4 Terrazzo Tile Design Ideas

What are some terrazzo tile design ideas?

  1. Modern terrazzo kitchen
  2. Terrazzo accent walls
  3. Terrazzo in a living room
  4. Relaxing terrazzo nursery room


Terrazzo tile design ideas are rising to popularity among interior enthusiasts because of their unique pattern and texture. With a resemblance to splattered paint and speckled surfaces, they create an illusion of fragments made from a variety of materials such as quartz, glass, granite, and marble. It’s clear that recreating terrazzo tile design ideas can spruce up any space in your home.

Terrazzo tiles can be used in just about any part of a home — whether in the kitchen, living room, study room, or even kid’s bedroom. If you’re looking for ways to add this vintage-inspired look to your residence, here are 4 terrazzo tile design ideas to serve as your inspiration.


Modern Terrazzo Kitchen

Modern Terrazzo Kitchen

[60X60] P129-7 + [10×30] 13UDH1

One of the best ways to design a space with terrazzo is to use it as floor tiles. Take a look at the stunning terracotta-colored kitchen in the interior above. It uses P129-7 terrazzo-look floor tiles with muted tones. If you take a closer look, the tiles are adorned with speckled glass with a confetti of hues like black, grey, beige, rust orange, and maroon, creating a contrasting yet flattering look throughout the kitchen.

When putting terrazzo flooring, it is always smart to color-match the room’s elements to the ones found in the terrazzo tile. Make sure to keep the rest of the furniture and accessories minimalist as well. For example, you can use modern pendant lights, Nordic vases, modular cabinets, and mid-century chairs to avoid ruining the space’s cohesive look. Of course, you can also use terrazzo tiles for backsplashes and countertops to create a more harmonious feel for the kitchen.

There’s a good reason why terrazzo tile designs are having a moment when it comes to interior trends. Aside from exuding a unique and chic charm, they are durable and cost-efficient. Seeing as it is a cheaper alternative to natural stone, many home designers have turned to terrazzo-look tiles to achieve the same style without breaking the budget. As they are actually made of ceramic, it’s easy to keep the flooring look spick-and-span. If it so happens that you spill food in the kitchen, all you have to do is sweep or mop the floors.


Terrazzo Accent Walls

Terrazzo Accent Walls

[60X60] P129-7

The revival of terrazzo walls has made strides in contemporary design with elegant finishes and sleek colors. For example, today’s design realm celebrates mixed styles of terrazzo tiles such as glass, marble, and granite to name a few. Terrazzo has a textured look that is sleek and modern.

If you want a modern look for your home renovation, adding terrazzo-look tiles with smaller-grain patterns like the P129-7 to your home’s walls is the no-fail choice. Who says that terrazzo tiles should be limited to flooring alone? Given their versatile looks, using them for your walls will add more visual interest to any space.

For decorating purposes, you can use any furniture and accessory with eye-catching colors. Think olive greens, aquamarines, mustard yellows, and rust oranges. The muted colors of the terrazzo tile will serve as a neutral backdrop and make the furniture or accessory pieces serve as focal points in the room.


Terrazzo in A Colorful Living Room

Terrazzo In A Colorful Living Room

[60×60] M119-4

Given that terrazzo tiles are non-porous by design; they require minimal cleaning. This is why they are used by many people for all parts of the house, especially in high foot traffic areas such as the living room.

In the interior above, the terrazzo-look tiles M119-4 were used beautifully in the bright and airy living room. The monochrome-colored fragments in the tiles perfectly complement the elements within the room’s color scheme. Everything looks balanced. The tiles are speckled with black, grey, and white hues, which does the job of creating a harmonious look in the otherwise chaotic living room.


Relaxing Terrazzo Nursery Room

Relaxing Terrazzo Nursery Room

[30×30] I-3460

As the newest member of the family, you’d want your little one to have his/her own sanctuary. ​​Thinking of how to design the nursery room? Terrazzo tiles are always a good idea. Given their design versatility, you can easily find terrazzo tiles that have a less saturated color. Using such hues makes the nursery room look brighter and sweeter — perfect for setting a calming mood for your little bundle of joy.

Choose a terrazzo-look tile like the I-3460 and decorate the room with white furniture and accessories like cribs, cabinets, baby rocking horses, and curtains to further enhance the peaceful mood.


Key Takeaway

Pursuing a home renovation or an all-new home design project? Take inspiration from these terrazzo tile design ideas that are sure to transform the look of your spaces in the best way possible!

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