5 Tips on Caring for Your Floors During the Rainy Season

What are floor care tips for the rainy season?

  1. Keep Storage Near Your Doorway
  2. Disinfect and Deep Clean More Often
  3. Have Mats Set Up Outside the Door
  4. Clean Up Quickly
  5. Replace Flooring If Needed


Although cleaning your floors is important at all times, it definitely needs more attention during the rainy season. There are multiple opportunities for messes and damage for your flooring with all the mud, dirt, debris, and wet terrain that could come in. If not cared for, these could cause stains, scratches, bacterial infestation, and even molds. If you want your floors to retain its radiance and beauty for years, you need to invest time and effort into rainy season floor care. Take a look at these simple and helpful tips you can do to keep your floors in tip-top shape throughout the rainy season.


Keep Storage Near Your Doorway

The best way to ensure that your flooring won’t be damaged by mud and dirt is by preventing these from coming inside your home in the first place. Your shoes are the biggest contributors to dirty and wet floors. These can also bring in rocks and other grit that can abrade your flooring.

Make it a habit of removing your shoes after coming indoors and before proceeding to the different areas of your home. It would also be a good idea to have a stock of house slippers for people to use after they take off their shoes.

Contain and limit the wet and muddy mess by keeping a shoe rack near the door, your entryway, or anywhere that you think is accessible to place items as soon as possible. Additionally, have some drying hooks and hangers for clothes, raincoats, and umbrellas to avoid mustiness.

And since wetness is bound to happen in the area, you can alleviate this by keeping a supply of towels and a mop at your entrance to help you clean and keep the area free of pooling water.


Disinfect and Deep Clean More Often

Disinfect And Deep Clean More Often

There are a bunch of bacteria found in mud that you wouldn’t want to have around your house. Plus, the transfer rate from shoes to floors is at 90-99%! So to ensure cleanliness and safety around the home, engage in a deep clean or disinfection for your flooring.

After doing your regular sweeping, apply disinfectant to your flooring and clean it thoroughly with a mop. Make sure that you change your water often to avoid cloudy films and residue.


Have Mats Set Up Outside the Door

If you don’t have a mat set up outside your door, now would be an ideal time to do so. These are a must-have for your home throughout the rainy season. These will ensure that people clean their shoes before entering indoors and will prevent your floors from accumulating mud, dirt, and water. Heavy-duty absorbent mats with bristles are your best bet for the rainy season, as this will help scrape dirt off footwear.


Clean Up Quickly

Clean Up Quickly

In case you do end up with water and mud inside your home, make sure to clean it up as soon as possible to prevent stains, scratches, bacteria, and any extended term damage to your flooring. Don’t worry because floor tiles like ceramic tile and vinyl are water-resistant and can be simple wiped up. It doesn’t take much effort to do the cleaning.


Replace Flooring If Needed

If you have floors that have stains that won’t go away, have cracks and soft spots, or have accumulated mold and mildew, it may be time for you to replace your flooring. All of these can become a health hazard to your home.

It is well worth doing afterward and can keep your home and family safe throughout all the seasons. And if you’re looking for flooring that can last you all-year-round, even though the rampant weather, tiles would be a good choice. These types of flooring are longer-lasting, require less maintenance, and are extremely easy to clean. You’ll even get better indoor quality for your home too!


Key Takeaway

Now that the rainy season is here, it is crucial to give your floors a little more attention. The weather calls more room for mess, stains, and bacteria into your spaces, and we wouldn’t want that. Put these rainy season floor care tips to use to ensure a dry, clean, and safe season for your whole home.

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