Summer Living Room Themes

What are some of the summer living room themes you can use to design your home?

1. The Tropical Look
2. Nautical Colors
3. Pastel and Natural Light
4. Mexican Influence
5. Clean and Simple


It’s summer and the heat is something that many of us want to stay away from. But there’s no escaping it; the best way to tackle the problem of heat is to accept it and enjoy the climate by designing your living room to go hand in hand with the season. In the Philippines, your floor tiles and walls may be reconstructed or simply retouched.

Here are a few summer living room themes for your home:


The Tropical Look

The Tropical Look

Living in the tropics means that your summers will be scorching hot and you’d want to get as much air flowing through your house as possible. Bringing in plants and opening up more windows will help you cool your living room down and ensure that you can rest in relaxation without having to soak yourself with your electric fan’s air.

To redesign your living room with a tropical expression, you can opt for taller windows that can draw more light into your living and when open, air can easily flow through and cool the whole room. In the corners, place tropical plants to truly encapsulate the image of living in a tropical nature and add a dash of life to your room.

When it comes to the walls, you can repaint them white and make use of dark floor tiles. In the Philippines it may be difficult to come across dark wood flooring due to its price. If you want dark wood flooring without having to spend too much, you could opt for ceramic floor tiles that mimic the look of dark wood like the 20×100 Timber Rustic Collection.


Nautical Colors

Nautical Colors

Making use of blue colors in your living room can be applied to your sofa, couch, rug, and other ornaments to accentuate parts of your room. Creating an impression of the sky and the sea in your living room will induce a relaxing ambiance and the feel of living along the coast. You can have your own mini beach house in your own living room, with a nautical theme.

There’s nothing more refreshing and calming to the eye than the color blue. Making use of cool shades may be tricky when dedicating a theme to one whole room. It’s essential to find the right shade of blue, a good thing that there is the Aura collection to choose from.

If your living room is predominantly white, you can make use of the natural hue with lighter shades that imitate the color of the sky or sea. With darker walls, you could opt for a hue that’s closer to green and a tad bit darker. It’s essential to make a statement with solid expressions of blue hue but never overdo it. Finding the right balance of colors is key, this will highly depend on the size of your living room.


Pastel and Natural Light

Pastel And Natural Light

Freshen up your living room with pastel colored walls and larger windows. You could have taller or wider windows, what’s essential is to draw in more light into your living space to create the illusion of a larger living room and add more life into the artsy colors that encapsulate the room.

You can’t deny that pastel colors will always be attractive and draw the attention of anyone who lays their eyes on it. Pastel colors – or almost any hue – truly come to life when nature’s light reflects on their surface. Pastel colors such as pink and turquoise are perfect for couches and sofas and are incredibly stunning to create that ocean view theme.

When making use of pastel colors and oversized windows, wooden console tables and a wooden framed coffee table are perfect additions to complement your living room’s grand summer theme.


Mexican Influence

Mexican Influence

Porcelain tiles in the Philippines are a top choice of flooring, it’s an easy pick; on the other hand, choosing the right summer themed living room may not be as simple. If you want to nail a theme that is perfect for the blazing heat of the tropics, going Mexican may be the best choice.

Choosing a Mexican theme may be quite tricky as the style and color choices are vast. But a tip that we would like to share is to stick with a majority of warm colors and add a dash off cool colors for accents. For your couches, you can purchase throw pillows with several plain colors or those with intricate Mexican design patterns.

Dark wood furniture is the way to go if you want to complete the Mexican look. But nothing finishes the look with walls painted reddish brown or yellowish brown. If you would rather choose tiles with the same color, then check out the 40×40 Hardwood collection.


Clean and Simple

Clean And Simple

With minimal and strategically placed furniture, you can enjoy a more spacious living room. Having a clean and simple living room theme will make for a more relaxing place to be. This is best with tall windows and light curtains. What you’ll have with this theme is a classic beach cottage design.

Keeping things clean and simple and having a living room with a laid back style speaks of comfort and relaxation. That’s all everyone could ever want in the summer. Achieving a clean and simple theme, you could make do with a lot of furniture and only keep what is essential, a coffee table, a sofa, and a few chairs. White walls and white sofa covers are easy on the eyes and give off a calm vibe.


Key Takeaway

There’s no doubt that the heat of the season may lead you to hibernate in the confines of your air-conditioned room. But with a summer themed living room, you can enjoy the natural breeze of the air and the rays of the sun. You’ll have the vibe of the coast right in your own home. From fancy bathroom porcelain tiles in the Philippines to bright walls in the living room, the finer details for these themes will be up to you.

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