How Patterned Floor Tiles Can Fit into Each Room of Your Home

What are the best patterned floor tiles for your home?

  1. Polisa
  2. Lithos
  3. Grove


At times, picking the right tile design can be challenging. With dozens upon dozens of collections to choose from, you might be scrambling to pick a set that would fit your ideal home aesthetic. This is why it is important to narrow down your choices and stick to a certain style that perfectly aligns with your home’s overall panache.

When it comes to leveling up your home’s steady look, patterned floor tiles are the best tiles for sale. With a diverse mix of colors and shapes, you would be able to enhance the look of each room and establish a proper theme that would resonate well.


What Are Patterned Tiles?

Patterned tiles are crafted with a specific combination of shapes and colors that form a particular design when connected together. These patterns help give your floors or walls a seamless charm that is consistent with the rest of the room. Proper tile placement is crucial in accomplishing a uniform look for your floors and walls, as the tiles must be placed properly in order to complete the patterns. Some patterns follow a set scheme similar to puzzle pieces. This allows you to exude the same allure in different sections.


How Patterned Floor Tiles Fit in Your Home

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[30×90] G2C-12NPEA


  • Bedroom

Bedrooms are places where you are meant to relax and unwind, which is why adding patterned floor tiles can provide a calming and inviting atmosphere. This makes adding some subtle and rustic patterns on your floor a great touch for your bedroom.


  • Kitchen

Home kitchen design is best when it looks clean and pristine, as this is a place where you cook and prepare your meals. Kitchen tile patterns are best when they are clean and subtle. Simple and minimalist designs fit well for your floors and walls.


  • Living Room

One of the largest areas of your home, the living room is a place where patterned floor tiles can become a focal point in your home design. Patterned floor tiles add another dimension to your living room, establishing a coherent theme that elevates the overall appeal of the room. Select patterns that can complement the color motif of the room for the best effect.


  • Bathroom

Patterned floor tiles and bathrooms are a great match for any home design. Their decorative and colorful patterns make for divergent design choices. These tiles help give your bathroom design the right shape and form, creating a calm and refreshing feel.


What Are the Best Patterned Floor Tiles for Your home? 



If you are looking to incorporate subtle and contemporary patterns into your home design, the 30×90 Polisa line provides clean designs perfect for your bedroom, kitchen, and living room. From the wood-look Light wood (G2C-12NPEA) and Brown (G2C-13NPEA) to the more contemporary Gray (G2C-25NPEA), Dove (G2C-01NPEA) and Frost (G2C-02NPEA), the Polisa line offers designs that evoke cleanliness and subtlety.




If you are looking to add a varies set of patterns into your rooms, the 60×60 Lithos collection offers some colorful patterns that will surely add some style. With designs such as Earth (M68), Prism (6195), Mosaico (M107-4) and Rhombus (CL09), the Lithos collection has a mesmerizing set of designs that are ideal for your living room or bedroom.




If you are looking for classic wood-look tile patterns, it is best to choose designs from the 60×60 Grove line of tiles. With wood patterns from designs such as the Walnut (CL04) and Tier (M82-4), to the more eclectic patterns, such as the Polyrhombus (M85-4), Twig (M67) and Maze (CL17), the Grove collection adds a down-to-earth and homely enchantment into your rooms.


Key Takeaway

Patterned floor tiles add more color and diversity into your home design. By choosing these colorful patterns and knowing how they fit into each part of your home, patterned floor tiles will surely help boost your home’s magnetism. Click here for more assorted patterns by FC Tile Depot!