Tiles for Sale in the Philippines: Things to Consider for Terrace Flooring

What are the things you need to consider for terrace flooring?

  1. Measure the area of the terrace
  2. Check for efficient tile characteristics
  3. Choose the right material


In the Philippines, tiles for sale can be used to aesthetically enhance your terrace flooring. It’s really a good thing that you can partner with a reliable tile center for all of your design needs. But before you visit one near you, it pays to know a little about the considerations you need for your terrace flooring. This article will serve as your guide for this project. Continue reading below to find out more!


Measure the area of the terrace

This is also an important consideration when you are thinking of installing tiles in your terrace. Why? Because you have to know how many tiles you should order. This can be determined by doing simple math for the area of your terrace. The first step can be done by measuring the space that you are going to cover with tiles. Afterwards, you can compute how much the entire order will cost you. With this, you can check if it’s within your budget or not.

To make this part a bit easier, you can try out our tile calculator. Click here and scroll down.


Check for efficient tile characteristics

Perhaps, the first thing you can do to get this project started is to consider all the different characteristics you need for your tile installation. For this, you must keep in mind that there are tiles perfect for a certain setting because of their characteristics. For instance, slip-resistant tiles are great for places that receive a bit of water (rain, shower, etc.).

Remember, your terrace is placed outside of your house which means that they must be able to stand forces like rain. To further understand this, please refer to the items below:


The durability of tiles should be heavily considered especially if you are expecting high foot traffic for your terrace flooring. Fortunately, you can avail durable types of tile in the market from the varieties of porcelain and ceramic. Both tiles can offer durability through their hardness and resistance to exterior conditions. Choose a type that can be invulnerable to many different elements.

Aside from this, you should also consider this characteristic to save you from replacing broken tiles in the near future.


The weather can be the antagonist that can ruin the beauty of your tiles, causing them to fade. This happens because your tiles has absorbed enough water prompting them to discolor. But you can easily remedy this by installing tiles with low water absorption capabilities.

Take note that tiles that have a tendency to highly absorb water could end up freezing and, eventually, cracking.

Slip-Resistant Surface

Even though the terrace flooring would not always be wet, it is still important to have the feature of having a slip-resistant surface. This would also ensure that you have better traction for your feet if your terrace flooring happens to be wet.

Outdoor terraces will benefit a lot from this feature; it will help you prepare for harsh weather conditions.


Choose the right material

The right tile materials for your terrace flooring will make all the difference in your tile installation. Fortunately, there are a lot of tile styles to choose from.

Before you start installing tiles to your terrace, it is important that you are knowledgeable about the wide variety of materials for this flooring option. To give you more clue, here is some more info about this:

Ceramic tiles

If you are watching your budget and you want something a little more affordable, ceramic tiles are what you are looking for. But don’t be fooled by the price of these tiles because ceramic tiles are both stylish and functional, which is exactly what you need for your terrace flooring.

For the design, you can opt for natural stone-inspired tiles that are perfect for outdoor patios and terraces. If you prefer, you may even choose flagstone, brick, and gravel-inspired tiles in 3D textures. You can check out FC’s Bohemian and Cobblestone collection for you to have some ideas. Click here to check out our entire product catalog.


One of the options you have to consider for your terrace is clay tile flooring. It is a favorable alternative to the more prominent styles in the market. Choose according to your preference but this type of material is flexible enough to cater to your taste in design.

Natural stones

For those who like earthy tones for their flooring option, natural stones can provide this for you. This tile material can come in different size, shape, and color so you can choose one that you love best.


Key Takeaway

These are the things you need to consider for your terrace’s floor tile installation. Looking for a reliable tile center? FC Tile Depot has your back in the entire duration of the project. We will gladly assist you from beginning to end!