Natural Products that Can Be Used to Clean All Types of Tiles in the Philippines

What natural products can you use to clean all types of tiles in the Philippines?

  1. Baking soda
  2. Lemon
  3. Borax
  4. Salt


Most homeowners clean their floors, walls, and tiles in the Philippines with store-bought products. They use these cleaners with a bucket of water and a giant mop and wipe their floor to the best of their abilities. While there’s nothing wrong with using such products, they aren’t the most ideal materials for cleaning your tiles.

A number of these store-bought cleaners contain carcinogens that are harmful to the human body. Others are strong abrasives that may damage your tiles or your grout. There are also a few products that do absolutely nothing for your tiles. So instead of depending on these items, which are unreliable most of the time, why not make or use natural cleaners?

Some of the best tile and grout cleaners can be found within the four walls of your home, and using them offers a lot of benefits. They’re cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and highly effective. To find out what these are, simply keep reading below!



Baking Soda

Water spots, product residue, dust, and other light stains can be removed by light scrubbing with baking soda. All you have to do is pour the powder into a bowl, dip the brush/sponge in said bowl, and scrub away. Rinse or wipe the tiles thoroughly with warm water afterward to remove any excess and reveal the clean tiles underneath. While baking soda can be used anywhere, it is best utilized on bathroom and kitchen tiles as those are always stained with grease, water or oil spots, and other products and condiments.





Lemon juice is often used in the beauty world and enthusiasts vow that its properties help rid of dark spots and blemishes in the skin. The same can be said about its effectiveness as a tile cleaner. It has the ability to remove stains and restore tiles to their pristine beauty. On top of this, its acidic nature turns your tiles into an inhospitable environment for mildew and mold. As a result, not only are your tiles restored, they’re also protected from bacteria that prompts mold growth. You should also note that lemon’s cleaning properties are further enhanced when combined with baking soda, so try a paste made from both products to get amazing results.




Borax is a naturally-occurring mineral that comes from the evaporation of salt lakes. Knowing that it comes from salt lakes, it’s safe to assume that it has the same properties of salt when it comes to cleaning tiles. It can disinfect your floors and prevent the growth of mold. Although both have similar properties, the way in which you use them is different. Borax should be used similar to baking soda—dump a generous amount of borax powder into a bowl, dip your brush or sponge in it, and then scrub until you see your tiles and grout shine.





Much to the surprise of many, salt is actually an effective, not to mention cheap, tile cleaner. On top of being able to clean stains, it can also kill single-celled organisms like mold and other harmful bacteria. It does so by dehydrating them, but in order for it to work, your tiles and floor must first be wet or at least damp with water. While your floors are covered in water, sprinkle a few cups of salt—Epsom or any kind of coarse salt—cover them, lightly scrub the grout, and then leave it overnight. The following day, remove any remnants of salt and water by wiping your floors dry.



Key Takeaway

Aside from using these natural products when you’re cleaning your tiles, another thing you may want to pair them with is a lot of elbow grease. We cannot stress how important rigorous and continuous scrubbing is to cleaning tiles in the Philippines.

Since dirt and grime seep into the inner material of the grout and into the corners of your flooring, it’s impossible to remove them with a simple wipe. If you’re only cleaning the surface, then you can ease up a bit, but if you really want to keep the grout clean then prepare your shoulders, arms, and elbows.

Using these products and putting in a lot of effort is guaranteed to clean your tiles—whatever type, size, or color they may be—better than most chemical cleaners you can buy in stores!