What to Ask Your Tile Installer About Floor Tiles in the Philippines

What do you need to ask your tile setter regarding floor tiles in the Philippines?

  1. Will they be able to do a tile laying or dry-lay?
  2. What are the materials they will use?
  3. How would they envision the installation to look in the end?
  4. How long will your chosen tile last?
  5. How should you take care of the tiles after they have been installed?


Planning on a new installation for floor tiles in the Philippines requires you to work closely with tile suppliers and tile installers. In order to make sure that things will go without a hitch, it is a great idea to plan out the process of the whole installation. It is only natural to ask questions especially if it is for the better. To be on top of a well-designed tile installation, you have to take charge of the responsibility of maintaining the structural and design integrity of the floor tiles.

Professional tile-installers will not disappoint you, but you can take it upon yourself to be knowledgeable about the tiles that they are using and what methods they are employing to ensure that your flooring option is the best possible option.

Take a look at these tips to know if a tile installation is most suitable for your home or business establishment:

Ask if they can do a dry-lay

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Ask if they can do a dry-lay

Before diving in to proceed with the installation, having a trial on how the tiles will look in your floor is a great way to know if it works with the rest of the elements in your home.

Ask your tile-setter if you can do a dry-lay so you can see the outcome and the aesthetic visual that the floor tiles can provide. The shapes and patterns can also give you a clear idea on how the tiles should be cut. This can also prevent risky decisions involving the installation, such as choosing the size and the grout color.

If you set up a dry-lay with your tile installer, then this will help in further planning the design potential of the tile.


The materials that they are using

It is important that you know what materials your tile setter is using because this will present you with some peace of mind; you can trust them to do your tile installation properly.

If they give you materials that are cheap to use, chances are your tiles will not be properly set. There is also an additional personal benefit to this; you can learn how to do a DIY floor installation from your tile setter for your future projects.

Ask them about what they kind of tiles they can suggest to be installed in your room: Is it porcelain, vinyl, or ceramic tile?

There are so many selections you can choose from. For instance, FC Tiles Depot has tiles from RAK Ceramics, which won Wall and Floor Tile of the Year Awards. One of the choices you can opt for is the [20×23] A23SZCBR-BE0-M2U:

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[60×60] CB6113

How they envision the installation to look

Asking your tile setter how they can envision the floor tiles to look after the process of installation will be a great way of anticipating its outcome. The answer could also help you finalize your tile choice.

Before proceeding with the installation, it helps that you know how it is going to look in your room and professional tile-setters can help you in forming a picture of the product when it is fully set. This can help you perform preventive maintenance in terms of design and purpose which can benefit your floor tile installation


The durability of your chosen floor tile

Keep in mind that tiles vary in this department. For instance, ceramic tiles are more durable than vinyl tiles. This kind of information sure is handy before you decide to install a certain tile to your home or property. By learning about this, you can also employ proper maintenance techniques to ensure they will last a long time.

How to take care of the tiles

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How to take care of the tiles

As a responsible homeowner, you should also ask questions about how you can take care of the tiles. Things like grout sealing, polish maintenance of surface, and even basic cleaning techniques are things you should know about.

Tiles can deliver the benefit of being a long-lasting floor installation but this will also depend on how you take care of them. Even if it requires less maintenance than most flooring options, you still need to be mindful of how it needs to be maintained.


Key Takeaway

In order to have the best tile installation, you must be pretty aware of the entire process. Your tile-setter can greatly help you with this and it doesn’t hurt that you can gain more knowledge with your experience with them.

FC Tile Depot is always ready to answer your queries regarding our products and our installation process. If you need to clear something up, don’t hesitate to talk to us today!