4 Small Kitchen Decor Ideas

What are some small kitchen decor ideas?

  1. Add an eat-in kitchen island
  2. Opt for all-neutral colors
  3. Go all out with the backsplash design
  4. Invest in storage solutions


Being short on square footage should never inhibit your ability to recreate the best small kitchen decor ideas. It can be hard to have a small kitchen — especially for those living in apartments or condos. But, you might be surprised at how a small kitchen design can benefit you by saving space and by being less expensive to remodel.

Sprucing up your cooking space, both functionally and aesthetically, is just a few creative ideas away. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 4 small kitchen decor ideas. Whether you’re renovating or starting from scratch, you can read on to help maximize your space.

Add an Eat-In Kitchen Island

Add An Eat In Kitchen Island

[60×60] M80

Many people have been so accustomed to having a long dining table combined with multiple kitchen counters that it is easy to ignore the alternatives. However, not every home will have enough room for a kitchen table. If you want to maximize your cooking space, you can rethink your kitchen floor plan and open up more square footage by having an eat-in kitchen island.

From being the go-to place for prepping meals quicker to double functioning as a dining area, adding an eat-in kitchen island is one of the best decor ideas that enhances the functionality of small kitchens. Take inspiration from the photo above.

Four-sided and moderately sized, this new eat-in island not only provides more space, but it’s also a beautiful addition that matches the flooring. The kitchen features cement-look flooring tiles and a dark brown tiled eat-in island, creating a sleek and clean look.


Opt for All-Neutral Colors

Opt For All Neutral Colors

[30X60] Milan10


Color is always a key element in home design as it dictates the atmosphere of each room. Choosing the right colors can brighten up any part of a home and create a relaxing environment. When choosing a color scheme for your small kitchen, always select neutral colors as they tend to make spaces look airier and spacious.

Neutral shades like white, beige, and grey add a sense of simplicity, minimalism, and calm to your kitchen. This is why they’re a great option for flooring, wall tiles, kitchen counters, cabinets, and even kitchen backsplashes.

If you can’t buy all the tiles for sale with a neutral color, you can just stick with two, one for your walls and another floors. An example you can choose from is the Milan tile collection like the Milan10 in Graphic White. Complemented by minimalist accents, the all-white kitchen decor above makes use of Milan tile which creates a cohesive ambiance instead of appearing cluttered.


Go All Out with The Backsplash Design

Go All Out With The Backsplash Design

[30×30] 3885P + W-04

You don’t have a lot of spaces to adorn in your small kitchen. This is when they are available, the backsplash is the area you must design to look stunning.

Kitchen backsplashes are designed to protect the counter walls from cooking mishaps like spilled liquids and other food stains. While not many see the kitchen backsplash as an avenue for design, this is where the decor focus on small kitchens should be. They can be adorned in a way that instantly catches eyes.

So whether you find a tile for sale with a lavish marble texture or a glistening glass mosaic looks, like the W-04, chances are they’re perfect for your small kitchen.


Invest in Storage Solutions

Invest In Storage Solutions

[60×60] P109-4 + [60X120] Y1GL24GE

Storage solutions are the best space-saving solutions. And thankfully, kitchen furnishing manufacturers are providing smart storage solutions for problematic, limited-spaced kitchens as well. For example, filler cabinets with sliders can now store utensils and spices. Another excellent decor idea you can try is to install pantry cabinets and other kitchen cabinets that reach the ceiling.

In this small kitchen photo, a good amount of space is saved with the tall modern pantry cabinets. You can also invest in custom base cabinets that have built-in stoves.


Key Takeaway

In this article are just some small kitchen decor ideas. From stylish backsplashes to eat-in kitchen islands, these styles can inspire you for sprucing your cooking space.

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