5 Modern Floor Tile Designs for Your Home

What are the modern floor tile designs for your home?

  1. Gray concrete look
  2. Bright brown tile look
  3. Black Kitchen Backsplash
  4. Modern rustic wood tiles
  5. Speckled terrazzo-look walls


You have likely noticed the influence of modern design in all kinds of places. But these recent years, it has found its way mostly into home interiors. Why wouldn’t it? The modern design easily sets the tone for a calm, inviting, and relaxing home. Of course, there is no better way to achieve this than using modern floor tile designs for homes.

The trademark characteristics of modern floor tile designs include natural earthy tones, sleek surfaces, and a minimalist aesthetic. Trust us when we say that any modern tile supplier in the Philippines can immediately spruce up your home’s overall look. Whether you want to opt for an elegant backsplash that will never go out of style or try something more unique like speckled tiles — here are five modern floor tile designs for homes to take inspiration from.


Gray Concrete Look

Gray Concrete Look

[60X60] P147-4

Up until a few years ago, the concrete tile look was heavily associated with garages and basements. But nowadays, that fact has changed with concrete-look tiles being used for just about every space of homes. Other home designers stray away from concrete-look tiles as they tend to give off a flat and cold vibe. If done right, however, it has an astounding way of serving as a neutral backdrop that is perfect for the modern design.

So instead of avoiding concrete tiles, borrow inspiration from the interior above. You can’t go wrong with pairing concrete-look tiles and gray or neutral-toned furniture and accessories. In this bedroom, the concrete-look tiles truly exude relaxation alongside the gray bed, white Nordic vases, white lighting, and gray walls. You can also add warm wood finishes to further enhance the calming effect and the modern decor scheme.


Bright Brown Tile Look

Bright Brown Tile Look

[30×30] T3275

It has become more and more apparent that modern floor tile designs are inclined towards neutral hues such as beige, brown, and creams. For good reason, these colors can make a room look brighter, soothing, and more spacious — all of which are key characteristics of modern design.

Use a brown-colored tile that will match with white interior elements such as the wall and chairs to create a bright look. A simple tip is to ensure you bring in different accessories to add a splash of color to the room. For example, you can add potted greeneries with vibrant flowers. Plants in modern interior design not only make spaces more appealing, but also improve air quality and health quality.


Black Kitchen Backsplash

Black Kitchen Backsplash

[60X60] P129-7 + [10×30] 13UDH1

The main purpose of a kitchen backsplash is to protect the wall from liquids such as oil splashes during cooking. Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing a backsplash with a plain color. Looking at the food stains can be unappealing.

Why not go for a darker-toned backsplash? When it comes to using a dark tile backsplash, make sure to use furniture and accessories with complementing colors. A black tile kitchen backsplash like the one above looks undeniably modern and sleek with eye-catching terracotta kitchen cabinets and chairs.


Modern Rustic Wood Tiles

Modern Rustic Wood Tiles

[60×60] M92 + [15×60] AI030

Modern rustic decor embraces the beauty of muted hues, comfortable furnishings, and natural materials. Use modern rustic wood tiles for an informal elegance that perfectly captures relaxing contemporary living at its finest. Afterward, use furniture and accessories made with natural materials. Think rattans, burlaps, woods, and touches of pebble stone colors. It should be all about bringing the outdoors in. This versatile design works in just about any space, from the bedroom to the living room.


Speckled Terrazzo-Look Walls

Speckled Terrazzo Look Walls

[60X60] P129-7

Given the recent comeback of modernist design, it’s not a surprise to see speckled surfaces in interiors nowadays. With a resemblance to different colors splattered on a surface, terrazzo-look tiles have a unique charm. They almost seem like fragments of an array of materials such as glass, granite, marble, and quartz.

When it comes to designing with terrazzo-look tiles, it is always a good idea to match them with vibrant colored accessories and furniture. The tiles will serve as a backdrop and make the said decor elements more eye-catching. Take a look at the interior above as inspiration. The muted colors such as black, gray, and beige of the tiles make the mint green console table and plants stand out more.


Key Takeaway

If you’re on the lookout for modern floor tile designs for homes, check out the five we have stated above. Easily upgrade the look of your spaces with a modern tile supplier in the Philippines like FC Tile Depot. Click here to check our tile catalog today. If you’re interested to learn about the latest design tips and tile tricks, you can check our style blog here.

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