5 Tile Designs That Are Great Gifts for the Holidays

What are the best tile designs to give as gifts?

  1. 20×20 Chroma Collection
  2. 40×40 Acacia Collection
  3. 40×40 Terra Collection
  4. 60×60 Industria Collection
  5. 60×60 Classic Collection


The holiday season is fast approaching, which means that it is time to get festivities with your friends and family. When it comes to holiday celebrations, there is no better place to bond than from the comfort of your own home. From enjoying all of the delicious food to catching up with different members of your family, the season is surely something to behold. The giving of gifts is a classic holiday tradition, as you give something wonderful and meaningful to the people you care about and love.

While giving some nice holiday to your friends and family is surely a sweet and sincere gesture, it can be challenging to find the ideal gift that they would surely enjoy. With so many ideas floating around, one gift that is worth considering is an excellent tile set that they can use at home.


What are the best tile design gift ideas for the holiday season?

Giving your friends or family the gift of tiles during the holiday season offers something different compared to your traditional gift ideas, as this is something that lasts a lifetime and they can use it to elevate the look of their home as well as create new designs that would really work well by the time the New Year comes. There are many tiles to choose from, all with their own set of wonderful patterns and styles. With that in mind, here are some of the best tile gift options you can give during the holiday season.


Chroma Collection

Chroma Collection

20×20 Chroma Collection

If you are looking to provide a nice splash of bright holiday-style colors to your friends or loved ones, then the Chroma 20×20 Collection is the best tile to give during the holidays. These glossy set of wall tiles offer colors that would be a great fit for places like your kitchen, making it a great backsplash idea.

If you are looking for the most festive colors in this design, you can choose Yellow (22CL3), Red (22EK1), Pink (22DQ3), and even Blue (22DM1), all of which help add more brightness and character to your interiors.


Acacia Collection

Acacia Collection

40×40 Acacia Collection

Patterned floor tiles are another great holiday tile gift idea, as they add a diverse set of designs that provide more character to a home’s flooring. A great set of patterned tiles is the Acacia 40×40 Collection. Offering a diverse set of matte and homely patterns that would look charming in places like your living room, the Acacia Collection is a wood-look set of tiles that fit a wide variety of home styles and add some extra holiday charm.

Excellent choices that would make for great holiday gifts in this collection include Aztec (F50), Blend (F49), Maple (F47), and F54, all of which are classic wood-look designs that fit just right in with the holiday spirit.


Terra Collection

Terra Collection

40×40 Terra Collection

If you are looking for a simple option that still captures the holiday festivities, the Terra 40×40 Collection provide a remarkable selection that makes for magnificent gifts as well. These matte tiles are perfect for homes that have a modern and contemporary design, providing subtlety with an extra layer of glow that makes it more dynamic.

The colors available in the Terra Collection include a nice shade of Green (403), Creme (402), and Beige (406), all of which are fitting for the holidays. If you need a quaint design to give as a gift during the holidays, the Terra Collection might just be something worth taking a look at.


Industria Collection

Industria Collection

60×60 Industria Collection

A subtle yet very classy set of tile designs that make for great holiday gifts, the Industria 60×60 Collection is another great choice. While the matte design might look simple at a glance, this minimalistic approach works well in almost any type of home design, making them very versatile. You can choose between White (L6300) and Gray (L6333), both of which offer clean contemporary designs that will look great on home floors.


Classic Collection

Classic Collection

60×60 Classic Collection

If you are looking for a more traditional yet classy set that you can give as gifts, then the Classic 60×60 Collection is your best bet. With floor tiles that can improve the look of any living room, this collection provides classic off-white and beige shades that work well in many kinds of interiors.

The best colors in this collection include Creme (CJ6001), Crest Bisque (CB26102), Blonde (CB26203), Pearl (CB26201), and Blanc (CL6B01). At times, simplicity offers the most world-class appeal.


Key Takeaway

The holidays are quickly approaching, which means that it is the ideal time to buy some gifts for your friends and loved ones. By giving them a nice set of tiles, they would be able to find a way to bring in some festive designs and colors into their homes. Click here for more selections with FC Tile Depot!