7 Tile Trends to Expect in 2019

What are the tile trends to expect in 2019?

  1. Hexagon
  2. Narrow
  3. Hardwood
  4. Matte
  5. Stone
  6. Patterned
  7. Marble


This 2019, you may want to reinvent a lot of areas in your living space and paying a visit to the nearest depot to look at tiles for sale will be a good move. If you are in charge of your home’s design, choosing the right materials will be the most important decision. If you are having difficulty finding materials that are beautiful enough to fit your ideal style, why not look at the top tile trends for this year?

Listed below are the 2019 trends that you can use for inspiration when you make a visit to your favorite tile center. Check them out!



Geometric shapes are becoming big in interior design for 2019, and they are selling well at tile centers because they add tone and perception to any room. Additionally, their grout lines add a different sense of balance to your living space because its linear structure succeeds in making a uniform design for the tiles. When following this trend, it is best to use these type of tiles in a honeycomb formation (see below). Furthermore, they will look great as wall design.

You also have the option of choosing different designs for hexagon tiles with RAK’s Country Brick collection available exclusively at FC.

[20x23] A23SZCBR-DGY.M2U

[20×23] A23SZCBR-DGY.M2U


For those who prefer a sleek design for their homes in 2019, long and narrow tiles will do the job. It can be especially useful for small spaces because they have the ability to visually elongate any space. Narrow tiles can also give you the option to mix-and-match by forming them together in a vertical and horizontal manner which can result in a visually appealing pattern. Check out a sample of narrow tiles from our Timber collection below:

[20x100] AI205

[20×100] AI205


New homeowners will love the sleekness that emanates from chocolate-colored floors. It is no surprise that many are looking for more hardwood tiles for sales at shops nearby in 2019. Their deep brown and earthy tones will give a certain amount of depth to any living room. You can either choose a wire-brushed tile or hand-scraped option for this where brush strokes or streaks are etched on the surface of the wood. Meanwhile, hand-scraped is a style that focuses more on natural wear. It is similar to wire-brushed types, only, there are no fixed shapes. It is eye-catching yet simple looking at the same time.


[60x60] CL06

[60×60] CL06


This 2019, expect that many homeowners will look for matte finish products at tile centers. Unlike their glossy counterparts, they are flat and is not reflective/shiny which will push you to focus on the true color and texture of the floors. Because of these aspects, they will never overwhelm any room with their presence. Lastly, its soft and muted hues will help in making your home look a little cozier. Also now, with ink jet technology, matte tiles come in a variety of colors and designs!



Stones will be more popular in 2019 as more and more people are finding ways to replicate the natural environment in their own houses. With this trend, you can make your interior design look truly one-of-a-kind with stone-effect tiles installed indoors! These will look especially great on your floors or even feature walls. Use FC’s 30×30 I-3449 stone-inspired tile for this trend!

[30x30] I-3449

[30×30] I-3449


Tile patterns are colorful, unique, and they instantly give personality to any room. These are especially great when your wall or floor consists of this design because they can automatically act as the focal point of the room. It will be a décor by itself.  In 2019, homeowners may be scaling it back with the ornaments and art pieces. Instead, intricately detailed wall and floor tiles with repeated patterns will be all the rave. An example of patterned tiles with great craftsmanship is the 30×30 L39 which you can find below:

30x30 L39

[30×30] L39


Marble or Marble-inspired

Marble tiles will continue to dominate living spaces well into 2019 because of their timeless elegance. Thanks to industry innovations, marble has become cheaper and more long-lasting.

These type of floor tiles can easily catch anyone’s eyes which is why it is best to place them in rooms where a lot of guests can see them like the living room and the dining room.

[60X60] CL10

[60X60] CL10

Key Takeaway

Picking new floor tiles this 2019 can represent big changes and important beginnings. No matter what your preference is, there are always tile options for you to choose from. If you have a hard time, all you need is to check this list for inspiration by reading up on the expected 2019 tile trends. All of these ideal products are found in FC Tile Depot so be sure to check out our list of products here!