Choosing the Perfect Tiles for Sale for Your Stairs

What are the things you have to remember in choosing the perfect tiles for your stairs?

  1. Consider tile application carefully
  2. Think about visual continuity
  3. Choose the right tile colors
  4. Make safety a priority
  5. Think about the view from the lower level
  6. Be on the lookout for great tile patterns


Using tiles for sale is one of the best ways to design your home. Given its versatile texture, shapes, and colors, it can easily transform the look of any space. You have probably paid close attention to the style of your living room tiles and spent countless hours picking the bathroom floor tiles, but have you thought about your stairs?

Laying tiles on the stairs is a good opportunity to spruce up any dull home. And while often overlooked, the stairs might be one of the most important parts of any household. It is a structure that gets people from one floor to another and in some cases, the first thing people see when they step on your doorstep.

So read the simple guide below to help you choose the perfect tiles for your stairway — one is not only for aesthetics but for functionality as well!


Consider tile application carefully

When you choose to install tiles on your stairs, you need to pay attention to the difference in tile sizes, colors, and patterns. Think about its suitability to your design requirements and whether or not it would be a perfect fit for your home improvement choices.

Keep in mind that tiles can come in countless color and pattern choices. While it may be tempting to just go for any design that comes to mind, it would be best to consider the application carefully.

To ensure maximum durability and longevity, find tile styles according to their function.

For example, if you have numerous family members, ceramic or porcelain tiles would be ideal because these can withstand heavy foot traffic. To add to that, these tiles have better water resistance.


Think about visual continuity

Think About Visual Continuity

When choosing tiles for stair floors, it is important to pay attention to visual continuity as well. Think about how it would look with the rest of your home design. Most homeowners fail to take a look collectively and sometimes, end up with clashing textures and colors.

Tiles are typically used to increase the aesthetic appeal of visual tools from one space to the next. Arguably, staircases play a significant role in improving the appeal of your home.

If you want to infuse a cohesive look, you may want to use the same tiles on the stair’s walls and floor. Using slabs of marble-look tiles for both the floors and walls will look effortlessly luxurious. But, if you want to add a dramatic flair, you can mix things up with multi-colored tiles. Perhaps you want to bring the outdoors in? Then you’ll want to use the same tiles that lead to the garden.


Choose The Right Colors

One of the most important elements in setting up the theme of your home is your choice of color. Make sure you incorporate the right colors for your stairs to bring out a particular mood for your home. Here are a few tips when it comes to hues:

  • Pure white tiles can look bright and spacious.
  • Grey or black colored tiles will add boldness to your space. These are ideal for busy homes because they hide dirt and skid marks.
  • Beige and wood-look tiles are the safe bets for a relaxed ambiance.
  • If you want to add luxury and sophistication, then you need to pick a marble-look tile.
  • Colorful tiles will make the stair become a great focal point, provide that you match it well with the other elements of the home.

Paying attention to visual continuity means that you have to make sure that the tiles you choose would complement the rest of your home. Know that the different tile styles would not always go with your preference so you have to pick one that will complete the visual and functional requirements in your space.


Make safety a priority

Make Safety A Priority

While bare stairs can be appealing, installing tiles for your stairs would make them even more beautiful and easier to clean. Keep in mind that in choosing tiles as a flooring option, it would be best to consider their level of safety. This is especially important if there are toddlers in the family.

In order to know which tiles are ideal for this type of installation, you can ask your tile experts for more information. They should be able to give you some options to choose from. Vinyl and porcelain tiles are typically anti-slip and would ensure the safety of everyone who will go up and down your stairway.


Think about the view from the lower level

You can show your commitment to aesthetics by giving importance to the view from the bottom of your stairs. You can do this by weighing out your tile design options according to their ability to match the visual capacity of the area surrounding it.

Tip: Choose one pattern according to your preference. But you must take into account that your selected tiles should complement the rest of the room.


Be on the lookout for great tile patterns

Whether you want to have a modern or vintage tile installation, you have to know that you can maximize this design by looking into the patterns that are essential for this application. Style patterns such as herringbone, marble, mosaic, ceramic tile décor, or porcelain are suitable choices. You can refer to this type of design as an example:

[60x60] M67

[60×60] M67

If you are not well-versed with the various tiling styles, you can always do a short research online or you can ask your tile center about them.


Key Takeaway

Tiles can also be used as a way to beautify your stairs. Utilize them to make an otherwise ‘boring’ space in your home totally interesting!

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