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New Tools Offered by FC Tile Depot



FC Tile Depot continuously strives to provide its customers with excellent and innovative tile products. It now offers a new set of tools, which make tile installation and cleaning easy and convenient.

Tile Tools

FOAM/SPONGE. The foam or tile sponge is a cleaning tool, which is used to clean impervious surfaces by removing dust/dirt on tiles.

EVA MUD BOARD. The mud board or grout float is a trowel-like tool for smoothing the surface of a grout line, typically made of rubber or soft plastic. The mud board is used to spread grout into the tile joints while a grout float is used to spread and compact the grout with firm pressure until the grout is uniformly packed into the joints and level with the tile.

MUD BOARD STAINLESS STEEL. The mud board stainless steel or notched trowel is a tool used in tile and hardwood floor installation. It is used to spread and comb the adhesive that is used to attach the tiles or wood to the floor or wall. A notched trowel is used to spread and smooth the adhesive before the tile is laid into place.

PUTTY KNIFE. The putty knife is a tool with broad, flat metal blade used especially for applying putty and for scraping. It can be used to remove old paint. It is most commonly used for applying putty or compound to the joints, seams, and flaws of wall.

TILE SPACERS. Tile spacers are cross-shaped plastic pieces that are used in tile installation to evenly separate tiles. When using it, put tile spacers between the tiles to ensure the accurate distance from one tile to another. 3mm and 4mm tile spacers are usually used for wall tiles. 5mm tile spacers are used almost exclusively on floor tiles, and they are ideal to use when laying natural stone tiles or tiles that vary in size where a larger grout line is required.

WOODEN HANDLE SLICKER. The wooden handle slicker or scraper is a tool made of wooden-handle stainless steel, which is usually used for scraping. Similar to a putty knife, wooden handle slicker is usually used for scraping and spreading materials before putting tiles.

WOODEN HANDLE SLICKER (with teeth). The wooden handle slicker with teeth is a tile adhesive comb used for spreading and setting materials before tiles are applied to it. Same as the notched trowel, wooden handle slicker is used to spread and smooth the adhesive before putting the tiles.

TILE CUTTER. The tile cutter is a tool used to cut tiles to a certain size or shape. FC’s tile cutter does not require the consumption of water and electricity, and it is safe and environment-friendly. Its high cutting precision allows the user to reduce decorative costs and to facilitate construction.

For more information and pictures of the tools, you may visit https://fctiledepot.com/products.html