5 Modern Tile Design for Showers

What are the modern tile designs for showers?

  1. Crisp White Subway Tiles
  2. Concrete-Look Finish
  3. Wood-Look Tiles
  4. Continuous Marble-Look
  5. Herringbone Pattern


Homeowners are willing to exert immense efforts to design their bedrooms, living rooms, and even the outdoors. The question is: Why not do the same for your shower? When it comes to sprucing up this functional space, a little bit of tile can go a long way. From stunning wood-looks, intricate patterns and shapes, to concrete-look finishes — we’ve listed some modern tile designs for showers that are sure to astonish your guests. Read on.


Crisp White Subway Tiles

Crisp White Subway Tiles

[10×30] 13GAW1 + [60×60] P141-4

Subway tiles come in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials to add interest to your bathroom and in a simple white to let other design elements shine. You can even drastically change the look of your subway tile with contrasting grout colors. Whichever you choose, subway tile isn’t going out of style anytime soon.

When it comes to adding color to modern spaces, consider sticking to a crisp white color. This will invoke a feeling of minimalism with a touch of contemporary style. When used for the shower, these tiles merge flawlessly with industrial accessories such as a pendant light, simple artwork, and dark-framed fixtures. You can even have a large window to add a perfect dose of unrestricted natural light in the shower.


Concrete-Look Finish

Concrete Look Finish [30x90] G2c 23npea

[30×90] G2C-23NPEA

Want to add a distinct down-to-earth allure to your bathroom? Concrete-look finish tiles are one of the easiest ways to add a pop of interest to your shower. Not only is it stylish and has a design like no other, but it carries attractive benefits of tiles such as durability, resistance to stains, and being very easy to clean.

You can incorporate this in your bathroom space with a concrete-look tile like the G2C-23NPEA that provides a modern appeal through its non-water appearance.


Wood-Look Tiles

Modern Bathroom Interior Design On Dark Blue Wall.

[60×60] P132 + [30×60] MILAN9U + [20X100] AI212

For some people, showers are a serene area for relaxing after a long day. One design idea to further exude this is through wood-look tiles. Continuously rising to popularity among seasoned interior designers and aspiring home decorators alike, these types of tiles have become a staple for styling modern spaces.

It’s worth noting that wood-look tiles go beyond the natural and tranquil aesthetic. Aside from having the look and feel of natural wood, it is also combined with the outstanding properties of ceramic tiles such as durability, water-resistance, affordability, and easy-to-clean.

Infuse efficiency at home by using wood-look tiles for walk-in showers. The open frame matched with wood elements does not only look contemporary, but it makes it easy to step in-and-out of the shower as well. This is definitely a design to consider for those who have fast-paced lifestyles.


Continuous Marble-Look

Continuous Marble Look

[60×60] EG17

If you want a modern shower, one specific design proves to be ideal: marble-look. Among all the tiles for sale, the marble-look is one that will never go out of style. It is well-loved for its attention to detail such as free-flowing vein patterns and glossy finishes. They reflect the luster of precious stones and are versatile enough to be used for every space in homes.

A good design tip to make your modern bathroom look more spacious is to use the same tiles for the walls and floors. Employ white and light colors to your advantage because it complements almost all decor accessories out there.


Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone Pattern

[10×20] 12GCL3

It’s likely for homeowners to limit themselves to one motif because of clashing design fears, however, this should not be the case. There are endless options to include a modern touch of design to spaces, showers included.

Transform your shower space by using a vibrant color on the walls. If the idea of adding color might seem overwhelming, you can opt for a unique tile pattern like the Herringbone to create an eye-catching focal point.


Key Takeaway

At first thought, showers serve a distinct functional purpose, but that doesn’t mean they can’t look appealing too. Following this guide will help you achieve the best modern tile designs for your showers.

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