National Tile Day Special: 6 Uses of Ceramic in Modern Everyday Life

What are the uses of ceramic in modern everyday life?

  1. Home coasters
  2. Upgraded plant pots
  3. Artistic wall décor
  4. Adorned kitchen counters
  5. Colorful center table
  6. Unique backsplash


February 23 is the dedicated day for celebrating National Tile Day. This celebration aims to recognize the timeless importance of tiles in our lives. Among all the types, however, ceramic tiles prove to be one of the most important building materials up to this day due to their astounding qualities. Following the endless design developments, the modern uses of ceramic in everyday life have also continued to flourish.

Every year, FC Tile Depot dedicates time to come up with new tile collections. These collections are planned based on the latest tile trends. As the leading tile supplier in the Philippines, we believe that ceramic tiles play an important role in sprucing up every home.

Ceramic tiles boast durability and easy maintenance. It can handle the highest traffic locations without showing much wear. Chipping and spills are not an issue provided that the ceramic tiles are installed correctly as well.

Its design advantages are undeniable. Modern printing techniques allowed ceramic tiles to offer limitless aesthetic options for creating stand-out-looking spaces.  Aside from being a surface solution, it is a material that can be used even for home accessories and furniture. Here’s how you can maximize the design functions of ceramic tiles. Read on!


Home Coasters

Home Coasters

Ceramic tiles can be used to craft home coasters. Make every meal an extra delightful experience with a colorful ceramic tile coaster to place your glasses and mugs on.

To achieve this, you will only need cork boards, heavy-duty glue, and your chosen ceramic tiles. Simply cut the corkboard to match the size of your tile and glue it together.

Serve drinks to your guests with these creative trays and they will surely enjoy the dining experience even more. If you want to infuse added creativity, try going for a hexagon shape.

Ceramic tile is resistant to heat, stains, and scratches, which means you can use these coasters without worrying about any damages.


Upgraded Plant Pots

Upgraded Plant Pots

Have extra ceramic tiles from your past home improvement projects? Turn them into upgraded plant pots. Plants are living accessories that can instantly brighten up spaces with color and life. Whether your home design theme is bohemian, modern, industrial, or anything in between — these tiled pots can definitely spruce up your space.

Ceramic planters are easy to make by merely gluing square tiles together. You can also grout mosaic tiles together for an added interesting texture.


Artistic Wall Decor

Make your home extra cozy and inviting by adorning your walls with art. When you put together bits and pieces of ceramic tiles, you can easily create eye-catching art wall decor.

Start by checking on your favorite photo and trace its patterns. Then, recreate it using the ceramic tiles and a frame. Be careful in patching the tiles together as they can be sharp. Hang it up and come home to a well-designed living room or dining room every day.

If you don’t want to patch up little pieces of tiles, you can settle for a lovely artwork. Simply several square ceramic tiles and frame them.


Adorned Kitchen Counters

Bright And Clean Kitchen With White Cabinets, Close Up. Cutting

Similar to walls and flooring, ceramic tiles are also an excellent choice for styling countertops.  The glaze texture makes them water and stain-resistant, which means food spills on the countertop can be cleaned with ease.


Colorful Center Table

Colorful Center Table

Large format ceramic tiles should not be limited to the flooring and walls alone. With a little creativity, you can also make your spaces stand out using a leveled-up tile center table. You can spruce it up with a matching ceramic potted planter or some vibrant decor pieces to achieve a classy look that never ceases to impress.

If you want a stunning furniture piece on the patio, consider using geometric-designed ceramic tiles. This way you can easily catch the eyes of guests and have a focal point in your space.


Unique Backsplash

Interior Poster Mock Up Living Room With Colorful White Sofa . 3d Rendering.

Backsplashes are not a new addition in kitchens as they protect walls from spills and splashes. Most backsplashes, however, can be dull and unappealing. This is a design opportunity that homeowners overlook when trying to transform their kitchens.

As ceramic tiles have varied styles, you can use them to create a unique backsplash. From luxurious glossy neutral colors to colorful mosaics — you can choose any design to harmonize with the rest of your kitchen.


Key Takeaway

This article rounded up the modern uses of ceramic. When it comes to tiles, the creative applications of ceramic are endless and can easily spruce up your spaces.

As the leading tile supplier in the Philippines, FC Tile Depot joins the celebration for National Tile Day on February 23. Fancy a renovation to celebrate this occasion? Click here to inquire about the best ceramic tiles for sale and score the best deals!

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