How to Make Your Bedroom Look Scandinavian with Tiles for Sale

How can you make your bedroom look Scandinavian with tiles for sale?

  1. Remind people of the outdoors
  2. Make it simple with neutral colors
  3. Make wood a priority
  4. Brighten the room with white
  5. Dusty blues make it feel like home


Scandinavian is becoming popular in 2019 as a design trend for furniture and even tiles for sale because it reminds people to relax by making their space minimalist in the most artistic way as possible. It promotes the value of minimalism because instead of stuffing the space in fancy decorations or features, Scandinavian designs will put comfort at its forefront.

Thus, to make the bedroom as simplistic-looking as possible, it is a great idea to pick tiles for sale that speak of the colors Scandinavian homeowners prefer.  Here are some design tips!


Remind people of the outdoors

For Scandinavian people, greenery should always be mandatory in their homes. You will see a lot of indoor plants, such as cactus and shrubs. Additionally, their love for nature is also quite deep, because these people prioritize eco-friendliness and this love makes them add fixtures to their house which help fight climate change like ground source heat pumps.

1. Remind people of the outdoors

While you do not have to plan a house that is as closely connected with nature as the Scandinavians, adding very earthy designs to the bedroom of the house you are building will always bring more life to space.

A good way to do this is by looking at the Landscape line of wall tiles. Two of the best are WP3304 Lily [30×30 cm] and WP3134 Foliage [30×30 cm] because the images of leaves are very reminiscent of nature which suitably fits the theme as well.

[30x30] WP3044 Water Lily
[30×30] WP3044 Water Lily
[30x30] WP3134 Amy-Verde
[30×30] WP3134 Amy Verde


Make it simple with neutral colors

A Scandinavian design’s color palette concerns itself with neutral colors, and its tones include grey, charcoal, beige, white, and gold basketry. They seem to love these shades because it seems to speak the characteristics of their personalities; muted, simplistic, and calm.

When it comes to adding the Scandinavian color palette to a bedroom, you don’t have to buy all the tiles for sale in all those shades at your nearby store. You can just stick with two, one for your walls and floors. An example you can choose from is the Grey Timber tile line like the 20×100 AI210 Moss.

[20x100] AI210
[20×100] AI210

Make wood a priority

Make Wood a Priority

Hardwood floors are another common sight in Scandinavian homes. It seems to be well-loved because it has an interesting texture and adds some warmth to a primarily simplistic and cool-colored home.

Additionally, since wood floors at tile center have quite a visually appealing look on their own, it allows architects to choose decorations sparingly. With this, Wood floors become the main priority.

Good wood tiles you can install in your home are from the Nara floor tile line, particularly 15×60 I-AI020 Neutra Oak and 15×60 AI023 Burnt Ochre.

15X60 I-AI020 Neutra Oak
[15X60] I-AI020

15X60 I-AI023
[15X60] I-AI023

Brighten the room with white

It may seem ironic but white fixtures can really brighten up the room. This is probably because of its ability to highlight room decorations easily especially if these items are colorful. When Scandinavian people don’t feel like installing wooden flooring, they will most likely go with white ones instead. They go even one step ahead with their love of white, by adding shelves and furniture of the same color.

For them, having a predominately white home makes their space brighter. They live in quite a cloudy area, thus they rarely put curtains and this allows light to enter their space.

Illuminate your bedroom further with these tiles: 20×60 S270-0 and 20×60 26W-0 White Haze.

[20x60] S270-0
[20×60] S270-0
[20X60] 26W-0 white haze
[20X60] 26W-0

Dusty blues make it feel like home

While Scandinavians stick with neutrals and white, they make an exception for dusty blue. Blue is bright without being overpowering and adds a calm air to any bedroom.

It also reminds them of the very cold nights and snowy Nordic environment of their country.

30x30 170T Roma-Blue
[30×30] 170T
With dusty blue, you can have a pop of color which does not distract or ruin the overall minimalism of your Scandinavian bedroom. You can add a pop of blue by getting the 170T Roma Blue [30×30 cm] tile from the Aura line at your nearby tile center.


Key Takeaway

FC Tiles allows your bedroom design to have an identity of its own by offering quality products from optimal design trends. For example, Scandinavian-looking wall and floor tile options. By making colors such as neutral shades and white become the focus of the room, you are being practical for design. Let yourself relax with the simplistic vibe of the bedroom you are designing and just allow the room to speak for itself. See more of our products here!