5 Tips for a Minimalist Living Room

What are the tips for a minimalist living room?

  1. Declutter
  2. Go for monochromatic and muted colors
  3. Create a focal point with accents
  4. Add texture
  5. Bring the outdoors in


Minimalism has been taking strides in the world of interior design. For good reason, embodying minimalism can make any space look clean and bright. It strips away clutter and grants you more space for a serene ambiance. This is particularly appealing for the living room where home dwellers spend most of their time. So we gathered some of the best tips for a minimalist living room to help bring the style to life in your own space. Read on!




[60X120] 612F12G-1

At its very core, minimalism calls for thoughtful curation and clutter-free spaces. It extends beyond visuals and strives to keep only the essentials. This is the key to its resulting calm and nurturing environment.

When you step into a minimalist living room, you will clearly see a lack of multiple furniture, stacks on stacks of books, or even piles of throw pillows. What do you really need? Perhaps a functional couch, lamp, side table, and television will work.

As for decor elements, a few small pieces of accessories that are strategically placed on a table or corner will do the trick. A vase or simple artwork will infuse life and avoid a cold minimalist space.


Go for Monochromatic and Muted Colors

Go For Monochromatic And Muted Colors

[60×60] M120-4

You will notice that most minimalist spaces feature shades of monochromatic colors and to correspond to that palette, decorative elements lean toward muted tones.

If you’re thinking of approaching this design for your living room, allow the image above to guide you. There’s no better way to do it than by starting with a monochromatic floor tile like the M120-4. It sports an elegant gray color that goes well with the crisp white walls. Despite its speckled texture, it is not excessive enough to disrupt the room’s calming effect.

To add to that, the materials and finishes of the accents used are pared back to wood-like palettes, allowing the essence of minimalism to stand out with a hint of cozy, rustic style. Then, focal points are introduced through the muted couch and a handful of accessories.


Create A Focal Point with Accents

Blank Horizontal Picture Frame Mock Up In Modern Luxury Living R

[30×60] 364D + [60×60] M61

Minimalist living rooms are characterized by simplicity and clean lines. Shapes, textures, and silhouettes are smooth as well. It usually combines an open floor plan, making use of lots of natural light, and functional furniture.

You probably think focal points are to be avoided at all costs in minimalist living rooms but that’s not the case. Visual balance is just as important and can be achieved only by having a focal point that is eye-catching.

Notice how the living room above is able to incorporate different stylistic elements and no unwanted distraction. At the same time, it has a couch that serves as a centerpiece and a breathtakingly lush painting that complements the minimalist design.


Add Texture

Interior Poster Mock Up Living Room With Colorful White Sofa . 3d Rendering.

[30×30] L31

If you have a small-scale living room, adding simple textures to elements will do wonders for uplifting a minimalist design. Take a look at how the intricate line texture of L31 infuses harmony in the space. Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick to walls and floors alone. Try to go for textured furniture or accessories. For example, a wicker coffee table, ribbed ceramic lamps, and fabric couches punch up neutral, monochromatic, and muted color schemes.


Bring The Outdoors In

Bring The Outdoors In

[20×100] 2100P2

For every minimalist living room, you will see gracing the pages of an interior design magazine, one thing will be consistent: All lets the beauty of the outdoors in. This not only makes for a refreshing ambiance, but it is also immensely lively to look at.

That being said, let natural light and greenery in. You might be surprised at how installing big windows and placing lush plant vases can make your living room pop out.


Key Takeaway

This guide contains some of the best tips for a minimalist living room. It doesn’t take much. The only important thing to remember is that less is more.

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