadbare looks — but that’s not quite the idea. Instead, it’s all about keeping things simple. It’s getting rid of overwhelming elements that don’t really work well for a bedroom space, and simultaneously incorporating fixtures that’ll slowly make your minimalist room come alive.

Take a look at your current space — are there some decorations that you want to remove? How about going back to the basics by replacing patterns with basic and monochromatic shades?

Is that wooden bedside table just gathering dust? Opt for a clean white modular side table instead. Contrast the design by choosing either dark or vibrant colors for pillowcases, bedding sheets, duvets, and the like.


Declutter The Space

Declutter The Space

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Decluttering a bedroom cannot be emphasized enough. Whether you’re going for an art nouveau, rustic, minimalist, or what have you, decluttering should be one of your priorities.

Aside from throwing away the obvious junk — packaging from your latest online shopping purchase, broken charging cables, damaged decor — keep your bedroom neat and tidy by organizing it. Try to buy an affordable faux-leather storage box that also doubles as a small table. Put away things that need to be stored, such as small boxes, books, cosmetics, collectibles, toys, and the like.

Decluttering allows you to make way for personal items that you’ll want to display, or generally anything that holds value to you. It’ll also make your room feel brighter, spacious, and more comfortable.


Use Neutral Bedding

Use Neutral Bedding

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Neutral and monochromatic tones like shades of grey, white, black, beige, or tan are the secret ingredients for a minimalist bedroom feel. Always keep in mind that clashing patterns, overwhelmingly-vibrant colors, and saturated shades only serve to make your room feel incoherent. They’re also not pleasing to look at, which can defeat the purpose of achieving a relaxing space.

Opt for basic, no-frills bedding instead, like white linen with complementary pillowcases. You may also take inspiration from the KonMari method, where keeping things tidy doesn’t have to be at the expense of flair.

For example, instead of properly tucking in your comforter or bedding sheet, you can let them lie sprawling on a matching platform bed. To create contrast, you may surround the white-washed look with light wooden additions, such as a divider, rattan laundry basket, or a light grey tufted wooden footrest. What you’ll add depends on the current look and your personal preferences.


Curate Your Decorations

Curate Your Decorations

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You don’t have to say goodbye to your bedroom decors — especially if you want to keep all your landscape paintings, posters, figurines, and novelty keepsakes. All you have to do is to organize them and pick pieces that truly bring out a minimalist bedroom vibe.

For example, you can choose among your current landscape artwork decor for a single centerpiece that will serve as the focal point of the bedroom. Depending on your mood, you have the freedom to change which piece you’ll put up for that day. This also helps keep your bedroom feel fresh and new without the added expense.

While you’re at it, it’s also a good idea to add in a few, easy-to-care potted plants. More than just providing your bedroom with fresh air, these can create a change of scenery from the usual decor that you currently have. They also create a subtle, but palpable splash of color to an already-neutral space.


Key Takeaway

Ready to dive into the world of minimalism? These relaxing minimalist bedroom tips above can help you achieve your desired bedroom using simple, but impactful design techniques.

Start by keeping your space simple by using monochromatic colors and patterns. It might be time to get rid of furniture or decor that just doesn’t work anymore. When choosing bedroom fixtures, opt for restrained designs that give off a calming vibe without sacrificing color. And of course, when all has been said and done, make sure to change it up once in a while. Stay consistent with these simple tricks and you’ll definitely be on your way to crafting your own personal minimalist style.

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