7 Tips for Modern Industrial Interior Design

What are tips for a modern industrial interior design?

  1. Opt for neutral colors
  2. Choose industrial lighting pieces
  3. Have big, loft-type windows
  4. Have exposed brick walls
  5. Highlight exposed pipes, beams, and ducts
  6. Add elements of wood and metal
  7. Have an open floor plan


The industrial interior design trend is quickly rising to popularity among home decor enthusiasts. It is all about displaying the building elements that many try to conceal and also adding a raw, unfinished look to the most thoughtfully designed homes. The result is a raw and edgy style that celebrates decor ingenuity unlike anything else. If you need some design inspiration, check out these tips for modern industrial interior design that offer a more livable take on the style.


Opt for Neutral Colors

Opt For Neutral Colors

[60×60] LF6807

When it comes to modern industrial interior design, you would want to stick to a neutral palette. One of the things you will notice about modern industrial-styled homes is that bold hues are saved for the smallest accent details while the rest radiate neutral colors that consist predominantly of gray, black, and white.

You can add moody hues with hints of darker tones such as dark browns and tans to bring personality to your space. To start with, pair different shades of brown and tan to make the space feel relaxing without disrupting the dramatic vibe. Then, add white shades as necessary to give the space a clean look. Last but not least, finish with black accents to create a contrasting effect.


Choose Industrial Lighting Pieces

Choose Industrial Lighting Pieces

[60×60] M98-4 [10×30] 13UBC3 [10X30] 13UBC1

Every type of interior design has its preferred lighting choice. If you are working with a modern industrial design, you will find that there are plenty of options as well. But if there is one thing that makes industrial lighting special, it is its ability to turn the simplest light bulbs into a piece of statement lighting!

You can use pendant lamps with wide shades, metal flush mount ceiling lights, or birdcage metal frame lights. Multi-directional floor lamps can also be featured in an industrial home.


Have Big, Loft Type Windows

Have Big, Loft Type Windows

[30×90] G2C-25NPEA + [30×60] P-3612

Arguably, most industrial-designed homes have big loft-type windows. For a good reason, sprawling windows let in plenty of natural light, and their metal frames make them a standout decorative feature.

Even if you cannot make provisions for bigger windows, simply having tall glass windows with black metal frames can go a long way for making your home look industrial.


Have Exposed Brick Walls

Have Exposed Brick Walls

[30×60] P-3615 + [30X60] Q362 Ibiza Brick + [20×100] AI209

Leaving the raw elements is the key to a modern industrial space. It is important to show the “unfinished” and raw look of the space you’re working with. This also means exposing brick walls to get that old warehouse feel.

While most modern homes have drywall plastered over original brick, you can always use brick-look tiles to fully embody the industrial interior design.


Highlight Exposed Steel Beams, Pipes, And Ducts

Highlight Exposed Steel Beams, Pipes, And Ducts

[10×30] 13UDH1 + [60X60] P127-7

For the industrial interior design, think about warehouses, factories, and industrial spaces being converted to residential properties. Achieving this can be challenging, but leaving a few raw elements exposed will do the job perfectly and eliminate further construction.

Similar to exposed bricks, highlighting exposed pipes, beams, and ducts is among the signature features of an industrial-style home. Exposed pipes, beams, and ducts can also be a great contrasting element for all-white spaces, creating a focal point.


Add Elements of Wood and Metal

Add Elements Of Wood And Metal

[60×60] G0KA-03EA + G0KA-03BEA + G0KA-03AEA

One look at industrial interior design is enough to tell that it embodies a trendy warehouse ambiance. Exposed brick, concrete walls, bare ceiling beams, exposed piping and ductwork, steel items, and sprawling windows are just a few giveaways of industrial design. However, this style is also closely known for coming off as cold and uninviting on its own. That is why wood and metal materials are used to create a cozy mélange of style.

Pulling off the industrial look means mixing old and new materials like wood and metal as well. For example, you can have a chair with a wooden backrest and a metal table. You can also have wood kitchen cabinets and a metal pendant light.  You can also use metal as accent decor pieces.

The delightful interplay of textured wood and smooth, lustrous metal is a very popular design trend among modern industrial-style homes.


Have an Open Floor Plan

Have An Open Floor Plan

[60×60] P127-7 + [30×60] Q362

When you think of an industrial-style home, chances are images of urban lofts come to mind. One of the main features of the urban loft is its open floor plan. With industrial interior design, you would want to work with more space.

As a side note, having an open floor plan is an excellent way to make your home feel spacious. If you live in a smaller house, you can take some of the wall partitions down. To add to that, you can let more light travel through rooms.

In order to avoid making your home look overwhelmingly empty given the open floor plan, strategically arrange furniture pieces in grouping to break up the space.


Key Takeaway

In this style guide, we round up the best tips for modern industrial interior design to serve as your inspiration. As you can see, industrial style takes many forms. It combines neutral tones, wood, metal, open spaces, exposed elements to create an “unfinished” and raw look.

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