New Year, New Tiles: Best Designs to Start Your Year Fresh

What are the best tile designs for the new year?

  1. 60 x 60 Salt-Pepper Collection
  2. 60 x 120 Metro Collection
  3. 60 x 120 Urban Collection
  4. 30 x 60 Hexa Collection
  5. 20 x 30 Castello Collection
  6. 20 x 20 Asphalt Collection


The New Year festivities have come and gone, and as we enter another year, it is also a great time to give your home a much-needed design makeover. Not only adding a new shade of paint or new tile designs would help give your home a fresh new look, but it would also help create a more comfortable atmosphere that would really make you feel that it is truly an entirely new year.

Along with adding new furniture or paint colors, it is also important that you change things up on your floors and walls by adding some fresh tile designs. With new design trends looking to dictate how interior design would look like in 2020, it is best to pick a fresh set of tiles that would match your dynamic and unique designs. With that in mind, here are some fresh new tile designs that would help make your spaces look as fresh as they can be:


60 x 60 Salt-Pepper Collection

60 X 60 Salt Pepper Collection

Earth tones are a very popular design choice this 2020, which is why making use of brown might give you that much-needed natural look for your interiors. A good tile design option that conveys these tones nicely is the Salt-Pepper 60×60 Collection. With a selection of two types of brown and one type of tan tile surfaces to choose from, you would be able to provide some good textures on your floor surfaces. You can choose between three textures, namely Brown Rustic (GOJBE-06), Brown Polished (GOJBC-06QE), and Tan Matte (GOJBM-06QE).


60 x 120 Metro Collection

60 X 120 Metro Collection

Granite floor tiles remain some of the most effective and popular tile designs around, providing a classy and professional surface that is the right fit for offices and commercial areas. One of the newest granite floor tile designs on offer is the Metro 60×120 Collection. This collection provides you with a high-quality granite design that helps elevate the interior design of larger spaces, giving them a classy and expansive look for your flooring. Designs in this collection include Snow (M6122), Graphite (M6121-6) and Biscuit (612141P).


60 x 120 Urban Collection

60 X 120 Urban Collection

Marble-look tile designs have always been a very popular tile choice, and this would remain as such in 2020. If you are looking for a design that is very sleek and classy, choosing tiles from the Urban 60×120 Collection might provide you with the best options available. With a selection of four marble-look designs that would provide a quality flooring surface, this also helps add some contemporary elements as well. Designs in this collection include Fog (612F14G-1), Fossil (XPY61226F-1), Ash (612F12G-1), and Abalone (CPY61225F-1).


30 x 60 Hexa Collection

30 X 60 Hexa Collection

If you are looking for a more unique tile design to use on your home’s walls, tiles from the Hexa 30×60 Collection might be the right fit. Hexagon tiles have become a more popular choice recently. Being used in more interior design concepts in order to diversify the look and feel of different locations.

The Hexa Collection offers a selection of neutral and rustic colors that fits contemporary interior ideas seamlessly while adding more texture to your walls. Designs in the collection include White (NHC63001), Ash (NHC63015), Gris (NHC63012), Fair (NHC63013), Creme (NHC63015), and Chestnut (NHC63014).


20 x 30 Castello Collection

20 X 30 Castello Collection

If you are looking for tiles that offer a great balance between rustic charm and summer vibes, the Castello 20×30 Collection might pique your interest. These beige tiles have textured patterns on the surfaces, making them ideal for some interesting wall designs both indoors and outdoors. The textured patterns are also another choice that would help make your colors and designs pop out more, which helps add more character to your spaces. Designs in this collection include Tan (I-23XD), Ochre (I-23XB), Beige (I-23VD), Biscuit (I-23VB), Creme (I-23VU), and Ecru (I-23XU).


20 x 20 Asphalt Collection

20 X 20 Asphalt Collection

Another textured tile set that would fit in just right with different kinds of contemporary design ideas would be the Asphalt 20×20 Collection. These rustic surfaces might not be your usual sleek modern tile design, but they offer a different kind of approach that would look great on your walls. There are three designs to choose from, including Brown (2022), Light Gray (2023), and Gray (2024).


Key Takeaway

The new year has just arrived, and it is surely the best time to freshen up your home by choosing some new tiles that would fit your spaces. By choosing these quality options, you would be able to find the right set of tiles that would help you start the new year fresh. Visit the nearest FC Tile Depot to learn more!