How to Use Neutral Tile Colors for Your Home

Color is a key element in home design, as this sets up the theme and atmosphere of each room. Having the right choice of tones can brighten up and add more life or create a calm and relaxing environment. From bold and striking to warm and inviting, there is no shortage of hues to choose from.

A versatile set of hues that can fit a wide range of interior styles are neutral colors. These variations of white, gray, and black are very popular color choices for a lot of local floor tiles, making them an ideal selection.


How do you use neutral tile colors for your home?

Neutral shades add a sense of calm, simplicity, minimalism, and cleanliness in any room. This is why they are a great option to use on your floor and wall tiles, as they can adapt and enhance your home layout. Let’s explore some of the most effective ways you can incorporate neutral tile colors:


Complement the color of your furniture

Solar Stone

60×60 Solar Stone

Neutral shades work best when they complement the furniture around the room. Use neutral-colored tiles when you have either matte or neutral-colored furniture to create a seamless marriage. This will emphasize the texture of your furniture, which is a great way to elevate the allure of your rooms.

A good set of neutral-colored tiles that can enliven the texture of your furniture is the 60×60 Solar Stone collection. The matte shades of White (G0AM-01PEA), Light Gray (G0AM-31PEA), Black (G0AM-61PEA), Dark Gray (G0AM-51PEA), and Creme (G0AM-11PEA) help add those effects into your room. For example, using Light and Dark Gray on your floors can infuse a layered feel to wooden and matte colored furniture, allowing them to become more prominent.

Pick your tile design after selecting your other room materials

Oak Collection

30×30 Oak

Before picking the right local floor tiles for your rooms, it is important to first select all of the other materials that would be present in your room. By following this, you would be able to avoid getting mismatched colors and designs, which would not look good in any room. If you are going to go for wooden furniture, you can choose the neutral shades from the 30×30 Oak collection.

Using colors like White (3384), Gray (3432) or Blanc (3007) will blend well with the wooden textures and prevent the two from clashing with each other. Picking the right neutral tiles after selecting your other materials prevents any design blunders and establishes a more coherent facade.


Create a clean space


10×20 Subway

When it comes to creating a neat and serene space, neutral-colored tiles are the best options. Their subtle shades and light textures exude a distinct sleekness and even create an illusion of space.

One of the best neutral tiles for this is the 10×20 Subway collection. These tiles provide a glossy lustrous for kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms. White (12GAW1) offers a fresh look for both your kitchen and bathroom, while Black (13UDH1) provides a nice glossy contrast on your walls. If you are looking for a clean matte design, the tiles from the aforementioned 60×60 Solar Stone collection would be the ideal choice, as colors like Light Gray and White will appear really smooth on your floors.


Mix and match neutrals

Earth Collection

30×30 Earth

Another great way to diversify your tiles is by combining different neutral colors of the same design. This infuses another layer of elegance that can boost the appearance of your floors and walls. You can even create your own set of patterns. For example, using two shades from the 30×30 Earth collection will bring out a captivating mixture of neutral shades. You can use a combination of Black (T3271), White (T3272), and Gray (EP94) from this collection to establish your own set of neutral patterns. Mixing and matching colors allow you to create new home designs, as well as keep them feeling fresh and new.


Key Takeaway

Subtle and simple, neutral shades are a great fit for any home. By following these steps, you would be able to effectively incorporate neutral tile colors and create a clean and textured look for every room in your house. Click here for more neutral tile designs with FC Tile Depot!