Styling Tips for Vinyl

What are the styling tips for vinyl tiles?

  1. Diagonal Patterned Vinyl
  2. Wood-Look Vinyl
  3. Vinyl Flooring for Your Living Room
  4. Patterned Vinyl


Vinyl tiles are a popular material that is affordable yet durable to incorporate into your flooring. It is a material that is synthetically manufactured, popularly used in high traffic areas that expect a lot of wear and tear such as commercial spaces, or even in the kitchen and bathrooms of households. One of the most enjoyable things about utilizing this material for any space is that it comes in a vast array of styles. If you’re seeking ways to involve vinyl, we’re here to help you to find the latest and greatest vinyl styling tips for your space.


Diagonal Patterns

Diagonal Patterns

One of the most commendable aspects of vinyl tiles is that they are convenient and versatile. They are easier to mold compared to ceramic and stone. Although it is highly suggested to contact a professional to cut these patterns and lay them out on your space, almost anyone can cut these tiles to fit.

Vinyl tiles are perfect for laying in patterns or certain angles across the floor. Be creative with these tiles! A diagonal tile pattern for your space will capture anyone’s eye and shine a light on your flooring. This offset pattern will add uniqueness and perspective to your space.


Wood-Look Vinyl

Wood Look Vinyl

Because of the versatility of vinyl, it’s no surprise that this material can mimic your favorite flooring styles. If you’re opting for a wood look to your flooring, you presumably recognize the process of how this type of flooring is installed. Most wood floors are polished with a thick coating of plastic. Vinyl flooring, obtaining plastic material, can be made with photographic images of real wood. Luxury vinyl plank is flooring that mimics wood perfectly. This type of vinyl is significant in quality and offers excellent visual effects. There will always be a vinyl version of just all the wood species out there.

If you want to achieve a wood look in your space vinyl tiles are suitable and perfect alternatives to provide you the solid hardwood look that you want. Whichever wood style that you prefer, FC Tile Depot offers an extensive collection of vinyl flooring that resembles hardwood. Any style you choose will not only bring you long-lasting beauty to your home but also prove your durability and a cost-effective solution for your dream flooring.


Vinyl Flooring for Your Living Room

Vinyl Flooring For Your Living Room

Almost everyone is seeking ways to make their living rooms look luxurious and spacious without having to break the bank. One of the most simplified ways to achieve this look is by using dark-colored vinyl flooring. If you’ve decided to incorporate vinyl flooring in large, open spaces much like your living room, choose dark-colored vinyl flooring. The spacious look for your home provided by deep colors of vinyl flooring will make a just as beautiful and a practical alternative to the expensive solutions. As mentioned, vinyl flooring is known to mimic any style almost perfectly.

Add a sense of sophistication and elegance to your space with a dark-colored vinyl floor that delivers a cost-effective solution without having to sacrifice quality.


Patterned Vinyl

Patterns offer multiple variations suitable for rectangular tiles. You also have the opportunity to be creative with this styling tip. This will create an effect on a distinct space. Patterned flooring is a unique and modern way to include dimensions and enhance your floor.

No matter what style you opt for in your vinyl tile, you’ll find that patterned flooring can be an easy way to make a statement for your space. If you are opting to style this on your own, it can be trickier than most styles, but its outcome will definitely make a profound impact. You can enhance this traditional and timeless pattern by including vintage-style furniture to your space or modernize it with metallics for a minimalistic approach.


Key Takeaway

Vinyl flooring has long been a favorite not only in households but also for commercial spaces. It is very much durable, affordable, and can offer a wide range of patterns and styles to choose from. You can easily recreate your dream aesthetic for your space. Be creative and make the most out of these vinyl styling tips for your space.

Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain when installed properly. These floors may range from five to fifteen years if taken care of and installed well. Are you ready to lay out these patterns to extenuate the look of your flooring? Discover more because FC Tile Depot offers a wide range of high-quality collections here!