Celebrate National Tile Day with FC Tile Depot

What makes FC Tiles the best partner to celebrate National Tile Day with?

  1. Relevance to style trends
  2. Offers of visually appealing and high-performing products
  3. It is the main source of a wide range of tile types


FC Tile Depot Philippines became a leading supplier of floor tiles in the Philippines by committing itself towards innovation in aesthetics and tile technology. Its mission is to constantly offer good-quality solutions that are updated, while its vision is to revolutionize the industry by offering one-of-a-kind products with value. While the company started out with humble beginnings in 1997, it has expanded to 88 branches due to the reasons which we are going to tackle here.

As today is National Tile Day, it is only fitting to know how FC Tiles became the powerhouse that it is today. Learn more about why FC is the leading tile center in the Philippines here:


Its Relevance with Style Trends

Its relevance with style trends

Every year, FC Tile Depot dedicates time to come up with new collections for clients. These collections are pondered on and planned for based on the current style trends, in compliance with customers’ preferences.

In 2018, Terrazzo tiles were predicted to make a huge return. According to this trend, customers would want marble mosaic flooring inspired by 1920s Art Deco architecture. Art Deco is a movement emphasizing visual boldness by contrasting brightly colored drawings against black or white and placing these images on smooth surfaces. Thus, FC Tile Depot made Terrazzo 40×40 cm F46 Coarse with a matte finish in response.

Another style trend that FC Tiles kept up through the year, was geometric-patterned tiles. It offered both Country Brick 20×23 cm and Line Wood 20×23 cm collections, which consisted of hexagon shapes in different shades of black, brown, and grey. Clients liked these geometric shapes because when installing together, these created a honeycomb pattern that automatically adds order and balance to their designs.



Visually Appealing and High-performing products

Visually Appealing and High-performing products

FC Tile Philippines offers tile products with different finishes, particularly, matte, glossy, polished, and rustic. The company provides these choices since most customers would desire different textures according to their individual visions. Poised to provide visually appealing product and high-performing products, you can always count on FC to deliver every time.



Matte tiles, like Chantilly 60×60 cm CLO1 Beige and CLO3 Creme, tend to be preferred by designers who are creating architectural plans for kitchens and bathrooms. These are usually installed in these areas because of their non-slip surface ability. Thus, you do not have to worry about people falling on floors that are wet. Additionally, their non-shiny surface allows for dirt to be hidden well. Lastly, it is easy to clean grime from the floors and walls.

CL01 Beige


CL01 Creme



Glossy tiles (e.g. Goddess 60×60 cm EG16 Himalaya) are usually installed in professional spaces, living rooms, and spaces meant for entertaining guests mainly because their shiny quality instantly lights up an area. The bigger the space looks; the more people it attracts inside. Its light-reflective gloss adds can make your room brighter, especially if you pick white-colored glossy tiles.

Glossy tiles not only look great but are also hard to stain or become prone to dirt because its gloss layer protects the surface from all types of liquids and even chemicals.

 Goddess 60×60 cm EG16 Himalaya
Goddess EG16 Himalaya



Polished tiles, just like glossy tiles, are commonly liked by designers because these also add more brightness to any room these are in, by having pores that reflect artificial or natural light. Only, it tends to come out more natural looking.

Polished tiles would look best in luxury homes since homeowners want their spaces to be illuminated as possible. A good option is Atlantis Marble 59.5 × 59.5 A06GZABL-BRO.GOP Brown.



Rustic tiles are matte tiles except these are designed to look very wood-like or similar to the elements of nature. These are accomplished by FC Tile, as they use neutral tones and adding textures to the color. Line Wood 20×23 A23SZLNW-BEO-M2U Beige is a good example. It is a medium brown color with horizontal and vertical lines running through it.

Line Wood 20×23 A23SZLNW-BEO-M2U Beige
Line Wood 20×23 A23SZLNW-BE0-M2U Beige


Main Source of a Wide-Range of Tile Types

Visually Appealing and High-performing products

While there are many FC tile products which use ceramic, the team also sees to it that they can use different types of styles like vinyl or mosaic. The tile center offers a vast range of options made from durable materials in the market. These are all made possible to accommodate the client’s preference in different designs, shapes, textures, and sizes for their tile installation.

As tile creation technologies become a norm as time passes by, FC Tiles will come out with more innovative type options for everyone in the country. This proves its dedication in providing optimal flooring solutions to its clients, no matter the project requirements may be.


Key Takeaway

FC Tile Depot became as big as the main source of wall and floor tiles in the Philippines by dedicating ourselves to bring our mission and vision to life. Our team wants to be a top player by shaking up what we can offer to customers in terms of style trends, finishes, and types. Thus, FC Tile Depot truly deserves to be celebrated during National Tiles Day. Fancy a renovation to celebrate this day? We will celebrate with you at our FEBtastic sale! Talk to us here and let’s see how we can make your project a success.