Tiles for Sale: Comfort in your Aesthetics and Design

What are the things you have to consider when choosing tiles based on aesthetics and design?

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Color
  • Pattern



Designing your house can feel like you are crafting your very own artwork because of the overall design that it requires.

A beautiful house has a strong foundation not only in its structure but in its aesthetic quality. To improve this quality, you can score one of those floor tiles for sale at the nearest store.

Whether you want to install them in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, or even an outdoor area, tiles can significantly change the ambiance and feel of your space.

Tiling is a major part of designing a house so you should remember that choosing the right tile design is vital. This is because what you choose will be something you will live with for many years to come.

They will dramatically revamp the room you choose to install them in and thanks to various tiles for sale, you can choose the selection that best fits the design of your house.

Here are the elements to consider when choosing a comfortable design and aesthetic for your floor tile:





The shape of a tile is one of the primary elements in the aesthetics of tiles. You should select a tile that is of a proportional scale to the room you are installing it in.

Straight edge tiles can give off a sense of formality to the setting. There are also scalloped edges which are suited for a more natural and rustic feel for your home areas. Octagonal or hexagonal shapes are usually used in period style rooms or in formal areas. Smooth tiles instead of heavy textured tiles are used on laid-back styles of rooms.

The shapes of tiles contribute to its overall design when installed, it will surely help you achieve your personal aesthetic goals for your home.

The most common shapes are the square and rectangle but there are many others such as the hexagon, octagon, Provencal, Moorish, and many more.




Scale is important in choosing tiles. Large tiles can be used for a small room and vice versa. It will expand small areas as well as emphasize larger ones. The shape of the tile determines the tone of the room.

Large tiles installed in a small room can make the room appear bigger. Tiny tiles are suited for bathrooms because aside from their design, they help with the drainage which is an important factor when tiling a bathroom. It also makes your installation look more seamless with less grout lines – plus, it’s easier to maintain!

Size significantly affects the visual appearance of the tiled surface. The frame of the grout lines varies with the size which can make them appear increasingly thicker.

You can also combine tiles of different sizes which, depending on your aesthetic requirement for your home, the wide range of tile choices will allow you to do so.





Avoiding discoloration is one of the problems of maintaining floor tiles. So to prevent this, you must choose a color that is not only beautiful but durable against damage as well.

Keep in mind that the color of the grout should blend into the tile as much as possible. Contrasting grout colors will emphasize grout joints, which will make your room appear smaller.

In glazed tiles, the color of the tiles depends on the glaze. Ceramic glazes provide a chromatic range, which includes basic colors, tones, or shades. In fact, any kind of design can now be printed on the tile surface, thanks to Inkjet printing.

There is a variation in terms of gloss: glossy or matte, and in terms of chromatic texture.

Unglazed tile color is limited to the color of its body. Their colors can be enhanced but not changed. From original neutral tones to solid colors, choose the style that will look organic in your room.

You can also create glossy and reflective surfaces through polishing or smoothing.




Patterns can be a great opportunity to inject a bold statement for your rooms. But if you do not prefer using them in full installation, you can use them as borders or accents.

The patterns of floor tiles offer unlimited options for decoration, especially glazed tiles.

Floor tiles are very flexible in patterns because even complex and multi-colored designs can be reproduced through the process of silk-screening.

Patterns are for people who want to make a bold statement but if you’re not that adventurous you can still use it in different ways. Consider using it in a border or an insert in a larger pattern or even an entire floor.

As for decoration, different considerations must be made depending on whether the tile is glazed or unglazed. Glazed tiles offer an almost unlimited range of decorations.

Unglazed tiles are usually not decorated with the exception of porcelain stoneware. But they can be developed with special techniques like the previously mentioned silk-screening, decorated inserts, pressing, satin motifs on a polished surface, etc.



Key Takeaway

When choosing the aesthetics and design of your floor tiles, ensure that you are comfortable with the selections you are presented with.

Maintain the beauty and polish of these tiles by regular cleaning and you will be rewarded with a flooring option that will last for years.