Stylish Home Applications for Vinyl Tiles in the Philippines

What are the stylish home applications for vinyl tiles?

  1. Speckled gray vinyl tiles in the bedroom
  2. Blue patterned vinyl in the dining room
  3. Home office with tile borders and accents
  4. Faux stone vinyl bathroom floor
  5. Classic checkerboard kitchen floor design
  6. Faux hardwood kitchen flooring


Vinyl flooring is one of the best options for many homeowners around the world and in the Philippines. Vinyl tiles are durable and resilient especially since they are stain and water resistant. They also have versatility in design, which means you can install them almost anywhere without worrying about them clashing with your chosen interior.

For those who are looking for some examples of stylish home and office vinyl tile applications to get inspired from, then you’re in luck because we’ve listed some below. Continue reading to learn more!

Speckled Gray Vinyl Tiles in the Bedroom

[60×60] M90-7

Speckled Gray Vinyl Tiles in the Bedroom

Speckled gray vinyl tiles are a right combination of sophisticated and simple.

They are seemingly simplistic at first but its accents of a speckled pattern are what makes it a distinct application to your room. This vinyl tile application will find a home in your master bedroom. Having this design in your home provides a visual interest that gives depth and character to your floor without being too loud in its design.

The speckled surface also makes for a flexible ease-of-maintenance feature because this will help in hiding small blotches of dirt and minor blemishes in the floor. You should also consider installing this in the bathroom (adjacent to the room) to provide a sense of consistency for this design.


Blue Patterned Vinyl in the Dining Room

Shades of blue tend to be easy on the eyes. The visitors who will dine with you will surely have no problems taking in sight of your dining room. Plus, vinyl tiles are a great choice because they are scratch resistant, minimalizing the scratches your flooring would likely receive from the chairs.

For this home application, you could feature contrasting shades of blue set in a random pattern and then accent it with bright colors at intervals in your dining room. If you are going for a darker shade of blue tones for your flooring, you should soften the room’s color scheme by going with light tone for your walls. The effect that this design gives to the room provides a whimsical and comfortable feeling that would maximize your space efficiently.

Home Office with Tile Borders and Accents

[60×60] M69

Home Office with Tile Borders and Accents

Your home office should give off an atmosphere of authority and productivity for whoever steps foot in it. With this, floor tiles composed of neutral tan colors bordered by specks of gray in its perimeter would be the best option. The contrasting frame will make the floor area look a little lighter and brighter. The tan tones of the [30×30] 3443 Stripped Wood Dark is an example of this.

[30x30] 3443 Stripped Wood Dark

For another option in vinyl tile application for your home office, you should also look into the wood-look vinyl because it also looks good in a home office or art room. Both options are easy to clean. With a damp mop as your weapon, you will see that your vinyl tile application would still look brand new even after some time.


Faux Stone Vinyl for Bathroom Floor

Faux stone vinyl tiles maximize a room’s appearance and even elevate it with a nice design. Tile providers can easily print out various designs, including natural stones—allowing you to achieve the rustic look you are aiming for.

With the engineering design that is put into this tile option, you would be fooled by how natural it can look like. The faux stone vinyl for your bathroom floor serves as a great installation for the illusion it brings to the floor. Also, you should remember that vinyl flooring is perfect in a bathroom because it resists water and it does not make you uncomfortable underfoot.

Classic Checkerboard Kitchen Floor Design

[60×60] LM6680 & LM6683

Classic Checkerboard Kitchen Floor Design

You can never go wrong with traditional tile designs and this black-and-white checkerboard flooring is a great example for this.

Using this application for your kitchen will be the reason for the enhanced personality of the room. The contrast between two colors influences balance, creating a neutral surface for the floor.

Although this has been adopted by many homes, it is still a visually appealing application especially when your kitchen features hold white and slate gray tones.

Tip: Prevent a dull design by injecting bright colors like yellow to enhance the mood of the room.


Faux Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

Another idea for a kitchen application, the hardwood vinyl kitchen flooring is both elegant and subtle. Vinyl is a great addition to any kitchen since it is durable and boasts a lot of ease-of-maintenance features.

Our FC Tile Depot team can provide you with the [30×30] 3382 Palo Light for this application.

[30x30] 3382 Palo Light

The faux hardwood floor makes for a clean look for your kitchen, doing wonders in your home design. You can further utilize this design by injecting pieces that will enhance the surface details of it all. As such, this would efficiently provide a great character for your kitchen.


Key Takeaway

Stylish home applications are best with vinyl tiles in the Philippines. In the roster of floor tiles for sale, vinyl remains as a top choice because of its functionality and overall look. Homeowners should find ways to maximize this style especially with the trends and classic looks that this tile style provides.

Here in FC Tile Depot, vinyl tiles are our forte. Contact us to learn more about their advantages and how they can enhance your home’s personality!