Best Tile Designs that Can Brighten Up Homes

What are the best tile designs that can help brighten up your homes?

  1. Organic and Nature Theme
  2. Uncanny Tile Designs
  3. Aged Look Tile Flooring
  4. Vintage Look Tile
  5. Decorative Ceramic Tile Rugs
  6. Hexagon Tiles


Tiles for sale can create a brighter space in your house without having to add more lights. With the use of brighter colored tiles with unique patterns, it’s possible to create an impression of having larger floor space in each of your rooms and brighter space. Here are some of the best tile designs that can help brighten up your homes!


Organic and Nature Theme

20x60 Autumn

A creative way to decorate your flooring is to make use of printed motif tiles with nature as the inspiration for its design. With bright hues like your floor theme, the reflection of your interior lights or natural light will surely brighten up your home.

Nature motif tiles will instantly capture anyone’s eye because they are far from ordinary designs and the uncommon appeal will inspire those that will step inside your home. You could do this design simply by only making use of a few flowers or complex with dozens of flowers as a base of the design. It’ll be all up to you, but it’s important to make use of bright colored designs such as the 20×60 Foliage design from the Autumn collection.


Uncanny Tile Designs

30x30 Zeno

At times, you can step out of the norm and make use of tile designs that are uncanny yet attractive. Something that is not normally used because not everyone is bold enough to make use of it. Tiles with grey taxidermy-like patterns or an asymmetric floor pattern. This post-modern approach to floor tiles brings along its own charm and sense of attractiveness.

You can make use of carpet inspired patterns for common areas such as your living room. The illusion of repetitive patterns creates the impression of a larger area and is quite pleasing to the eye. Don’t be afraid to apply anything that is out of the ordinary, as long as it works. The Zeno collection is perfect for those with a quirky design style, check out the 30×30 320T Cube.


Aged Look Tile Flooring

15x60 Nara Rustic

There’s nothing that captivates people like the charm of rustic design and places with aged looks. Making use of floor designs with an aged appearance brings forth a vibe that attracts individuals and induces a feeling of relaxation and peace. You can approach this design by installing tiles that look hand painted and laid down in sporadic fashion.

To successfully execute that aged floor tile look, it’s best to make use of ceramic tiles. Tiles for sale that look aged can be found at the center of your local tile. You can even request tiles that aren’t glossy in order to fully capture that rustic look. You could even make use of geometric patterned designs. Typical colors that are used are orange, red, light blue, white, and olive green which you can see in wood-look tiles such as the Nara collection.


Vintage Look Tile

40x40 Axis

A vintage style look may be quite similar to the aged look, but there’s a major difference between the two. The aged look doesn’t necessarily need to have a major center patchwork design, while the vintage style look makes use of this. It’s much like having a carpet because of the centerpiece floor design. Ceramic tiles can help you achieve this vintage look. Bohemian styled flooring can help you execute the vintage style look with ease.

The vintage tile look is perfect for homes with a lot of rustic furniture and light colored walls. You can make use of the white tiles surrounding the center design of the vintage look flooring. Light purple color tones can also be used to project a brighter room for those with light colored walls. If you want to get a closer look at a vintage tile, then the Axis collection would be a good place to start.


Decorative Ceramic Tile Rugs

30x30 Olympia

For those who have a lot of space in their living room and a high budget capacity, you can ditch your rug and make use of a decorative tile rug to brighten up your living room. With ceramic tiles, you can make use of porcelain tiles for the decorative tile rug design. With the reflective qualities of porcelain, you can create the impression of a bigger room with enough light that enters your living room.

Ask your trusted tile center about the Olympia collection, which includes tiles that are up to the job of brightening up a room.

Unlike rugs which are easy to replace when you want to change them and are looking for another design, decorative tile rug designs are more difficult to replace. Ensure that you have the design you really want because having to change it is labor-intensive.


Hexagon Tiles

20x23 Precious Brick Matte

Who says you have to stick to square shaped tiles when looking around at your local tile center? You can get more creative and make use of hexagon shaped tiles. In fact, you can create even more unique flooring designs with hexagon tiles. The hexagonal patterns will let you play around with more color palette mixes.

These tiles can create an impression of cool living space, and since most of them are on the lighter shade like the 20×23 Precious Brick Collection, you’ll create the illusion of having a bigger room space. The unusual tile pattern is a great playground for those who really want to get creative with the combination of tile patterns and colors.


Key Takeaway

With these tile design ideas, you can make rooms in your home brighter, look bigger, and make them look more majestic. You can turn your floor into a work of art. When applying these floor design ideas, you can get as creative as you want. It will all depend on your taste and design preference. Visit the nearest FC Tile Depot near you to see more of the best tile designs that will greatly improve the ambiance of your home.