Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

What are some tile ideas for small bathrooms?

  1. Natural white 414
  2. Pale Green I-23E
  3. Stone-look grey P141-4
  4. Grey and white bubble pattern H-3B59912
  5. Light beige with 3D design KY3


Decorating a mini-bathroom can be tricky since you have only a limited space and quantity of materials that you have to maximize. But as with any area that presents challenges with the size, using tiles for small bathrooms is a great way to add design, color, and life.

It’s easy to just choose bland looks because you’re not really given much to work with. But did you know that having the right set of tiles can already do wonders for your small bathroom redesign?

Coming up with awe-inspiring contemporary, modern, industrial, and sleek bathroom decorations has never been easier with these tiles. From basic colors like natural white to eye-popping tiles that feature 3D patterns, here’s how you can transform your small bathroom into something beautiful, without sacrificing functionality. Read on to learn more.


Natural White

Natural White

[20×30] 414

This natural white 414 tile is the perfect choice if your bathroom sports a rectangular shape. It’s far too common for any small space to feel cramped and lack adequate lighting. If you can’t really afford to install more windows to give natural lighting, having this clean-looking tile will serve as a lovely and practical alternative.

The 414 has a glossy surface, meaning that light sources can easily bounce off the tiles when they’re applied to your walls or floors. For this look, you definitely want to contrast it with darker shades of colors — think brown, black, or grey.

For example, if you want to add a countertop, choose a small wooden version that takes up very little space, while still allowing you to add sleek ceramic drop sinks or trough-style sinks. For any vanity mirrors, choose small rounded ones that are illuminated by compact sconces or custom-built LED strip lights.


Pale green

Pale Green

[20×30] I-23E

Green is the color of nature. As such, using green tiles effortlessly exudes a calm and serene ambiance into your home. The beauty of palettes of nature is that it goes well with every shade you match it with.

If you want a fresh and spacious-looking bathroom that is neither cold nor clinic-like, add this stunning I-23E pale green tile. Its glossy surface will look best when set against crisp white bathroom fittings and other accessories with touches of nature such as plants or natural wood.


Stone-look grey

Stone Look Grey

[60×60] P141-4

Designing small bathrooms is another opportunity for you to experiment with a variety of interior looks, such as an industrial-style bathroom. The industrial design trend just gives off a raw and natural vibe with certain features like exposed brickwork, bare-bone structures, or bare concrete.

For your industrial-style mini-bathroom, a good choice would be the matte-finish, stone-look grey P141-4 tile on this list. While it also works best for your walls, a suggestion would be to have this tile on your bathroom flooring, while pairing it with a glossy white border tile that perfectly captures the essence of industrial appearances.

Aside from the walls and the floors, you also need to choose the right fixtures to complete the look. Think wall-mounted storage spaces that also double as a sink countertop, or drop pendant lighting that gives off a unique appeal for the bathroom.

If you’re adding a shower room, keep it simple — use a sliding glass door partition where you can also attach matching towel racks. As for the shower floors and walls, you may also use the same tiles for utility and design. You could also add your choice of corner shelves to place different shower room accessories that you have in mind.


Grey and White Bubble Pattern

Grey And White Bubble Pattern

[30×60] H-3B59912

This next grey and white tile on this guide offers quirky geometric shapes and figures. Featuring grey and white colors in a bubble pattern, the H-3B59912 adds another unique design for any small shower space + bathroom combo. It’s artsy and one-of-a-kind — you definitely won’t find any bathroom that has this look.

When working with patterned tiles, it’s best if you pair them with shades that are on the same pallet. Since the main colors you’ll find in this tile are white, grey, and black, choose additions and bathroom decor that are also in these colors. You could also mix and match stainless steel additions, or fixtures that come in a metallic color or finish.

Let’s say you want this tile for your shower room. Enhance its appeal by choosing sleek stainless steel showerheads, for example. You could also have shower niches built instead of the usual corner shelf, in order to maximize the small area.


Light Beige with 3D Design

Light Beige With 3d Design

[30×60] KY3

A departure from the more contemporary aura of the previous tile styles you’ve encountered so far, this light beige KY3 tile that has a unique pop-out design can make the most fitting addition to any Asian-inspired bathrooms.

The beige tone is certainly relaxing to look at, in small bathrooms that will use lighting fixtures that give off a warm white glow. To take it up a notch, try focusing on wooden elements for your sinks, mirror frames, or your towel racks. You could even add an elegant pergola just to achieve your desired outcome.


Key Takeaway

With this simple guide, you’ve discovered just some of the loveliest tiles for small bathrooms. As mentioned before, decorating a limited space isn’t really the easiest thing to do. While you may end up sacrificing features that you’d otherwise find in bigger bathrooms, these tile ideas give you an opportunity to exercise your imagination and use all the creative resources available to you.

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