Best Retro Philippine Tile Styles You’ll Love

What are the best retro Philippine tile styles you’ll love?

  1. Classic Black and White Combo
  2. Basket Weave Pattern
  3. Solid Colored Tiles
  4. Herringbone Pattern
  5. Rustic Tiles
  6. Victorian Tiles


When it comes to tiles in the Philippines, the most popular styles in tile centers are those that are traditional in nature. Imagine going back to your childhood home after not seeing it for a long time and you still see the same old tile floors you have come to know. Isn’t it nostalgic? Wouldn’t you want your home to have the same feeling?

If you answer ‘yes,’ then know that there are several retro styles you can adapt for your home tile installation. To get more ideas about this, you may continue reading below.


Classic Black and White Combo

Minimalist at best, the classic black and white combo is one of the best retro styles for tiles here in the Philippines. This is commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

You can select this design to fulfill a clean and sleek look as this color combination succeeds in providing depth for the room. Black and white colors exude elegance which is probably why their chic quality has been known to grace many homes in the country. You can achieve this look by combining FC Tile Depot’s 30×30 P01 tile:

30x30 P01 tile


Basket Weave Pattern

[40×40] A44 Agave

Basket Weave Pattern

The basket weave pattern screams retro!

Normally, the basket weave pattern is achieved by using rectangular tiles laid next to each other to form a square with alternating horizontal and vertical orientations. See below:

basket weave

To get this added twist without the hassle, some tile designs already have this pattern already printed on the surface so no need to go through the extra work — simply lay it out on your floor using tiles like FC Tile Depot’s 40×40 A44:

40x40 A44

The vintage tiles form a personality in itself using the illusion that the tiles are woven over and under each other like a basket. The linear look and shape of the basket weave pattern is the style that many homeowners have come to love. It presents a soft and subtle feel to the floor which is what you would want if you are gunning for that laidback look.


Solid Colored Tiles

When it comes to tile patterns and layout ideas, installing solid colored tiles are usually underestimated and written off as basic. However, this is not always true. In fact, solid colored tiles add pizzazz to a room because of its consistency in design.

Selecting the right color is integral to make this installation an aesthetically pleasing one. With these types of tiles, you can even have the freedom to combine them as you please. The solid colored tile patterns can provide much allowance to inject creativity to your installation so you should take advantage of this by considering the many styles available in our tile center.

Herringbone Pattern

[30×30] L33 Gizmo wood

Herringbone Pattern

Usually found in outdoor applications like gardens, patios, or hallways, the herringbone pattern became a retro tile style because of its character. The tiles form a “V” which acts like an arrow pointing to a designated direction.

The arrangement of rectangular tiles falls within a balance that makes the style a sharp application of the materials. It is aptly named herringbone because it closely resembles the bones of the forage fish, Herring.

The style forms a broken up zigzag pattern which adds a complex design to your home. Install the herringbone pattern if you want to have a unique but classic tile design as your flooring installation.


Rustic Tiles

These types of tiles provide a natural-style ambiance to your home by achieving nature’s palpable texture like that of wood or natural stone. Those who like designs that give off a nature-friendly vibe, the rustic tiles will be the essential choice for their interior design.

Natural elements add a timeless look to your design because its structural and aesthetical integrity is never outdated. Know the best types of rustic tiles and incorporate it as you see fit; consider the other elements in the room where you are going to install rustic tiles so you can see how it can add the character of your design.

Victorian Tiles

[20×20] MC06 Classic Nero

Victorian Tiles

Victorian tiles are what you should choose if you want to have a regal floor installation for your home. The traditional style makes any home resemble a castle fit for kings and queens. These types of tiles originated in the 1800s and its classic shapes still hold a prominent place in the tile industry.

Victorian tiles come in different patterns like a checkerboard, geometric, and patterned tiles among others. Install them at your home to inject that a royal atmosphere!


Key Takeaway

Retro tile designs have never left the area of interest for most homeowners and interior designers. Their timelessness and flexibility promote their capabilities in design. It’s a good thing that FC Tile Depot provides a wide range of traditional and retro tile choices which will be the best fit for your home’s look. See our list of products here and give your floors the style it deserves!