Tiles Philippines: Making Your House Feel More Zen

What are the different tiles in the Philippines capable of making your house feel more Zen?

  1. Snow White
  2. Landscape
  3. Alfa
  4. Classic
  5. Aura


Zen is a philosophy with Buddhist origins and following it requires that you practice a life leading to enlightenment. Since Zen is not religious dogma, you can apply its concepts to many forms including interior design. When you use it as an inspiration for different parts of your home, including tiles in the Philippines, there is just one thing to take into account: minimalism.

The minimalist aesthetic serves this philosophy well because it essentially reminds people to remove the objects that do not positively serve their spirit. Essentially, less is more. You can achieve this by removing distracting clutter which can help you find security in your design. Additionally, you can also stick to keeping your necessary basics at home and avoid colors that are too bright and loud.

In this list, you will see how these different tiles can make your home feel more Zen.


Snow White

White is a very fitting color for the philosophy of Zen because it represents new beginnings and being committed to purifying yourself of toxic circumstances. Furthermore, this symbolizes that you are becoming more open-minded to positive yet uncertain changes.

Besides encouraging you to start anew every day, the color white has a lot of architectural benefits. It can make your living rooms and bedrooms bigger than they really are because it highlights everything in its surroundings. In addition to this, putting floor tiles for sale, such as the Super White Matte, in your study room can make you concentrate more.


[60x60] G0BM-60P
[60×60] G0BM-60P



Zen and nature go together like peanut butter and jelly. They pair perfectly because nature is interconnected to our survival, and to live an enlightened life means taking care of them as they care for us. Furthermore, plants remind us to find harmony in everyday living.

Because of this, there are a lot of cases when monks traditionally insert greenery into their surroundings. They would set up gardens near temples and these would become meditation areas for all of them.

To pay homage to this practice, it would be great to insert tiles with plant-related drawings like the Water lily designed and Bamboo. These tiles would also be great if you use it as accent walls because their intricate designs will definitely stand out in an otherwise plain wall.


[30x30] WP3044 Water Lily
[30×30] WP3044 Water Lily
[30x30] WP3135 Lin Bamboo
[30×30] WP3135 Lin Bamboo


The philosophy of Zen recognizes that human beings have to eventually accept the light and dark in their lives. Both cannot live without the other, despite their contrasting natures. Thus, a lot of believers would always pair the colors of white and black together, for they symbolize this specific concept perfectly.

Overall, putting these together (e.g. White and Nero) in the floor like a chessboard will remind you to always accept the good and bad of every day in a spiritual manner. Together, they make it easier for you to accept different truths.


LM6680 & LM6683 [60X60]
[60X60] LM6680 & LM6683



The Buddhist monks always wear saffron yellow robes during their Zen lifestyle. This is because it reminds them of the Sun. Just like nature, us human beings are connected with daylight and its rays remind us to be humble. Additionally, it reminds you to separate yourself from materialistic desires.

When it comes to picking yellow tiles in the Philippines, it is best to choose something muted. Choose something that has some white tone mixed into it such as Sand.


[60x60] CB26213
[60×60] CB26213



In Zen philosophy, Blue represents a human’s limitless potential for healing. It also symbolizes the sea, which is capable of washing away our worries which allows us to go on a spiritual journey. No wonder, people tend to feel calm in a room with splashes of blue. Adding floor tiles for sale in this shade like the Blue perfectly matches the philosophy of Zen. It will remind you that pain is not forever. It will eventually pass.


[30x30] 170T Roma Blue
[30×30] 170T Roma Blue


Key Takeaway

The Zen is an interior design idea derived from Buddhist philosophy. It is a great style for any home because it reminds people not to be too overwhelmed by the business of life, and instead pursue tranquility in their environment. Each tile in this list will make any house feel more Zen because it individually symbolizes a concept of the philosophy. Good thing that FC Tile Depot has all of these in store for you – we couldn’t have done this without the help of SEO in the Philippines. Want to check out our list? Click here for more of our products!