Shower Ideas for Tiny Homes

What are shower ideas for tiny homes?

  1. Adding A Splash of Color
  2. Blend Wall and Floor Colors
  3. Maximizing The Use of Tiles
  4. Mosaic Tiles


There are several ideas on how you can establish a visually appealing space with practical and convenient functions through shower tile designs, color palettes, and space awareness. Bathrooms are packed with pieces of hardware, equipment, and interiors in just one room. For some homes with just a limited amount of space to work with, it can be quite challenging to think of ideas to incorporate to your showers, especially if you have a specific idea plotted out in your mind. We’re here to tell you that it’s not impossible. Even the smallest of spaces can be worked on with a little creative thinking. After including one of these designs, the dimension of your room would be completely unnoticeable.


Adding A Splash of Color

Spacious Bathroom With Creative Design

It’s likely for people to expect that they’re restricted to only one design and motif for compact spaces, however, this is not the case. There are countless options to include a touch of design to any space, showers included. Depending on your personal preference, you can include any kind of design you want from patterns, accents, and colors.

Spice up your shower space by incorporating a touch of color to your walls. If the idea of adding color may be too overwhelming for you, you can opt for an accent wall to constitute a strong focal point.

When it comes to adding color to space and creating focal points, consider keeping the other surfaces neutral to balance it out. Eye-catching walls tend to draw attention, and because of this, the dimension of your room will be concealed. You can even select walls with added texture for a more showstopper piece.


Blend Wall and Floor Colors

Blend Wall And Floor Colors

If you’re not a fan of contrasting your spaces with color, there’s nothing to worry about because blending out your spaces with one specific color palette is equally as essential for minimal and limited spaces. When you are only given a restricted dimension to work with, combining wall and floor colors can make your room appear more spacious. But it fully depends on the color that you select. Choosing white and light colors will immensely transform the look of your shower space.

Since there is no dividing factor, you and your guests will interpret this as one larger and more spacey room. Employ white and light colors to your advantage when choosing your shower interiors because it complements almost all the colors out there. People who are fond of luxury and classy ambiance can additionally use this tip for imitating a spa-like, chic atmosphere by using large white tiles or even marble-look tiles.


Maximizing The Use of Tiles

Maximizing The Use Of Tiles

Optimize your efficiency with the use of tiles in your shower space. Incorporating tiles offers a multitude of advantages for virtually any room, most especially for bathrooms. Tiles not only transform your spaces visually but, they are also durable, water-resistant, cost-efficient, easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. In addition, tiles come in a wide range of colors, designs, textures, and finishes.

You can immediately tell how much your showers can benefit from these advantages. Make your shower the least of your worries in your home by including tiles to your walls, backsplashes, and floorings. Since you are not limited to one design for this versatile material, now is the time to get creative and execute your ideas for your space. For some, showers represent their serene and tranquil area, one idea to accomplish this is through wood-look tiles. They provide the best tile advantages without breaking the bank. This is also where you can play with tile sizes because they carry out an impact as to how this space will look like. If you’re installing wall tiles to your showers, think of large, rectangular tiles to create a singular backdrop.


Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles are arguably the most decorative material you can use for your home. Not only does it contain the benefits of tiles, but it is visually appealing and has a design like no other. It comes in various sizes, patterns, colors you can choose from and you will surely find something catered to your liking. No matter what the dimensions of your showers are, adding mosaic tiles offer luminosity and depth and will provide your shower with the most unique design.


Key Takeaway

Small spaces and limited dimensions to work with can look challenging to design and provide the best materials for anyone. However, these tips prove that no matter what size you are given for your space, with the use of shower tile designs, patterns, colors, and placement of hardware, you can achieve the best look and equally provide convenience. Visit the nearest FC Tile Depot to check out more world-class designs!