Tiles for Sale: 4 Design Aesthetics That Will Look Flattering with White Tiles

What design aesthetics will look flattering with white tiles?

  1. White on White
  2. Posh Monochrome
  3. Tropical Oasis
  4. Victorian Elegance


Aside from the main structure of a house or building, another prevalent element is the tiling in both the walls and floor.

Choosing the appropriate tile design can be challenging. For one, the different elements or items that will be incorporated in the room must be taken into consideration. All the contents of a room must blend seamlessly and must look pleasing to the eye.

But with the thousands of tiles for sale in the market, choosing the right tile color or design can be immensely overwhelming, to say the least.

Luckily, there are white-colored tiles to save the day. These tiles are a foolproof and versatile option that will surely transform any space into a masterpiece.

Pristine white floor tiles for sale on the market are guaranteed to give your room the boost it needs.

First, white tiles can provide a significant amount of brightness to a room, mainly because the light reflects on the tiles (which rings especially true for those with a glossy finish). In addition, even the heat coming from the sun is reflected on the tiles.

A room with white tiles is also bound to look cleaner and fresher, as opposed to spaces with floorings that have a busy (and sometimes convoluted) design.

In terms of aesthetic, white tiles can tie up together various design elements and really provide the much-needed splendor to a room or space.

Unfortunately, not every homeowner can see the potential of white tiles in terms of design aesthetic.

Which is exactly why this article is written! This will reveal the numerous design aesthetic that is made even more fabulous by the installation of white tiles.

So, if you’re a future homeowner and you want to install white tiles, keep on reading this post to find out what design aesthetic will surely look even more wonderful with pristine white tiles.



Source: Architecture Art Designs

White on White

Apparently, there is no such thing as too much white when talking about design.

White on white is a classic interior option. An example would be the combination of modern furnishing and white walls and glossy white tiles.

There are several perks to this design aesthetic. Even though white walls by itself can make a room appear brighter, installing glossy white tiles can boost the general splendor of a room.

If you feel like white on white can be too drab, then you can try incorporating a colorful accent piece or designing an accent wall—anything that can grant your space a touch of color and vibrancy. Just make sure to keep it to a minimum; after all, you’ll still want to preserve the white on white look!



Posh Monochrome

Posh Monochrome

Integrating the monochromatic colors in the interior is becoming more and more common these days.

And why not?

These colors together exude a modern, posh, and elegant look that is perfect for any space.

Such is the reason why people are also incorporating these colors into their interior design through various house items like cushions, decorations, and even furniture.

But since black and gray are basically darker tones, thoughtless designing may result in the direction of modern gothic design instead of modern posh chic.

Luckily, white tiles can save the day and the overall theme of your area!

White tiles, especially the white floor tiles for sale, can balance out the two darker hues.

And at the same time, the brightening capability of white floor tiles can provide an illusion of more light and space in the room.

In addition, the room will appear larger despite the dark hues of the furnishings.



Tropical Oasis

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Tropical Oasis

Interior spaces are not the only areas of a building where white tiles will look stunning.

Even in exterior areas like a balcony, an area that is teeming with lush green and flowery plants, white tiles will also appear splendid.

With all of the bright colors and the vibrant greens present, the white tiles can provide a soothing balance to the vivid colors.

Without the aid of white tiles, the area would be bombarded with loads of colors and would end up appearing too busy.

In addition, you can try installing white sheer curtains for a canopy-like effect. This, coupled with white tiles, can frame the spectrum of colors that the plants formed, thus providing the area with a wonderful and pleasing balance.




Source: Home & Decor

Victorian Elegance

If you think that white tiles won’t go well with a Victorian aesthetic the same way that a dark tone does, then you’re gravely mistaken.

The best thing about white tiles is the variety of tones that are available on the market—yes, a seemingly simple color can lead to tons of varying shades! You’ll be free to choose anything that you fancy. For example, an off-white tone can definitely exude the perfect combination of luxury and elegance.

The lightness of a white hue complements the brightness of gold hues and cream tones quite well.

Through the use of white tiles, the Victorian aesthetic is exhibited with a seamless appearance—not to mention that this innovative approach yields to a fresher Victorian style.



Key Takeaway

If you are interested in using white tiles for a specific space but concerned about it appearing too dull, then just choose among the previously mentioned design aesthetic. You’ll surely find one that suits your fancy!

If you know the right way to go about it, then you can certainly transform white into something gorgeous and jaw-dropping!